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Sri Lankan Spices 5

Sri Lankan Spices

Sri Lanka is a small island nation in Asia in the Indian Ocean, near India. The well-known facts about Sri Lanka is a beautiful large tea plantation. One of Sri Lanka’s most famous exports besides tea are spices and herbs. The majority of these come from the southern region of Sri...

Traditional Icelandic food 11

Traditional Icelandic food

Traditional Icelandic cuisine is based mainly on lamb, fish and seafood. Remember that until the late 20th century access to the island was limited to ships. Due to the difficulties in obtaining ingredients from overseas, Icelanders have achieved perfection in using the smallest scrap of...

Moroccan Food -Traditional Food from Morocco 19

Moroccan Food -Traditional Food from Morocco

Morocco is famous all over the world for argan oil, carpets, Marrakech souq, sunny weather … and delicious food! So, we knew that we would not go hungry when we went to Morocco. Moroccan food is packed with so many flavours coming mostly from 8 Moroccan Spices sometimes seemingly...

Food from France 35

Food from France

The French have developed a national art of creating wonderful dishes from the best ingredients since the origins of haute cuisine in the 17th century. The love of French food, at last, overtook the English-speaking world in the 2oth century. Even the simple French word for the kitchen...

Shuwa- Oman Food, Would you eat an Ox head? We did!!! 69

Shuwa- Oman Food, Would you eat an Ox head? We did!!!

An Unexpected Invitation for Oman food on Eid While we were living in Oman I ran a thriving business as a wedding photographer.  One day I received an unusual request from a journalist from the UAE. Would I provide photos to illustrate her article on the Eid Al Adha celebrations in a...