In our house, and now in our camper, we have a map with all the 195 countries outlines listed by there sizes. As you can see and recognize from far big countries like China, Russia or the USA. The small countries are so small that you can bearly see from far.

the smallest country in the world smallest countries in the world what is the smallest country

When we think of a country, we imagine vast space, but when we started travelling, we learned that the world’s smallest country could have the same exciting history as the big one.

So enjoy and learn with us about the smallest country in the world.

The 10 Smallest countries in the world

1. Vatican City (0.17 sq mi)

The Vatican city is not only the smallest country in the world in terms of area – 44 hectares and population – less than 1000 people, but also the only country in the world that has been fully inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It also has a serious cultural blow. St. Peter’s Basilica is a Baroque masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel is brilliantly painted by Michelangelo, and the Vatican Museums hold the richest art collection in the world.

The history of the Vatican City goes back to the 4th century AD when the tomb of St. Peter, the emperor Constantine began building the basilica. This is not a basilica that we now admire in the Vatican City. The present Basilica was built in the years 1506-1626 and is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.

The Vatican City officially became an independent state in 1929. Read more facts about Vatican City

Vatican City is Country located in the middle of Rome, Italy

Today, the Vatican city is an extremely popular travel destination, allowing the country’s economy to function almost entirely on tourism. Although the Vatican has less than 1,000 inhabitants, millions of tourists visit the Vatican each year.

Interesting facts about Vatican City: The Vatican City has its own post office and ATM where one of the languages ​​is Latin

2. Monaco (0.78 sq mi)

Monaco is one of the most picturesquely situated countries in the world. It is the second “smallest” country in the world completely surrounded by France. Monaco is located on the French Riviera. It is one of the richest and most famous countries in the world. The city-state is a constitutional monarchy, headed by the book Albert II.

This mini-state on the French Riviera covers just over two square kilometres – 20% bigger than a few years ago thanks to land reclamation). Besides being the second-smallest nation, Monaco has the highest population density in the world.
This small country is known for its enormous wealth, and it is estimated that 30% of all inhabitants are millionaires. Moreover, Monaco’s per capita GDP is the highest in the world, with virtually no poverty and a 0% unemployment rate. However, with a small area and rich residence Monaco is one of the most expensive countries to live, and due to lack of land and high demand as property can be as high as 150$k per sq meter.

Fun fact about Monaco: Even though Monaco boasts numerous casinos, residents of Monaco are forbidden by law from gambling.

3. Nauru (8.1 sq mi)

The third-world’s smallest island country is Nauru its as well the smallest island nation. The island is so small that there are only two hotels in the entire country! Nauru was formerly known as Pleasant Island.
The state has only been independent since 1968, previously the island was part of Australia. Anyway, ties with Australia have so far remained very strong, because it is Australia that basically maintains this country, subsidizing it economically.
The main wealth of the island was phosphorus, discovered in 1900, from which the inhabitants lived until the end of the 20th century. Unfortunately, tourism could not become a source of income, due to the enormous pollution of the island’s surface by phosphorus mines.

Interesting Facts about Nauru: Nauru became a tax haven in the 90’s and offered passports to foreigners for a fee of $25k. It led to money laundering which finished in 2003 and the island nation become poor again.

4. Tuvalu (10 sq mi)

Tuvalu, previously known as the Ellice Islands, is an island nation located on the Pacific Ocean roughly halfway between Hawaii and Australia. The country is made up of nine individual islands, three of which are reef islands, and six of them are atolls.

Although Tuvalu is currently the fourth world’s smallest nation, there is a risk of it being submerged as a result of rising sea levels. This is because the highest point in the country is only 15 feet above sea level. There was talk of relocating the population to Fiji or to New Zealand, two nearby countries that would maintain strong foreign relations with Tuvalu, should that happen.

Fun fact about Tuvalu: Tuvalu similar a Nauru is one of the least visited countries in the world, around 2,000 people a year. There are no natural rivers or streams in Tuvalu, so rainwater is collected for drinking.

5. San Marino (23.63 sq mi)

The Republic of San Marino is the fifth smallest country and the oldest sovereign nation in the world. It was founded by the stonemason St. Maryna in 301 AD. Until Italy was unified, San Marino was one of the many Italian principalities. Due to its mountainous location, San Marino was never conquered, the last battle it fought in When the Italian Principalities merged San Marino remained an independent country

San Marino is one of only three countries in the world that are completely surrounded by another country. The other two countries are the Vatican City in Italy and Lesotho in South Africa.

Interesting Facts about San Marino: San Marino is a neutral country, just like Switzerland did not participate in the First and Second World War.

6. Liechtenstein (61.78 sq mi)

Liechtenstein is a small, landlocked country in Central Europe, bordering Switzerland and Austria. Its believed that Liechtenstein have been inhabited since 5300 BC. It is a small country of just 62 square miles with a population of around 40k.

Liechtenstein is one of two countries that are doubly inland, surrounded by countries with no access to the sea. The second such country is Uzbekistan.

Liechtenstein was founded in 1719, but during the Napoleonic Wars, it was occupied by the Russians and the French. In 1806 it became a sovereign country. In 1815 it joined the German Confederation, but in 1866 the country gained independence. 

Interesting facts about Lichtenstein: Once a year all citizens of Lichtenstein are invated by Prince for a drink to a castle. 

7. Marshall Islands (70 sq mi)

Although independent, this country in the Pacific is an associated state with the United States, and America is the backbone of its economy and currency. It has over a thousand islands and 29 coral atolls; Bikini Atoll has become infamous for its atomic bomb testing.
The islands are named after John Marshall who visited them in 1788. The islands were previously known as “jolet yen Anij” (gifts from God)
The islands are great places for surfing, kite surfing and deep-sea fishing.

8. Saint Kitts And Nevis (104 sq mi)

The Caribbean nation, informally known as St Kitts and Nevis, is the smallest country in the Western Hemisphere, headed by Queen Elizabeth II. The main attractions are lovely beaches protected by reefs, dormant volcanoes such as Mount Liamuiga and Mount Nevis, harsh rainforest, colonial-era towns and the magnificent Brimstone Hill fortress. Nevis is a quieter island with beautiful botanical gardens.

Fun fact about Saint Kitts and Nevis: When Christopher Columbus discovered the island, he named it after his patron saint, St. Christopher. He was later shortened to his nickname St. Kitts. It was considered the mother colony of the West Indies

Saint Kitts

9. Maldives (115 sq mi)

The smallest country in Asia, both in terms of population and area, consists of islands scattered across the Indian Ocean.
The Maldives are made up of approximately 1,200 islands. About 800 of them are still uninhabited, 200 islands are inhabited, There are about 200 hotels and resorts on the islands. The rest of the islands are used for airports, agriculture, picnics, government property, industrial activities and even prisons! Its highest natural point is 5.1 meters above the waves.

The Maldives were the crossroads of ancient trade routes. Today’s numerous Maldivian faces are the fruit of a civilization mix: Indian, African, European, Arab, Asian …

Interesting facts about Maldives: the most expensive hotel room in the Maldives is an underwater room in Conrad hotel

10. Republic of Malta (122 sq mi)

The tenth smallest country is Malta where I lived for two years, and trust me to say that if you sneeze at the end of the island at the other end, someone will answer you about your health has a lot of truth.
The Maltese archipelago has two main islands (Malta and Gozo) third one – extremely beautiful Comino has only one hotel and its surrounded by amazing Blue Lagoon which was featured in movie “Troy”
Though small, it boasts three World Heritage sites that are part of Europe’s longest history (including megalithic temples from 3150 BC) and stately architecture culminating in the fortified Renaissance capital Valletta. Stunning coastline, lots of sunny days and the facts that everyone speaks here English make Malta one of the favourite European getaways.


Interesting facts about Malta: Malta is one of the few places in the world where people drive on the left side of the road inherited from the British government of Malta. Till 2011 divorces weren’t allowed in Malta. Currently in the world are only two countries which don’t allow divorces – Philippines and Vatican.
Malta even such small is one of the favourite movie locations, over 100 movies were shot in here.

The list of the world’s smallest countries – table

Smallest countryarea in square kilometerstotal area in square milespopulationfoundationlanguage
1Vatican City0,49 km20.17mi28251929italian
2Monaco2.1 km20.78 mi238,301297french
3Republic of Nauru21 km28.1mi210,6701968english, Nauran, nauruański
4Tuvalu26 km210 mi211,1921978english, tuvaluan
5San Marino61,2 km223.63 mi233,344301italian
6Liechtenstein160, 48 km261.78 mi239,1371866german
7Marchalla Island181 km270 mi258,4131986marchal, english
8Saint Kitts i Nevis269 km2104 mi2527151983english, kreola
300 km2115 mi2360,0001965maledive
10Malta316 km2122 mi2441,543maltański, angielski
11Grenada344 km2133 mi2112,523
12Saint Vincent and the Grenadines389 km2150 mi2110,940
13Barbados430 km2170 mi2287,375
14Antigua and Barbuda441 km2171 mi297,929
15Seychelles452 km2175 mi298,347
16Palau459 km2177 mi218,094
17Andorra468 km2181 m277,265
18Saint Lucia616 km 2238 mi2183,627
19Federated States of Micronesia702 km2271 mi2548,914
20Singapore726 km 2280 mi25,850,342

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