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Homeschooling thoughts 3

Homeschooling thoughts

Homeschooling thoughts   We’re back!  – I know I keep saying that – but it’s a big thing that keeps hitting me.  We are back home. And that means we see old friends and acquaintances.  We have changed in different ways from them.   We are expats, which means we live in a...

the travelling twins

Running connects people

Running connects people When the girls and I were traveling I stopped running. I missed it. Every time we were leaving Oman, I packed my running clothes, but each time Nick came to visit us on our travels, I gave them to him to take home because I hadn’t used them. I wanted to run...

Bugs, rain and floods 6

Bugs, rain and floods

I didn’t put my mosquito net down the other night while I lay on my bed to read a book.  At least not until I switched off the light.  That was probably a mistake. The place was very quiet. Probably besides us, no one else was staying in the guesthouse. Quiet is a relative term, if there...

Doodle and coffee 7

Doodle and coffee

I ran away from my girls the other day … ok maybe I didn’t really run away. . . . I felt tired of telling them what to do: “eat.” “don’t talk”  “sit nicely at the table” And I just couldn’t shut up. They were children and I was a nagging mother. I hated that. I put on my...

World schooling, home schooling and unschooling 8

World schooling, home schooling and unschooling

Exactly one year ago, the only thing I was worried about was my girls’ schooling. I wanted to move them to a different school because I wasn’t totally happy with the school they attended.  The schools I called didn’t even want to talk to me as they said their waiting lists...

Good manners 9

Good manners

Good manners It’s a story from yesterday read and I have a laugh (additional info Tania is 1 minute older than Zoe ) We did some small gift shopping and I got Zoe a frog which she took immediately but didn’t say thank you. I took away the frog and 10 min after when we were...

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