Un… usual morning

That day started like any other day.  The usual morning. The girls woke up early and ran upstairs to my bed for morning cuddles. No –  that’s not quite true.  That day started even better. I have achieved parental success: – Tania usually wakes up first, and I have trained her to use the espresso machine, and on that morning I had not only cuddles but fresh coffee in bed too.

So, by 7 o’clock all was well with the world, we were cuddling, tickling and even I believe there was some small farting until we heard a sudden bang into our window.

Half dead birds after banging into our window

It was the sound as if someone had thrown a little sand-bag. But I knew there was no-one there to be throwing bags of sand and this was the sound of a bird flying into a window. It has happened before that birds have killed themselves by flying into our windows. I don’t think they had suicidal tendencies. Depending on the light, the windows of our little house reflect the sky and trees, and occasionally an unfortunate bird will fly into them.


Zoe (a few years ago) and a bird who killed itself by crashing into a window

I got up, opened the window and looked down. There were two birds lying on the garden path.  One was frantically flapping one of its wings; the other was not moving at all.  Perhaps he was already dead, although he was lying as if he was looking at his brother bird in shock at what had happened to them.


Dreading thoughts about being Hanibal Lecter

I dressed quickly and went downstairs with one thought in my head. I must kill this poor bird and put it out of its suffering before the girls came down. I picked up some work gloves and with pictures of  Hannibal Lecter in my head, I went outside. To my surprise, both birds were alive. They just seemed stunned. I picked up the one which had been flapping its wings and inspected it.  The wing didn’t seem to be broken and there was no visible damage. Both birds looked like youngsters, perhaps they were just learning how to fly.  It was just their bad luck and inexperience which had let them explore a part of the sky which was only a reflection.

I picked them up carefully, moved them into the grass and called girls to ask if they wanted to see them.

“Of course!” – they replied together.

“Then you need to dress and come downstairs. No coming down in pyjamas it’s too cold today”

They were down within seconds. I gave them gloves and let them pick up the two birds. What happened next you can see in the movie.

The miracle

The first bird flew away when Tania was holding him. . . . Of course, he pooped on her first!

A young bird who survived bang into a window

We gave food to the second bird and then left him on the grass with plans to nurse him, but when we came back downstairs after breakfast he was gone as well.

Early morning love from Zoe

This little adventure made our morning unusual and super happy

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