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Hiking with a Dog in a Backpack - Best Dog Carrier Backpack 5

Hiking with a Dog in a Backpack – Best Dog Carrier Backpack

A dog carrier is a must-have for anyone with a canine at home. Whether you like to travel the world with your puppy or take him to the vet for regular checkups, a dog carrier is an essential addition to your canine supplies as it will enable you to keep your pooch safe while you are traveling in public transportation or your own car and even allows you to take him to the airports and on planes.  But if you want to go enjoy nature and the great outdoors or go for a longer adventure with a small dog it’s a good idea to put your dog in the backpack and go hiking

best dog carrier backpack

There are many things that go into choosing the best dog backpacks carrier which will be perfect to use whenever you go for bike rides (safety strap) or hike with your fluffy friend. Read about the best dog carrier backpack for your pet available on the market.

Best Dog Backpacks – Summary Table

Best Dog Carrier Backpacks in Details

HALOViE Pet Carrier Backpack Expandable for Small Dogs

HaLOViE Pet Carrier is one of the most trusted and reliable dog carrier backpacks on the market today. It features a collapsible and expandable design so that your dog can have more space to move around and curb their anxiety. This also helps you save space when you are not using the dog backpack carrier.

It has high breathability and visibility thanks to the tear-resistant breathable mesh on the front as well as two sides of the backpack to let in enough air. The top of this carrier backpack can be easily opened so that your puppy can stick their head out. This feature seems to be a major deciding factor for almost every customer, as it allows reduce anxiety in their dog when he sticks his head out and views the world as you move.

There is a built-in safety rope that attaches your dog’s collar to prevent him or her from escaping when the carrier backpack is open. The zipper used here is made from, high-quality material and is equipped with an anti-escape buckle to prevent your pet from escaping.

It non-plastic, thus it is safe for your puppy. It is made from premium nylon fabric that is anti-scratch, waterproof, non-smell, and non-toxic. Your dog will breathe freely inside this carrier backpack. 

PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier for Cats and Puppies

If customer reviews are something to go by, the PETKIT Pet carrier backpack for dogs is a must-have for anyone that likes to travel with their dog. 

First and foremost, it has a great design that will complement your personal style. Though it may be a little pricier than some of the dog carrier backpacks in this list, that is because it comes with a tinted window, LED light as well as a built-in fan! 

This means you can easily check on your pet at night by double-tapping the controls and the LED light will turn on slowly to not startle your puppy. 

If you are in a stuffy location or a hot day, just switch on the fan for 360 degrees of airflow inside the dog carrier backpack. 

Its hi-tech build is what makes this backpack carrier for dogs a hit among customers. 

All these cool features also mean this is probably one of the best small dog backpack for hiking.  

Halinfer Expandable Front and Back Cat Backpack Carrier

This large dog backpack carrier is also a hit among users, with tons of rave customer reviews online.

It comes with loads of great features that make it an ideal dog hiking backpack or just general travel. For starters, this carrier increases your puppy’s visual space through the front transparent hard shell, which also helps reduce anxiety in your pet.

The backpack is also eco-friendly and non-toxic since it is made from pet-safe materials. The used material is also lightweight as well as wear- and tear-resistance, which is important to keep the carrier safe against pet scratching. 

You can carry this carrier in two ways, which allows you to alternate where the weight of the load rests. Use your hands to carry it or wear it on your shoulder, either way enhances the portability of the dog backpack carrier.

IREENUO Backpack Carrier


IREENUO backpack comes with a massive interior space that will make your pet feel free and comfortable inside. Moreover, it is expandable, offering more space for your dog or cat to move around while you are on the move. 

It is designed with 4 tear-resistant breathable mesh that allows in plenty of air and view of the outside world so that your pet does not get anxious. 

It can easily fit kitties and small dogs weighing up to 17 lbs. 

While zippers in most dog carrier backpacks are easy to damage and do not offer maximum safety to your pet, this zipper has passed over 10,000 quality tests before the backpack hit the market. Additionally, it also has reinforced stitching for extra safety.

Two pockets on the side allow you to store poop bags, dispensers, or even your mobile phone. And when you are using the backpack, the foldable design keeps its thickness at 1.18 inches. 

Considering its features, this product can be a great dog hiking backpack. It has everything you need for those long day hikes with your pooch.

KABB Dog Carrier Backpack

The KABB Dog Carrier Backpack is one of the best in the market. The design allows your dog to be incredibly comfortable during hikes or long travels. 

It is extremely ventilated to allow airflow inside as well as for you to be checking on your pet and your four-legged friend to comfortably see the outside world without feeling confined inside a cage. 

The top opens easily to allow your dog to stick his head out and look around as you carry him or her around. The bottom on the other hand is hard but features a removable soft pad for easy cleaning and comfort for your dog.

It offers comfort to you and your dog. The padded back as well as the adjustable padded shoulder straps make it more comfortable to wear this dog carrier backpack. Moreover, the adjustable waist buckles offer you extra support and you can carry your puppy either on your back or front, meaning you can interact with your pet, feed him or her treats through the top winder and front zipper. 

This backpack carrier for dogs also features a thoughtful design that is suitable for your pet. For starters, the top and front dual-zippered windows allow easy access since you just need to roll up the openings. 

The top of the carrier has an extra layer of material for rainproof, while two side pockets enable you to store all the supplies your dog may need.

Nabegum Pet Carrier Backpack

Designed for small dogs and other pets this dog carrier requires you to measure the weight of your pet first before putting them inside. There are larger pet carrier backpacks from Nabegum, but this is recommended for pets 5 lbs. and smaller. 

Its detail-oriented design allows you to ride on a motorcycle with your dog, thanks to the tail-out and legs-out construction that keep your dog comfortable and safe. 

Loop and hook, zipper and elastic openings enable you to perfectly fit your dog inside while quick-release buckles on the end of straps allow quick installation using just one hand. 

This dog backpack carrier is also ergonomically designed to make it easy for you to wear and manage the weight of your pet. For instance, it has a thickening shoulder pad sponge, upgraded breathable mesh to allow uninterrupted airflow, and polyester fiber materials for the durability and safety of your dog. there are other similar dog backpacks like Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

Becko 3 in 1 Scratch-Resistant Pets Bag Carrier

This dog backpack carrier is made with polyester material with a soft-sided frame. This combination makes it super durable and withstands scratching and tearing. 

The mesh design is for ventilation and visibility while mesh side pockets are for storing essentials required for your dog to have a great trip. Mesh windows are ventilated and visible, allowing your pet to breathe freely and relax. 

The zippered top window enables easy access and you can feed your pet treats, snacks, or give him or her water.

Padding panels and a removable bottom cover ensure your pet enjoys the journey or a nice nap. Since the bottom is removable, you can easily clean the dog backpack carrier.

Adjustable straps are sewn strongly with the bag, which makes it more comfortable to wear. A detachable reinforcement plate increases weight capacity while maintaining the shape of the carrier.

ENNEFU NNEFU Comfortable Dog Carrier Backpack

If fashion and style is your main concern, then you shouldn’t look any further than ENNEFU NNEFU dog backpack carrier. It is small and chic in black and white color. 

It is also lightweight and highly portable and suitable for carrying mall cats or dogs for hikes, camping, bike riding, outdoor walking, or even meeting with friends.

Whether you have a  mini Schnauzer, mini poodle, Yorkshire, Chihuahua, Pinscher, or any other smaller size pets, this backpack carrier is a great addition to your collection of pet tools. 

It can be worn on the front or on the back; it all depends on your preferences. The adjustable neck window on the top allows your pet to keep his or her head extended, thus making it ventilated and visible.

Clear Bubble Cat Carrier Backpack

This stylish dog backpack is designed for hikes and long-distance travel with your dog. It features a space capsule-like transparent front window that provides protection to your dog. Designed to be waterproof with leather feel material that is extremely easy to clean and does not collect pet’s fur.

It has adjustable shoulder straps that can fit kids and adults easily. Once you wear it on your shoulder, your hands are left free to do other things. 

If you are a customer that loves to be on the road with your pet, you will appreciate that this dog backpack comes with a very long warranty. 

The customer reviews online indicate this is the best dog backpack carrier is ideal for hiking as well as other outdoor activities like camping.

Petsfit Dogs Carriers Backpack

Don’t be fooled by the name, this chic dog backpack carrier works perfectly for both cats and dogs up to 15 lbs. With plenty of ventilation and a ton of space, your pet will feel comfortable inside this backpack. They can also stick their head out the top and enjoy the views. 

The good thing about this top opening is that you can zip it shut to avoid your dog getting loose when you are not watching. 

The backpack is both sturdy and long-lasting and comes with a rope inside to keep your pet strapped in for safety.

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Pets

If you are looking for a hands-free dog backpack carrier, you should give the Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for small pets. 

It can hold pets up to 25lbs, which is quite sizeable compared to some carriers on the market. The small window on the top allows your dog to enjoy the outdoors while the interior Swivel rope latches onto the harness to keep your puppy safe and secure. 

This dog backpack carrier is not just for weekend hikes, you can also take on long trips since it is airline and TSA-approved. 

It also has a water-resistant fabric top as well as a water-proof armorsole bottom for added safety and comfort. This is a front-facing dog carrier backpack that is stain-resistant and super easy to clean. 

The interior pad is removable and machine-washable.

PETEMOO Dog Carrier Backpack

This box-like carrier backpack for dogs has some rave custom reviews online and so we decided to have a look at it and see if the reviews are worth it. 

First of all, it large and durable, having been made out of environmentally-friendly polyester that can withstand scratching while offering enough room for your pet to comfortably stay inside during the trip. 

It has a ton of ventilation, thanks to its two entrances which make it possible for your dog to stick his or her head out. The top cover can be rolled up for convenience while the breathable mesh windows ensure high visibility as well as air ventilation.

Gaorui Portable Pet Backpack Carrier 

This dog backpack carrier is manufactured by Gaorui Store, and based on the customer reviews; you should give it a chance. It has adjustable shoulder straps and a buckle design that makes it convenient to use as well as sturdy and durable.

The front window is adjustable to suit the head of your pet, while the whole backpack carrier is made from Oxford fabric and mesh, which makes it breathable and comfortable. 

Its adjustable shoulder strap can be worn on your back or front, either way, it will let your dog enjoy a calming walk while keeping your hands free.

K9 Sport Sack – For big dogs 

With veterinarian approval, the K9 Sport Sack is designed for large dogs like Husky, Collie, Boxer, Portuguese Water Dog, and Whippet. 

It is an ideal dog travel bag for hikes, bikes, skiing, shopping, subways, dancing, and pretty much any outdoor activity. 

With 3 different sizes, the K9 Sport Sack can suit dogs of all shapes and sizes, even your chubby corgi or Frenchie.

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