Singapore and accommodation


We are in Singapore again – Yay!!!

Everything nearby was quite expensive. Yes we could have afforded but if you multiplied it by five nights then it comes to too big a sum. So for few days I was searching and searching thinking about a ratio of price, locations and other peoples reviews. And I found it. The cost for five days was as much as one night in Marina Bay Sands so it was a steal.

Singapore Bay

I don’t have written budget for our travel but I have some
rules. I always aim to book accommodation for less than $70, which what pay for rent at home in Muscat. Then I withdraw $250 – 300 which should last for a week for food, transport and cheaper activities. For moreexpensive activities use a card.


extremely small room – zoe could climb the walls

So our new accommodation in Singapore cost $80 and this is what we got for it:

Hmmmmm. A bedroom about the size of a massage cubicle, but with a double bed and just enough space for the masseur to get around and then add to it toilet cubicle which has a shower which you can take while sitting on the toilet. Yup that would be a description of our room.
It’s very clean and it has fast internet. So fast that I uploaded more than 5,000 pictures from my phone to dropbox in two nights. I hadn’t done that since we were in Thailand for want of fast internet.



And we spent yesterday evening in the Garden by the Bay. The light show was awesome – and we walked back home. I think today we will do it again