Weekly shopping

Being a mother means that you rarely have time for yourself. Being a mother of twins means you don’t have time almost ever. And being a travelling mother of twins….oh just don’t get me started.

One of the things which take me the biggest amount of time (besides cooking) and I dislike most is weekly shopping.

This drawing Nick posted a year ago when we were planning his retirement , he said he will be making pancake for us while I will go to work ;) - weekly shopping
This drawing Nick posted a year ago when we were planning his retirement, he said he will be making pancake for us while I will go to work 😉

Since Nick quit his job, things changed a bit. Not only because he does all the dishes (thank you).  Now I feel I can breathe without answering questions about how much oxygen I need to take a breath. I’m not complaining about always asking questions daughters, but I’m not a walking encyclopaedia and I cannot answer all the questions  – but at the same time I don’t want to admit it. Mummy should be like Google – have all the answers.

Luckily now I send girls to daddy for answers for anything technical or science-ish. Nick takes the girls out, does school with them (if you don’t go to school then you don’t have a holiday and learn all the time)  and even better he does weekly shopping while I try to work on my blog and SEO and other stuff. But really I find myself mostly doing research for cheap flights to decide where to go next. I love our house in the woods but I’m kind of getting itchy feet. “Domesticated” and “me” aren’t comfortable together – so right now, I’m too domesticated to be content.

Zoe climbs shelves - weekly shopping
Zoe climbs shelves

Besides being able to send girls to Nick with questions, I’m happy that as a part of learning Polish Nick took over shopping. He happily goes to shops and supermarkets with the twins, trying to charm shopkeepers and checkout girls with his broken Polish.


Yesterday  Nick and the girls went shopping and come back extremely happy as I had dictated the list to the girls before they went. And he set them free to find all the stuff and pick it up (even from the highest shelf?), while he was polishing his Polish by reading food labels.

Taaa . . . I hope he wasn’t really sitting inside the trolley because they won’t let us into this supermarket again. Anyway, they did great shopping and forgot to buy only eggs – apparently, I missed those when I dictated the list.

All drawings were done by Nick

Wweekly shopping with daddy
Weekly shopping with daddy