Kids travel pillows can make a big difference to how comfortable your kids are on a long car journey. We have found both the leg rest pillow for the plane and the kid’s neck pillow to be a bit of a game-changer for travelling with kids especially on the long flights with kids to Dubai or Abu Dhabi

We discuss what to look for in a travel kids neck pillow and reviews of some of the best kids travel pillows on the market. It includes toddler neck pillows, kids aeroplane pillows and car seatbelt pillows.

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best travel pillows for kids

What to look for in kids travel pillow.

Children’s necks aren’t strong enough for microbead travel pillows to be comfortable for small kids. Memory foam neck pillows are too dense for children whose necks are strong enough to push back. This means the pillow must be easy to clean for it to keep kids clean. For the car, the pillow should be not too thick so that it doesn’t push your child’s neck forward. Make sure the car seat straps are not loose, so you don’t need to put it in the car to ensure it is aligned with the back of the seat. One of the most important features we find helpful in a children’s neck pillow is some kind of strap. This saves it from being constantly dropped or dragged along the ground.

Best Travel Pillows for Toddlers

A lot of toddlers might prefer a small square pillow over a U-shaped one. If you aren’t too keen on a toddler napping on your lap, a travel leg rest is a great travel accessory. A soft travel pillow if the toddler uses a soft one in their bed or a firmer airplane pillow if they are used to that. Opt for the same type of neck support as at home – a softer toddler airplane pillow is a good choice if you are already comfortable at home with your toddler in a comfortable position. Check out the rest of our daughter’s travel neck pillow before you leave her with her mommies for the next time in the UK.

Trunki Yondi Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow

The Trunki Yondi Kid’s Travel Neck Pillow is perfect for children who are approximately 18 months to 5 years old. Magnetic magnets inside the animal’s paws come together under the child’s chin. The plush fabric and small polystyrene beads it even better. The pillow is small enough to be comfortable for a child sitting in a car seat, booster seat or strollers same time holding the head upright. It works for a variety of transportation and is removable, machine washable with a removable and removable velvet cover and can be ordered from

Kids Neck Pillow (Penguin) – Toddler Size 2-5 Yrs

The Penguin Kids Neck Pillow is perfect for kids ages 2-5 years old. Soft and cool pillow for toddler to preschool-age kids. Ultra-lightweight, only 3.3oz! Removable & washable cover – Simply remove the cover and toss it into the washing machine as many times as you need. Snap button allows the pillow to securely stay in place around the neck or any bags/handles for easy carry.

Best Kids Travel Neck Pillow for smaller kids

HELLOPROM DINORY Dinosaur Neck Pillow

Are your kids into the Dinosaurs? mine were and still are so the Dinosaur Neck Pillow was the perfect Best Choice for kids travel pillow. The Dinosaur Neck Pillow is Designed with High Quality and Fashionable Design, which is very cute, lovely and intimate. This neck pillow can be used as a play doll for children or a relaxing pillow on sofa, bed or long travel within airplane, car or train. It’s also a good gift for your parents and friends.

How to wash this product? Recommend wool-wash cycle and hang in the shade.

You can also pack a best kids neck pillow in the best travel bag for toddlers – the best toddler backpack! What you need to look out for when you choose the best travel backpack for toddlers.

Critter Piller Kid’s Travel Buddy and Comfort Pillow

Critter Piller Kid’s Travel Buddy come in many different animal designs. Designed for younger kids ages 3 to 5, the pillow is machine washable and has a microfiber filling. The pillow is a pillow that looks and feels like a soft toy. It protects your child’s neck and acts as a comfort pal for kids who are anxious on long trips. The whole pillow is Machine Washable, so kids are likely to spill food, drinks, or something else (think saliva, snot or worse).

Bcozzy kids Neck Pillow

The Bcozzy Neck Pillow is the most popular travel neck pillow that you can wrap. The airplane pillow for kids prevents the head from falling forward. It offers support for your head, neck and chin simultaneously. The child version only weighs 7.4 ounces (200gr) and comes with a snap strap for easy storage to your luggage. The children’s neck cushion is one of the very best travel pillows for kids. It is fully machine washable and can be compressed. A Bcozzy Kids Chin Supporting Travel Pillow available in adult size as well as the children’s travel pillow for adults.

Bcozzy travel pillow is available in a lot of funky colors and comes in different sizes Bcozzy Travel Pillow older kids (8-12), teenagers and adult size.

Best kids Neck Travel Pillows for Older Kids

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow is for kids ages 8 and older (and adults). It inflates with only a few puffs and then loops over the headrest of a car or the wings of an aeroplane seat. 
Positioned across the torso or down the side, the pillow will keep your child’s head from falling forward. It deflates instantly so it can be rolled up so that it doesn’t take up much space. The only possible downside is that it’s only hand-washable.

Dot and Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

The Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow is long and can contort into different positions. It can be used for older kids who sleep wildly. The Twist has a snap closure that keeps the pillow from falling off. It also attaches to carry-on luggage or a backpack. The cover of the pillow can be removed, and machine washed. The Twist can also be removed from the pillow and can be machine washed by machine-in-charge using machine-wiping. It’s probably better for kids who are age eight or older,

Best Travel Pillows for teenagers

What’s the best travel pillow for kids for teens?

Most children’s travel pillows focus on the age group of 3 to 10, so are tweens and teenagers. If you’re looking for an adult travel pillow for yourself as well, feel free to pick your favorite one for you. For tweens or teens it’s likely they will be sitting upright for a rather long time on the plane or in public transport, chances are that they’ll find a comfortable travel cushion to sit upright for the long haul. In a child travel pillow, you can choose the size of your own, as well as a regular size cushion.

Hoodie Pillow Qualid Travel Pillow with Hoodie

Qualid Travel Pillow with Hoodie – The hooded part of the pillow has two drawstrings to adjust the hood to your child’s head size and comfort level. The memory foam and inflatable versions come in a variety of colours. An inflatable pillow deflates easily and folds flat, taking up very little space in your kid’s bag. The pillow has a memory foam pillow to support the neck and a hood made of the same material as their favourite hoodie. Get one to match your teen’s real hoodie, and you can buy another from the same product online at [link]. Shop the best travel pillow for kids and teens who want the best of both worlds.


Extra – Travel Foot Rest Pillow

Wandering Tot Inflatable Foot Rest

Inflatable Travel Foot Rest Pillow is adjustable to meet a child’s height needs. The footrest inflates in 90 seconds. It’s not too much of a hassle to set up, so it’s easy to blow up the footrest. It comes with an eye mask and earplugs to help make your kid as comfy as possible. Some airlines don’t allow leg pillows on planes, so check beforehand before flying with him. The footrest deflates in 15 seconds and fits into the included small storage bag to keep it in the car or between the seats in front of you and your seat in the air


Kids travel Neck Pillow Kids car Pillow kids seat belt pillow


Are leg pillows allowed on planes?

The inflatable airplane pillows can be banned from most airlines for safety reasons. Some airlines, like Qantas and Jetstar, ban them from all seats in certain areas. Singapore Airlines and other airlines have specific rules as to where they can be used. Check with your airline before purchasing and before flying before buying a child a travel pillow for your toddler. The only downside is that some airlines don’t specify their rules for inflatable pillows and so it can really come down to the aircrew on the day of the flight. We have tested a variety of inflatable travel pillows for children with ages 1-5 years 3-7 years old.

How do I choose the best travel pillow for my kids?

Which travel pillow is best for your child depends on a number of factors. Include age, size, preference for type (inflatable, memory foam, microbeads) and outer material. Click here for a detailed guide to find the most suitable travel pillow.

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