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9 Things to do in Corinth, Greece

Corinth or Korinthos is a small town that serves as a gateway to the popular Greece Peloponnese Peninsula. During the rule of the Romans, the city was among the largest and wealthiest city-states in the whole of Greece, featuring two major ports – one on the Saronic Gulf and the other on...

athens with kids

Athens with kids

Athens with kids This winter we visited Athens with kids. It was our first family holiday in Athens, but a few years ago Nick and I spent a weekend in Athens. This time we had more time and we explored all family activities in Athens – starting from the playground and finishing on...

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology – Review

During our visit to Athens with kids, we were looking for things to do in Athens with kids. One of our discoveries was the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology read below to learn if you should visit it as well. Museum of Ancient Greek Technology – Introduction The Museum of Ancient...


49 Fascinating Facts about Greece

Facts about Greece Our Southern European road trip brought us to Greece. As we travelled around the landscape of beaches and mountains, by road and on foot, visiting tiny villages and ancient sites we constantly rediscovered the rich stories of this land.  There are so many reasons, both...

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