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Bali or not Bali

Bali or not Bali It seems that people either love Bali or hate it. So the question “Bali or not Bali?” seems valid. We were there and we love it. We were there, and we hate it – it...

Unusual morning with young birds

Un… usual morning That day started like any other day.  The usual morning. The girls woke up early and ran upstairs to my bed for morning cuddles. No –  that’s not quite true.  That day...

Turtles in Oman – Ras al Jinz

Turtles in Oman The coast of Oman is birthplace to most of the world population of giant green turtles. There are five kinds of turtles in Oman – Green Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle, Hawksbill...

Good Mother

Good mother What is the definition of a ” Good mother ?” I have never thought about it.  What qualities should she have? It’s kind of obvious that she should take care of the...

long neck woman

Long Neck tribes

Traveller My father was a big traveller. His travels were limited to maps and books. I don’t remember very much of where he would like to go and what to see. Probably the answer would have been...

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