About us


Originally from Poland which she left to work abroad 15 years ago, since then she lived in Malta, Scotland, Kazakhstan, India, Emirates and Oman and travel around the world. keen to check everything new, when doesn’t travel earns money as wedding photographer.


More down to earth guy, originally from UK, left UK 10 years ago to work in Kazakhstan where he met Ania – they got married in Costa Rica and start traveling around the world. Though currently more work then travel.


also known as BG1 – baby girl one – born one minute earlier then Zoe – she was very small when she was born – 1,3 kg but was moving so much that they were worry she will climb out of incubator through some small hole. she loves talking, drawing, and she is permanently happy. She plans to be an artist and she wants to have magic powers


also known as BG2 – baby girl two – she loves animals, all of them. She could spent the whole day chasing seagulls, digging for earthworms, catching geckos or frogs. She wants in future swim with belugas and her biggest dream is to fly.