Best travel movies
Best Travel Films

2020 is a strange year during which lots of us couldn’t travel as much as we wanted or at all. Likely we managed, but now like most, we stay home and dream of travelling while watching some of the best travel movies ever.
Yes, we know there is no category like travel movies in cinematography, but there are lots of movies which inspire you to travel more and see the world.

My Favorite Travel Movies and Best Travel Movies 

Baraka (1992)

On the one hand, “Baraka” is a 96-minute documentary film or rather travel diary , on the other – a meditation on our planet. Director Ron Fricke travelled with a 70 mm camera around the world to capture images of people and nature. Some are ordinary, like Manhattan traffic. Others are unusual, such as a solar eclipse, others are full of despair, as the sight of garbage men crawling like crabs through the Calcutta dump. But every single second of the movie is touching you on every level like shoes of dead people in Auschwitz.

Samsara (2013)

Twenty years after shooting the cult “Baraka”, Ron Fricke returns to the silver screen with the phenomenal picture “Samsara”. It is a poetic, wordless film, a breathtaking journey through 25 countries and cultures with captivating music by Lisa Gerrard and Dead Can Dance in the background. The film was shot for five years, only on 70 mm film, which contributed to its exceptional aesthetic value. The title itself is derived from the Sanskrit term for the continuous flow and recurring cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. “Samsara” is a visual and aural feast not to be missed.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

The film is based on the true story of Frank Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio), the youngest person in history to be on the FBI’s Most Wanted Criminal List. Frank Abagnale was no ordinary thief, he didn’t break into houses or steal valuables. Banks and airlines became his specialty. Frank did all his forgery in five years, grossed over $ 2.5 million in all the states of America and in 26 countries. During his “career” as a thief, he repeatedly impersonated representatives of various professions – he was a Pan-Am pilot, doctor, university professor, and even an assistant to the attorney general.

The Bucket List (2007)

When he was teaching philosophy, Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) invited his students every year to make what he called a “the bucket list” – the list of everything these young people dreamed of doing. Forgetting to apply this wise principle to himself, Carter let the time pass, felt trapped daily life and family obligations and had to be content with an obscure job as a mechanic. Today, his “bucket list” is nothing more than a derisory mental exercise, a review of missed opportunities and veiled regrets. Meanwhile, multimillionaire Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson) was building an empire and devoting all his energy to raising even more money.

One day, Cole and Carter find themselves in the same hospital room. They then discover that they have at least two things in common: a tremendous appetite for life, and a strong desire to urgently make all their unfulfilled dreams come true. The two men then embark on the most beautiful of trips. A journey of friendship, peppered with adventures, bursts of laughter, discoveries …

This comedy drama encourages you to not get caught into the rat race but be more alive enjoy life, explore and travel more.

 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

The main character of this comedy is Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is a grey employee in the hostile department of “Life” magazine. He likes to imagine himself as a hero with a lot of dangerous adventures.The magazine is now closing. Only the last issue remains to be prepared. The cover is to feature a photo of world-famous photographer Sean O’Connell. The problem is that the photo is nowhere to be found. Walter Mitty decides to find the photographer and travels to the end of the world to find a completely elusive photographer and retrieve that photo, he doesn’t know that he is going on a journey to find himself in beautiful Icelandic Landscapes.

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Elizabeth Gilbert is a modern woman in her thirties. She has a husband, a great house and a good job. Even so, one night she lies unhappy on the bathroom floor and cries because she finds that the life she is leading is not what she really wants and she doesn’t know what to do with it. Eventually, she decides to get a divorce, which is very painful and depressed. Its next step is a trip to three countries starting with the letter “I”, namely Italy, India and Indonesia. It is a journey into yourself to rethink your life so far, understand yourself better and decide what to do next to change your life for the better.

Best Travel Movies Set in Africa 

Out of Africa (1985)

Sydney Pollack directed Karen Blixen memories of Africa the haunting story of an unhappy idyll in the great outdoors of Kenya! The couple Robert Redford (as very charismatic elephant hunter) Meryl Streep (Danish baroness) The two stars admirably embody the heroes of this romantic epic which capsized many hearts in 1985! Breathtaking landscapes, their love story is often beautiful and overwhelming. You just want to pack and go to Africa. Inspired, Pollack signs one of the classics of romantic cinema awarded with seven Oscars in Hollywood (including the best film, best director and best screenplay and music). It is a movie which will awake your wanderlust for Africa.

Gorillas in the Fog (1988)

White Maasai (2005)

The film is based on a true story and the book The white Maasai. A Swiss woman falls in love with a Maasai warrior while in Kenya. She decides to marry him, even if she were to adapt to their lifestyle.

Indiana Jones and Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)

1936. In search of a sacred idol in the middle of the Peruvian jungle, the adventurer Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) narrowly escapes an ambush set by his toughest adversary: ​​the Frenchman René Belloq.

Returning to civilian life at his post of a university professor of archaeology was mandated by the secret services and by his friend Marcus Brody to get his hands on the Medallion of Ra. This Egyptian artefact is a first step on the way to the Ark of the Covenant, the very one where Moses kept the Ten Commandments. A historical piece with unimaginable powers that Hitler seeks to seize …


Romancing the Stone

Famous adventure novelist Joan Wilder ( Kathleen Turner ) receives a package that includes a treasure map. He learns that her sister has been kidnapped in Colombia. The criminals are demanding the return of the valuable document in return for her release. The writer travels to South America. In the jungle, she gets into real trouble, from which she is saved by the adventurer, Jack T. Colton ( Michael Douglas ). From then on, they travel and look for the treasure together.

Part of the movie was shot in Morocco in Ain Ben Haddou.

Best Travel Movies Set in Europe

Roman Holiday (1953)

This black and white movie is unforgettable. The humour, the scenery of Rome and Audrey Hepburn. She seems to be born for the role of a princess, exhausted by the conveniences and who escapes one evening, to wander in Rome next to an attractive reporter. The latter embodied by a charming, discreet and shrewd Gregory Peck. Their couple is harmonious and forms immortal images like that of the Vespa ride or the final hello so representative. “Roman Holidays” (1953) is at all levels a charming romantic comedy, not devoid of bitterness, and which makes you want to go and visit the Rome or to go sightseeing Italy in general.

Before Sunrise (1995)

On the train to Vienna, an American Jesse ( Ethan Hawke ) meets a beautiful French woman. Although the girl plans to continue her journey, the young people decide to wander the Austrian capital, in order not to interrupt the interesting conversation. At first, trivial conversations turn into serious discussions, and infatuation turns into a deeper feeling. 

Before Sunset (2004)

It’s a sequel to “before Sunrise” if you enjoyed yo should watch this on. Jesse ( Ethan Hawke ) and Celine ( Julie Delpy )parted shortly before dawn, promising to see each other in six months. However, the meeting did not take place … Now, after so many years, their paths unexpectedly cross again in Paris, where Jesse promotes his latest book (in one of the coolest bookshops) Celine appears at one of the meetings for readers … They both have a few hours to deal with their feelings, the past and answer a difficult question: Do they still mean as much to each other as they did nine years ago?

Before Midnight

They first met almost twenty years ago before sunrise on the train to Vienna. They spent the night together to break up and find each other again nine years before sunset in Paris. Nine more years have passed since that summer. Where are they now? Has the feeling that united them survived to this day? Now they are on beautiful Island in Greece

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Writer Frances Mayes (Diane Lane) is happy, successful at work. But suddenly everything goes wrong for her – she learns that her husband is cheating on her, divorces her, and loses her apartment. At the urging of her friend Patti (Sandra Oh), She decides to go on a trip to Tuscany. Enchanted by the local landscape buys a villa “Bramasole”. For its renovation, it employs three nice workers from Poland. Frances gets to know Italians, the Italian culture and customs, and most of all, she tries to make a new life for himself. Under the Tuscan Sun is a very gentle movie which will make you fall for Italy.

The talented Mr. Ripley

Indigent, lonely young man Tom Ripley ( Matt Damon ) one day receives an offer that will change his life. On the orders of a wealthy businessman, he travels to Italy (Rome) to bring his prodigal son Dicki ( Jude Law ) from there, who leads a playboy life, squandering his father’s fortune. Initially determined to complete his mission, Tom changes his mind when he meets Dickie and his beautiful girlfriend Marge ( Gwyneth Paltrow ). Fascinated by their luxurious lifestyle, he decides to take Dicki’s place. Obsessed with his insane desire, he starts an insidious game of deception and lies without even flinging from murder. But is it really: “Better to be fake than nobody?” 

EuroTrip (2004)

High school student Scott corresponds through the Internet with a person from Europe, nicknamed “Mieke”, who helps him receive the best grades in German by doing homework for him. When “Mieke” offers the boy a “live” meeting, Scott initially panics, fearing he is dealing with an elderly man with suspicious sexual preferences. When it turns out that an online friend is an attractive girl, the boy decides to travel across Europe with his best friend Cooper and two twins, Jenny and Jamie. A tour of Europe with the goal of Berlin turns into a fascinating and unforgettable adventure.

A Good Year (2006)

Max Skinner (Russell Crowe) is a cocky stock trader working in London stock exchange. He loves speed life and cannot imagine living differently until he learns about the death of his uncle Henry (Albert Finney) and the inheritance of villa and vineyard in Provence. He planned a short trip to the South of France changes him. And we while watching the movie fall for Beauty of France, French food and wine and secretly we started dreaming of inheriting property like this. “A good Year” is one of my favourite movies ever.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2009)

Two young Americans, Vicky ( Rebecca Hall ) and Cristina ( Scarlett Johansson ) come to Barcelona on vacation. Vicky, intelligent and affectionate, is about to get married; open to the emotional and sexual adventures of Cristina is her complete opposite. During their stay, both protagonists get drawn into an unconventional, romantic and sexual adventure with Juan Antonio ( Javier Bard ), a charismatic painter, caught up in a turbulent and complicated relationship with his ex-wife, Maria Elena ( Penélope Cruz ).

Immersed in Barcelona’s luscious sensuality, ” Vicky Cristina Barcelona ” is a fun, intelligent film that shows love in all its manifestations.

Julie and Julia

Inspired by two true stories, the movie “Julie and Julia” is a love sonnet that celebrates the charms of the Seine cuisine. The dishes served by the local chefs seem unrivaled and probably even the Olympic ambrosia could not be compared to the roast duck. However, the leitmotif of this comedy is that true fulfillment of a woman is only possible with pots. When she conjures up another fantastic dishes, she becomes a goddess not only of cuisine but also of business. Julia Child (Meryl Streep) started to learn cooking in post-war France because she had nothing better to do. Today she is considered a guru of culinary arts. Julie Powell (Amy Adams), on the other hand, was an unfulfilled writer who, thanks to pots, herbs and spices, gained fame on the Internet, published her desired book, and her adventures were finally screened.

The Way (2010)

Tom (Martin Sheen) is an American doctor who cannot come to terms with his son’s tragic death. Daniel (Emilio Estevez) died in the Pyrenees, defeating the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, also known as the Saint James Trail. Tom goes to Europe to collect his son’s remains. Once there, however, she decides to walk the entire trail, from start to finish, to honor Daniel. It’s quite a challenge, the road is very long and Tom has no trekking experience. It turns out, however, that he will not face this challenge alone. The Dutchman Joost joins him. Each of this seemingly mismatched, random group is at a turning point in life, each looking for motivation to face the surprises of a perverse fate.

Midnight in Paris (2011)

In “At Midnight in Paris” we follow the fate of a recently engaged couple. Inez (Rachel McAdams) and Gil (Owen Wilson) arrive in the world’s romance capital to plan a wedding. However, the lovers’ fidelity will be put to the test when the sophisticated art expert Paul (Michael Sheen) and the mysterious and sensual muse of Adrian (Marion Cotillard) appear on their way, and Carla Bruni herself will start showing them around the charming corners of Paris! The all-star cast of Woody Allen’s magical comedy also includes Oscar-winners Adrien Brody and Kathy Bates as Gil’s love advisers. “Midnight in Paris” is not only the master’s most praised painting in years and one of the first favorites for next year’s Oscars, but also Woody Allen’s biggest hit in 25 years.


Amelie Poulain (Audrey Tautou) is a beautiful young girl. She lives alone in beautiful Paris and works as a waitress in a small cafe. Even though she lives in one of the most visited cities in the world, she feels lost and lonely in Paris until one day she finds a treasure hidden in the bathroom years ago. He decides to find the owner. Seeing the happiness on the receiver face, Amelie finds a life purpose. She will make people happy.

In Bruges

“In Bruges” is a dark comedy. After bad executed “kill job” (killing by accident innocent child, two inferior killers need to flee to Bruges on a forced vacation. While Ken takes the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, the reckless and imprudent Ray sets out on a quest for adventure. He gets into an argument with passing tourists, starts an affair with a local beauty ( Clémence Poésy ). All in charming Bruges’ historic city centre – Belfry of Bruges. 

The story and the two men journey becomes even weirder when Ray realizes that Harry wants to get rid of him, and asked … Ken to do this task.

Best Travel Movies Set in Asia 

Kundun (1997)

A true story by Martin Scorsese about the childhood and youth of the Dalai Lama. Starting in 1937 when two-year-old child, born in a remote province of Tibet, was considered the last human incarnation of the Buddha. The movie shows us the life of Lama through spiritual education preparing him for the role of leader of Tibet, to the moment of the dramatic political confrontation related to the incursion of Mao Zedong’s troops into Tibet. The then 24-year-old Dalai Lama faces a dilemma: stay with his people, risking certain death, or seek refuge in India.

Part of the movie was shoot in Ourzatze in Morocco and we were lucky enough to see the set, while visiting Ait Ben Haddou, which is a famous backdrop for lots of movies.

Seven Years in Tibet (1997)

Seven Years in Tibet is an adaptation of the novel of the same name which is an autobiographical novel by Heinrich Harrer, Austrian mountaineer who met the Dalai Lama. It all started in 1939 when he left to explore the Himalayas for the Reich, but his expedition did not go as planned, or he would be taken prisoner by the British. From there will begin a great adventure, from India to Tibet. In this movie, we can observe a few different journeys, one of Brad Pitt, through amazing landscapes of high mountains in Tibet. The second journey is the growing up of Dalai Lama.

The real story in the film is very romanticized; the character of Harrer was a Nazi. In the movie, he seems to be against Hitler. But what matters the essential in this film is that Jean-Jacques Annaud manages to offer two things, a tremendous exotic adventure and a denunciation of the Chinese oppression on Tibet, and does it brilliantly.

Anna and the King (1999)

In 1862, the widowed English teacher Anna Leonowens ( Jodie Foster ) arrives in Siam with her young son Louis ( Tom Felton ) to teach fifty-eight children of King Mongkut ( Chow Yun-Fat ), whom she considers a tyrant and barbarian. At first, everything seems to confirm her beliefs. However, he quickly discards his prejudices, finding out that King Mongkut is a born leader and visionary. The king, in turn, realizes that the teacher he considers to be impudent could help him achieve his ambitious goals. Thus, a powerful ruler and a modest teacher find a way to reach an agreement …

The Beach (2000)

Richard (Leonardo DiCaprio) goes to the Far East. He is looking for a paradise island, a refuge for everyone who is weary of civilization. Soon, along with a couple of French people he met along the way, he finds such a place off the coast of Thailand. It turns out that hundreds of young people live in an international commune on the paradise beach – “the Beach”. However, what appears to be idyllic at first glance will soon turn into the most dangerous adventure in the life of Richard and his companions. Life is at stake.

Lost in Translation (2003) 

50-year-old American, Bob Harris (Bill Murray) comes to Tokyo. A forgotten TV star is tasked with making an advertisement. Simple scenes turn out to be difficult to shoot and shooting begins to take a long time. The couple, Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) and John (Giovanni Ribisi), move into the hotel where Bob lives. John is a photographer and works all day while his wife is bored in the hotel room. Deprived of contact with family and friends, Charlotte feels lonely. He begins to suffer from insomnia. After another sleepless night, she goes down to the bar where she meets Bob. It turns out that insomnia is not their only common topic. Charlotte and Bob spend more and more time together. An unusual friendship is born between a young woman and an experienced man. She is just looking for her place in the world; he is at the next turn in life. They are getting closer and closer, although they realize that their feeling has no chance of being fulfilled.

The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Having been at odds with each other for a year, the three brothers set off on a train journey around India to find each other and renew broken family ties. Their “spiritual journey” will not be without surprises, in which the main roles will be played by painkillers, Indian cough syrup and pepper spray. Soon, all three of them reach the very middle of the desert, where eleven suitcases, a printer and a laminating machine will serve as unique survival equipment. From that moment on, their unplanned adventure begins.

Slumdog Millionaire (2012)

Jamal, a Mumbai slum dweller, takes part in the Hindu version of “Millionaires” at the age of 18. The last question separates him from the final victory, but before he can answer it, the police arrest him. Officers want to know how a boy can know so much. Jamal tells the true story of childhood, the violence and love of his life. This street was his school. Survival school…

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012)

England is no longer made for seniors, even retirement is relocating! Several British retirees (including Judi Dench, Celia Imrie, and Bill Nighy) cut all their ties and moved to India, in what they believe to be a palace at the best price. Much less luxurious than the advertisement suggested, this dilapidated hotel with indefinable charm will turn their lives upside down in unexpected ways.

Lion (2016)

The plot of the film can be divided into two parts: life in India and life in Australia. The script is based on the true story of Saroo Brierley from India, who gets lost as a little boy ( Sunny Pawar ). Nobody can help desperate Saroo. Finding his home in an environment where newspapers play the primary role of the mass media and a part of society is illiterate, turns out to be impossible. He ends up in a children’s centre and is soon adopted by a family from abroad. Raised by the Australian couple Saroo, he loses knowledge of his mother tongue, the Hindu culture as an adult ( Dev Patel). Once upon a time, the memories of India come back. The main character begins to miss his biological mother and siblings. He is tormented by remorse for the comfortable life he leads in Australia and the uncomfortable life that his Indian family has remained. Torn by his uncertainty, he decides to find his childhood home. The obsession with finding his family in India and the movie is touching

A Map for Saturday

The film “A Map for Saturday” tells the stories of travelers (Brook Silva Braga) on four different continents. Documents the aid provided by travelers to the victims of the tsunami in Thailand, explains why Nepalese guesthouses are empty and why traffic lights are ignored in Brazil. Most of all, however, it presents a journey of people who wondered what it would be like to see the world and one day decided to find out for themselves

Best Travel Movies Set in the Middle East 

Lawrence of Arabia (1989)

A movie based on real events. 1916. A young British officer, 29-year-old TE Lawrence, is sent to the Middle East. He is to contact Emir Faisal and ask for military aid to strengthen the Arab revolt against the Turks. It turns out that a miracle would have to happen to drag people into battle again. Lawrence is doing this incredible thing. Against orders, he urges the Arabs to revolt against the TurksTogether with a small unit of Sheikh Ali, he goes to battle.

Queen of the Desert (2015)

Writer, traveler, archaeologist, British intelligence agent. An extraordinary woman (Nicole Kidman) who, during the times of emancipation, became one of the most influential people shaping the politics of the British Empire in the Middle East. Gertrude Bell always did what she wanted to do. She loved risk and adrenaline. Some people called her “the conceited girl from Oxford.” She consistently proved to be better than men. She had achieved a position in the Arab world that at the time seemed impossible to a woman, even in Great Britain. Her life is an adventure in which all dreams came true – except for one thing: love.

Not Without My Daughter (1991)

Betty married Moodie, an Iranian doctor, and was very happy with him during the first years of her relationship. Soon she gave birth to a baby girl – Mahtob. After a few years, offered to visit his family in Iran, after a short consideration, the woman agreed. In Iran, Moody turned from a caring and kind husband into a tyrant; his whole family stood behind him. By Iranian law and customs placed a woman much lower than a man. Betty could legally leave her husband and return home, but without her daughter – custody in Iran is always granted to the father in such cases. Betty tries to be a good and obedient wife – she deludes that this way, she will be able to change her husband. Finally, she decides to make a risky escape from Iran with her little daughter. The movie is based on book which is based on true story.

The Kite Runner (2007)

Adaptation of one of the most touching novels, The Kite Runner is an emotional story of friendship, family, unforgivable mistakes and redeeming love. In Afghanistan on the brink of war, two childhood friends, Amir and Hassan, will soon be separated forever. A sunny afternoon in Kabul. You can feel the joy in the air before the kite-flying tournament. However, after winning the competition, the betrayal of one of the boys triggers an unpredictable catastrophe. Now, after 20 years in America, Amir returns to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan to face the dark secrets that haunt him and try to find one last chance for redemption.

Long Way Round

The movie “Long Way Round” is a great motorcycle expedition of two friends: Ewan McGregor, an actor known in Poland primarily from the films “Trainspotting”, “Wyspa” and “Star Wars” and his friend, Charley Boorman. The expedition began in London on April 14, 2004 and led through Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Siberia, Alaska and Canada, and ended in the States after more than 3 months.

 Theeb (2014)

Action of the movie happens during the World War I in the desert province of Hijaz of the Ottoman Empire. Theeb is a 13-year-old boy, belonging to the Bedouin clan. His name means “wolf”, which, according to local tradition, represents courage, dignity, patience, and the ability to survive alone. After the death of his father, Theeb’s authority becomes one of the older brothers. So when Hussein joins the dangerous expedition as the guide of the British officer Edward ( Jack Fox ), the young man follows him and – to the discontent of the travelers – joins the caravan.

 Wadjda (2013)

Wadjda is 10 years old and lives in Riyadh. She is considered a rebel at school because she wears sneakers with a pen and tries to play with the boys. Her biggest dream is a bicycle. Unfortunately, in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive cars, and girls are not allowed to ride a bicycle – it is supposed to endanger their chastity. In order to get money for the coveted bicycle and convince adults of his piety, Wadjda decides to take part in a Koran recitation competition.

 Best Travel Movies Set in Australia

The Endless Summer (1966)

Surfer Documentary filmmaker Bruce Brown accompanies two California surfers (Robert August and Mike Hynson) on their Surfing trip journey around the globe with a camera. Tanned guys visit Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii in search of new sensations and the perfect wave (which they finally find). As for the 1960s thing, “Endless Summer” is impressive: the wave-dressing shots are very effective and exciting. Great surf rock music and author’s commentary is an addition to the movie.

 Crocodile Dundee (1986)

Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski) is a New York journalist who comes to Australia to interview Michael Dunde (Paul Hogan). He is a white bush guide who recently survived a crocodile attack that made him famous. Reluctant at first, Dundee takes the journalist on a safari. Soon the ice is broken and a feeling is born between them. Sue offers “Crocodile” to return with her to New York, a world completely alien to him. This is when the real problems begin.

Whale Rider (2003)

The small coastal village of New Zealand is home to a Maori tribe descended from an ancestor named Paikea, the Whale Riders. In each generation, there is a male heir to the title of chief. The time of trial comes as the twins are born and one of them dies (boy), Koro ( Rawiri Paratene ), the current leader, is unable to accept his granddaughter, Pai ( Keisha Castle-Hughes ), as the future leader.

A few years later, Koro is convinced that his people’s misfortune began with the birth of Pai, and calls on his people to bring their sons to his school in the hope of finding a new leader among them. Pai loves Koro more than anyone else in the world, but must defy him and thousands of years of tradition to show his people the true way. 

Australia (2008)

A film by Baz Luhrmann is a story of love made on a grand scale, the background of which is Australia on the threshold of World War II. An English aristocrat ( Nicole Kidman ) inherits a wonderful farm and fights to keep it with the help of an experienced cattle breeder ( Hugh Jackman ).

 Tracks (2014)

This is more than a road trip movie, it’s an ultimate wanderlust film. An adaptation of the memories of Robyn Davidson (Mia Wasikowska)- Tracks. Robyn at the age of 27, decided to travel across the outback in the company of a dog and four camels.

The lonely journey from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, full of fighting with her own limitations and unfriendly nature, was over 2,700 kilometers. Before leaving, she got a job on a camel farm to learn the camel training and methods of caring for pack animals. Robyn becomes the owner of three camels: Dookie, Buba and pregnant Zelly. During the nine-month journey, she was steadfastly accompanied by a black Labrador named Diggity. The only man who crossed her path was photographer Rick Smolan (Adam Driver), documenting the stages of the journey for National Geographic magazine.

Adventures of Priscilla Queen of Desert

Two transvestites – Mitzi (Hugo Weaving) and Felicia (Guy Pearce) and transsexual Bernadette (Terence Stamp) earn their living by performing on stage. They go to a small town in the provinces to put on a show there. They get a coach which they paint pink and they travel across the Australian desert. Along the way, they face many difficulties – a broken coach in the heart of the desert, inhospitable inhabitants. However, they come across a fan – Bob (Bill Hunter), who becomes a faithful friend.

Best Travel Movies Set in the Americas 

Easy Rider (1969)

Two Californian hippies, Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper), sold part of the banned substances they brought from Mexico. For the money they earn, they decide to go on motorbikes from Los Angeles to New Orleans. The journey east passes through California, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. Along the way, motorcyclists enjoy their life: take drugs, seduce girls and meet different characters Among the many strange characters they meet alcohol-abusing young lawyer (Jack Nicholson) who without hesitation leaves his homeland and joins the expedition

One Week

Excellent road trip movie, this time in a Canadian edition. Beautiful pictures of the local nature and great music make a great impression. The young man faces death and decides to go on a long journey on an old motorcycle. “Only a Week” is a moving story of twenty-something Ben Tyler, who in search of fulfillment escapes from the bonds that bind him – a planned marriage, a job with which he is not entirely satisfied, or the latest medical diagnosis. A spontaneous trip turns out to be an extraordinary journey to the west coast of Canada, which will allow him to look at his life from a new perspective.

Buena Vista Social Club (1999)

A moving documentary about a group of Cuban musicians playing together in pre-revolutionary times and who have not performed with each other for 40 years. In the movie, their average age is over 70. Wenders’ film is a story about a triumphant exit from artistic non-existence: statements by musicians, fragments of their excellent concerts and pictures of a beautiful ruin that is contemporary Havana.
The movie has amazing music one of my favourite ever.

Away we go

A humorous road movie about partnerships. Burt ( John Krasinski ) and Verona ( Maya Rudolph ) are 33 years old; they have been together since college. They realize that nothing is keeping them where they are now living. Three months before the baby is born, they decide to go in search of an oasis where they can set up their own home. The path they will travel will allow them to look at various family relationships and answer troubling questions.

 Y Tu Mamá También (2002)

The lives of Julia (Gael García Bernal) and Tenocha (Diego Luna), like most seventeen-year-olds, are ruled by hormones, friendship and the desire to reach adulthood. One festive afternoon they meet a beautiful 28-year-old Spanish woman, Luisa (Maribel Verdú), whom they flirt with the class and grace typical of young people of their age. In jest, they invite her on a journey to an imaginary beach called “Mouth of Heaven”. The woman politely ignores them, then they go their separate ways, and the whole thing seems to be forgotten. However, Luisa gets some bad news. Faced with the need to change her life, she finds the boys and accepts their invitation. The three of them embark on a journey that will change their lives forever, sparking a conflict between innocence, sexuality and friendship.

City of God (2002)

An unusual film about an unusual place in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Narrated by Busca-Pé, a little black boy, too timid and fearful to join a gang, but too sane to agree to a low-paying and degrading legal job. Busca-Pé imagined that one could observe the cruel and brutal world around him differently through art. His goal was to become a professional photographer. The place known as “Cidade de Deus” is initially a square of housing for the poor built by the government in the early 1980s. After a few years, instead of peace, it becomes Rio’s most dangerous ghetto. Drug trafficking, prostitution, robbery and crime have become a sad everyday reality observed and perpetuated by Busca-Pé. The film is depressing, it reveals universal truths and shows you Rio different than the one we see watching Rio Carnival on TV.

 The Terminal (2004)

Terminal “tells the story of Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks), a tourist from Eastern Europe, who wants to visit New York. While Navorski flies to America, a coup takes place in his home country. Trapped at Kennedy airport, with a passport out of nowhere, Viktor cannot legally enter the United States and is forced to spend days and nights in the transit hall of the terminal until the end of the war in his homeland.

As the weeks and months pass, Viktor discovers that the miniature terminal universe is a complex world where you can meet absurdity, generosity, ambition, entertainment, luck, and even have an affair with a beautiful flight attendant named Amelia. But Viktor has already abused the hospitality of airport clerk Frank Dixon, who considers Viktor to be a bureaucratic problem that he cannot control but is very eager to get rid of it.

Idea of the movie is taken from the true story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri who lived in Charles de Gaulle International airport for 17 years, between 1988 to 2006. DreamWorks paind $250,000 to Mehran, though it didnt use his story, but only was inspired by it.

The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)

The film tells the story of a trip through South America, which was taken on a dilapidated motorcycle in 1952 by two young Argentinians, biochemist Alberto Granado (Rodrigo de la Serna) and medical student Ernesto Guevara (Che Guevara). It based on a true story of Che Guevara. Both travelers, sons of good families, planned the route in such a way so as to get to know the continent, which in their opinion was wrongly divided. They start their journey on an old motorbike called “La Vigrante”. The confrontation with the social and political reality of the different countries visited alters the perception that the two friends have of the continent. This experience will awaken new vocations associated with a desire for social justice

Into the Wild (2007)

In 1992, after graduating from Emory University, an outstanding student and athlete, Christopher McCandless, decides to break with his boring life. He donates his belongings, donates his savings ($ 24,000) to charity, and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness. He meets many adventures that will shape his life forever. “Into the wild” is based on the true story and was an inspiration for many to travel.

7 Days in Havana (2012)

The film by the producers of Steven Soderbergh’s is set over a week in the Cuban capital. An energetic and eclectic portrait of the city, seen through the eyes of the natives and delighted visitors, whose fates take place in several colorful episodes. Each day is a segment directed by a different artist. its a perfect movie to watch before going to Havana, which we still have in plans to visit

Wild (2014)

The film adaptation of the best-selling autobiographical book by Cheryl Strayed. Oscar-winning ( Reese Witherspoon ) is a young girl who has been through a lot in a relatively short life. Tragic past events pushed her to make the daring decision to embark on the 1,800-kilometer lonely journey across the United States. Strayed does not even think that the journey into the unknown will become an opportunity to look at the existing existence from a different, wider perspective …

 A Walk in the Woods (2015)

The famous travel writer Bill Bryson ( Robert Redford ) does not think of a peaceful retirement. Despite her family and beautiful wife ( Emma Thompson ), she decides to go on a journey of her life. He intends to walk the Appalachian Trail on foot – a 2,200-mile scenic route linking the states of Georgia and Maine. Unable to find other companions, Bryson takes on an expedition his long-lost friend Katz ( Nick Nolte ), a notorious charmer for whom the expedition is a way to escape from his creditors. On the trail, it quickly turns out that the word “adventure” has a different meaning for each traveler. And the farther into the forest, the funnier it gets!

Best Travel Movies Set in Antarctica & Arctic 

The Endurance (2000)

Ernest Shackelton’s Endurance expedition is probably one of the most spectacular ventures in the history of mankind. The bold attempt to cross the Antarctic continent, planned on a grand scale, turned into a dramatic struggle for survival. This film is a document describing the history of that memorable journey and its extraordinary participants who for many generations of arctic daredevils became heroes forever.

Encounters at the End of the World (2007)

Antarctica in Herzog’s film finds a new dimension and meaning. The southern ends of our world are a magnet for a galaxy of science stars who are bored with the post-industrial civilization of everyday life. Scientists are working here for humanity, which is soon to… leave Earth. The director asks who they are and what their dreams are. His heroes are quite eccentric. Electric guitars on the roof of a science station tens of kilometers from the main town are just one of many examples of their individuality. A plumber, descending from the royal Aztec family, or a philosopher working as an excavator operator, is another example of the elitism of this place. The ease with which they talk about their work and its unique character fascinates and reflects their inner freedom. At Mc Murdo, a major science base that resembles a mining town, still stands the house built in 1901 by the first Antarctic conquerors Scott and Shackleton. Herzog shows archival materials, giving a second dimension to the present being viewed. The way of presenting the nature of the South Pole and connecting it with a specific soundtrack gives the feeling of approaching a mystery.

 Eight Below (2008)

“Eight Below” is a story inspired by real events. The film tells the story of members of the scientific expedition to Antarctica – Jerry Shepard, his ex-girlfriend, Cooper’s best friend and a geologist who went there in search of a meteorite. The real heroes of this film, however, are actually 8 dogs, who first save the geologist’s life and then, due to the great storm and the evacuation associated with it, are left to die on their own.

Into the Cold (2013)

The film follows the fate of two men, Sebastian Copeland and his companion Keith Heger, who undertake a dramatic expedition. After two months of intensive preparation, they set off for the North Pole, widely regarded as the most difficult on Earth. From personal reflections to the last moments of facing the millions of kilometers of icy Arctic wasteland that is melting at an alarming rate, we observe a journey of perseverance and commitment, where two ordinary people are armed only with courage and determination.

Best Travel Movie Ever

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