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Archive - December 2018

beautiful Iceland in winter

Iceland in December

  Iceland in Winter We chose to go to Iceland in December for our winter holiday for various reasons. The girls were dreaming of a white Christmas. Nick wanted to see the Northern Lights and I always wanted to see Iceland and the diamond beach. Another reason to go in Winter was to avoid the (other) tourists and see Iceland with kids in a slow way. We wanted to...

Geothermal Swimming Pools in Iceland – Alftanes

Geothermal Swimming Pools in Iceland   What is your first mental picture when you hear “Iceland”? In my case, it’s the Blue Lagoon – the famous hot spring mineral swimming pool in a bed of lava rocks. We haven’t been there yet, and I don’t know if we will go – it’s a tad too pricey. Instead of this we have been to see...

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