Things to do in Ravenna

Located between Bologna and San Marino on the eastern shores of Italy, Ravenna is a province whose capital city is also called Ravenna. The city was one of the most important in the region of Emilia-Romagna, and has had a long history and served various empires down the line and was at one point the […]

Books about France

Paris best bookshop

French culture is one of the most effusively lauded in the world. Maybe it is because of its commitment to art, the penchant for war, or its strong national identity or all of them, but whatever the case, France has knitted a multifaceted culture with so many strings attached. Today it is one of the […]

Things to do in Taipei – with Kids or without

About Taipei  Taipei is the official capital city of the Republic of China, or as you commonly know it as Taiwan. The city is friendly which draws much of its attractions from mixed cultures of American, Japanese, and Southeast Asia. With its skyline dominated by the Taipei, the city of Taipei is an enclave of […]