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how to get to pai by motorcycle

How to get from Chiang Mai to Pai

Are you wondering how to get from Chiang Mai to Pai? Then you are in the right place. Here we describe the various means you can use to get to this beautiful rural oasis of calm in the north of bustling Thailand.  If you haven’t been to Pai, then you are missing something special...

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Bangkok Family Hotel

We have stayed in Bangkok several times, both as a staging post and as a destination in itself.  I have typically chosen family hotel by checking reviews for facilities relative to budget. But we have also come to realise that there is this thing called location.  Also, my...

Visiting the Jim Thompson House with Children 22

Visiting the Jim Thompson House with Children

Jim Thompson House with Children – Introduction We have visited Bangkok a few times, and the Jim Thompson House and Museum twice.  And we were captivated by it.  The first time the girls and I chanced upon it because we lived on the same street, and we loved it.  The next time when...

long neck woman

Long Neck tribes

Traveller My father was a big traveller. His travels were limited to maps and books. I don’t remember very much of where he would like to go and what to see. Probably the answer would have been anything – just to explore. What I do remember are the pictures on the covers of...

thetravellingtwins, twins

Chiang Mai and hostel life

After a year of travelling, few visit to Bangkok with kids we finally made it to Chiang Mai… travelling for a year changes you. And it changes your budget as well. That is to say downward unless you become a millionaire in the meantime! Chiang Mai In Chiang Mai, where the best...