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Day trips from Krakow

Krakow is the old capital of Poland and one of Europe’s most beautiful towns. you can see our article about Krakow with kids, but if you are staying in Krakow and have some time to spend in the area, there are lots of surrounding attractions and sights which make for great day trips from...

Things to do in Łódź 12

Things to do in Łódź

Łódź is my home town in Poland and I love it.  But first it would be helpful if I tell English readers how to pronounce this obscure word in which almost every letter has an accent which completely changes its sound.  Say “woodshed” but miss off only the final “ed” sound. Now...

Krakow with kids

Things to do in Krakow With Kids

Krakow with kids Formerly the national capital and seat of kings, Kraków (English Cracow or Krakow) is still considered to be Poland’s capital of culture. I was born and raised in Lodz – another great polish city to visit, but Krakow stole my heart. As the nation’s major...

Weekly shopping with daddy

Weekly shopping with daddy

Weekly shopping Being a mother means that you rarely have time for yourself. Being a mother of twins means you don’t have time almost ever. And being a travelling mother of twins….oh just don’t get me started. One of the things which take me the biggest amount of time (besides...

Unusual morning with young birds 21

Unusual morning with young birds

Un… usual morning That day started like any other day.  The usual morning. The girls woke up early and ran upstairs to my bed for morning cuddles. No –  that’s not quite true.  That day started even better. I have achieved parental success: – Tania usually wakes up...

Good Mother 22

Good Mother

Good mother What is the definition of a ” Good mother ?” I have never thought about it.  What qualities should she have? It’s kind of obvious that she should take care of the child’s physical and emotional needs, should teach the child what’s good and what’s bad and set...

Mr Fox 23

Mr Fox

Do you remember my Instagram post from a few weeks back about a fox who visited us and played tricks with our shoes? Yes we had a fox – past tense – now we don’t. I miss seeing him outside our window. He was visiting almost every morning and late night. But I caught him...