Ania – mum of The Travelling Twins

ania-the-travelling-twins drawing

Originally from Poland,  Ania left her home country sixteen years ago to work in Malta as an architect. From there she moved in search of new adventures and work to Scotland and then to Kazakhstan where she met Nick. They married a year and a half later – crazy, heh? but they are still together after eleven years now and counting. Nick’s theory was that small children are portable and he was happy to sign up for the promise of travel and children. Work took them to Bombay (got pregnant there), Emirates and Oman. Ania cannot sit in one place, even in one country, for long. She tames her adult ADHD with travels and shares her love of exploring with the whole family.  Her eagerness to see the world probably started when she saw pictures of Women from Long Neck Tribes. Ania is obsessed with the effect that food has on mind and behaviour and can talk about it for hours. So better don’t ask.


Nick – dad of The Travelling Twins

nick james the travelling twins

Born and raised in England, Nick was managing an international architect’s practice Kazakhstan when he met Ania. More recently he was a director in one of the biggest construction companies in Oman. He left the construction industry to be a full time travelling dad and to start his new career as an illustrator and author. Apart from family, travel and food, writing and drawing are his passions. You can buy his first book here, and see more of his drawings here.

Tania – The Travelling Twin 1

nick james the travelling twins

Born one minute earlier than Zoe, Tania was very small (1.3 kg) but she was so active that staff in the NICU were concerned that she would climb out of the incubator. She loves cuddles and talking. Please don’t ask her about family secrets as she will tell you all of them (though we don’t have any). She is the happiest person in the world with a constant smile in her face. She loves helping. Her favourite animal is a bear, and though she loves museums, she refuses to enter any room with stuffed animals, especially bears. She still cannot decide if she will be an electric guitarist (she is a hard rock chick) or become an actress. Her favourite country is Vietnam.

Zoe -The Travelling Twin 2


Zoe always says that the doctor took Tania out of mummy’s belly, but she came out a minute later on her own. Zozo loves all animals but mostly worms, lizards, snakes and frogs. Basically, she would happily cuddle anything which would cause most people to scream. Zozo can catch any lizard just to remove ticks from it. She picks up beetles from the path so no one would step on them. She would take care of every animal – read here. Her biggest dream is to fly. Currently, she plans to be an explorer and scientist – her idol is Marie Curie – Sklodowska.


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