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Archive - May 2017

Doodle and coffee

I ran away from my girls the other day … ok maybe I didn’t really run away. . . . I felt tired of telling them what to do: “eat.” “don’t talk”  “sit nicely at the table” And I just couldn’t shut up. They were children and I was a nagging mother. I hated that. I put on my trousers and saying, “Girls.  You eat your dinner.  I just need to go. I will be...

World schooling, home schooling and unschooling

Exactly one year ago, the only thing I was worried about was my girls’ schooling. I wanted to move them to a different school because I wasn’t totally happy with the school they attended.  The schools I called didn’t even want to talk to me as they said their waiting lists were so long that they wouldn’t even put children on a waiting list anymore. I was...

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