Perth was the first city we visited in Australia, we flew here from Bali. After few weeks in Indonesia Australia was a big change. We loved everything about Perth, maybe not the prices, but on the other hand there was som many various thing to do in Perth with kids or without.

Perth with kids, what to see and what to do - read and enjoy

About Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and the fourth most populous cities in the country. It was named after the Scottish town of Perth. Majority of the metropolitan area in Perth is located on the Swan Coastal Plain, a slender strip running along the shores of the Indian Ocean on one side and Darling Scarp on the other. The city of Perth was founded in 1829 by Captain James Stirling as the capital of the Swan River Colony, and gained city status in 1856, after which it was elevated to the rank of Lord Mayorality. Sir George Murray, a member of parliament for Perthshire and secretary of state of war and colonies, influenced the naming of the city. Perth houses the Western Australia state Parliament and Supreme Court as well as the Government House – a residence of the Governor of Western Australia.

Currently, Perth is divided into 30 local government areas alongside 250 suburbs extending from Tow Rocks in the northern parts to Singleton in the south, and inland to the Lakes in the east. 

Weather in Perth

Perth experiences moderate yet highly seasonal, winter based rainfall. Summer months are typically hot and dry and last from December to March. The month of February is the hottest in Perth. Winter seasons are generally cold and wet, resulting in the hot-summer Mediterranean as the general climate of the city. Perth receives an average of 8.8 hours of sunshine each day, which translates to about 3200 hours of yearly sunshine, as well as 138.7 bright days every year. It makes the city the sunniest in Australia, thus a perfect destination for the family. 

The city has carved a reputation as one of the most isolated metropolitan cities in the world. In overall, the city contains plenty of natural beauty, including incredible limestone shoreline, delicious food, a vibrant fusion of culture, and enough activities to keep your kids engaged for weeks.  

About this article 

Being a family that likes to travel, we understand that sometimes a trip with kids can be stressful. That is why we used our experience from over a decade of travelling the world, to share with you the best places you visit with your young ones. Today in this article, we are going to highlight the best things to do in Perth, Australia, with kids, where we spent ten days. We hope you include all the places we will mention to your bucket list and share your thoughts with us down the comment section. 

Things to do with Kids in Perth

Scitech Discovery Center 

Science is an exciting field of study for kids as well as adults. When you visit Perth, you will get a chance to learn a few science stuff with your children at the Sci-tech Discovery Center. The centre is known worldwide for its operations, winning multiple international awards in the process. SciTech is a permanent interactive science museum including a planetarium. It is divided into seven areas; Disoverland for kids between 3 and 7, Discover Shop, CSIRO Lab, Foyer, Scitech Planetarium, Puppet Theater, Lotterywest Science Theater, Rio Tinto Innovation Center, Bionic Me-Up, and Tastebud. 

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens 

Kings Park is considered the most attractive garden space in the whole of Western Australia. It offers some fantastic views over the city of Perth as well as numerous activities for kids to do. The fun excursions include playing in the giant footprints of dinosaurs and getting in touch with nature at the Rio Tinto Naturescpae, which provides hours of outdoor play. Enjoy the treetops and amazing views of the river as you learn about the varieties of the Western Australia flora as well as discovering the rich history on Lotterywest Federation Walkway. The park also hosts a wide range of summer events and festivals such as outdoor concerts, and movie and theatre from November to April each every year. The most famous, Kings Park Festival is held annually in September, which is aimed at celebrating wildflower season as well as the beginning of spring. A stroll in this park can do wonders too. The park guides start at 10 am 12 pm, and 2 pm every day. Brochures are available for visitors at the Visitor Center in case you want a self-guided tour. 

Perth Zoo 

Perth Zoo is located on 41 acres and is home to more than 164 exotic and native animal species from all around the world. The zoo is the oldest in Australia and is focused on becoming a fully sustainable park committed to conservation efforts. Visiting Perth Zoo with kids is one of the most fin things to do in Perth. There is so much stuff to do at this zoo besides just walking around and spotting various animals. You can have a close encounter with animals by going behind the scenes and meet some of the rarest animals up close. Our kids got to stroke a kangaroo, meet an Echidna, feed a quokka, and feel a scaly lizard. You can also have Eye to Eye experiences with Giraffes, the Elephants, Lemurs, and others. Besides dealing with animals, you and your kids can enjoy a BBQ and picnic at the main patch area. 

things to do in perth - visit perth zoo

The zoo has a vast playground where you kids can enjoy themselves. The Variety Play is a playground facility where kids with or without disabilities can interact and play together. The park’s elephant slide is the most loved by the kids. However, you should remember to carry a spare change of clothes for your kids because they will sure get dirty. 

Perth Mint 

Perth Mint was established in 1899 as Australia’s official bullion mint. It is owned by the government of Western Australia. The place still makes legal tender on its facilities. The tour of Perth Mint is to basically learn about the history of the gold rush in Western Australia and watch as the gold is heated up and poured. While it sounds less appealing, it is actually one of the best places to visit in Perth. 

WA Shipwrecks Museum 

Your kids are going to get mesmerized with a wide range of exhibitions at the Western Australia Shipwreck Museum. The place is considered as the leading maritime archaeology museum in the entire southern hemisphere. It is located at the 1850’s era Commissariat building which has undergone significant restorations over the years. Boasting storied history, the galleries feature hundreds of shipwreck relics from the Western Australian treacherous shoreline, including the original shipwreck from the infamous Batavia from 1629, the de Vlamingh Dish, as well as numerous artefacts from the famous Dutch shipwrecks Vergulde Draeck, Zuytdorp, and Zeewijk. WA Shipwrecks Museum is just one of the items in the long list of fun things to do in Perth. 

Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)

Visiting the Aquarium of Western Australia is arguably the best thing to do in Perth. It is a destination for numerous thrilling underwater adventures for both kids and adults. AQWA is the largest aquarium in the whole Australia, its Shipwreck Coast houses over 4,000 marine species from jellyfish and corals, to sharks and giant stingrays. 

The famous Western Australia underwater tunnel is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you should have. We stepped onto a moving conveyor girdle that took us through the transparent tunnel surrounded with turtles, stingrays, turtles, as well as other various species of marine life that swim right up close. The aquarium also hosts numerous displays showcasing different marine life such as jellyfish, crabs, starfish, crocodiles, among many others. 

If you want more adventure, you can snorkel or dive with the sharks at the aquarium. It is allowed to take photos with marine creatures in the water, which can make an excellent commemorating album. Alternatively, if you are scared of the enormous sharks, you can simply snorkel and dive with some colourful fishes and other marine animals at the aquarium. But if you prefer to stay dry, visit the Great Southern Coast or Perth Coast exhibits to discover many exciting things about marine life in Australia. 

If you have time, bring your kids at the Shark Sleepover, where they will interact and enjoy some great time with other children. Or take them to attend thematic interactive shows including Superhero Kapow, and Mer-jestic Mermaid. 

Fremantle Markets

Fremantle Markets date back to 1897 and is one of the most visited places in Perth. It offers farm produces, fresh vegetables and fruits, clothes, handmade crafts, and many other products that will appeal to you and your kids. Fremantle Markets are served by over 150 stalls that you can explore. These markets are also focused on promoting independent and indigenous arts and products that reflect the multicultural history of Western Australia. The market also has a farmyard, as well as petting zoos and other fun attractions for kids. 

Hillary’s Area 

Hillary’s Boat Harbor lies within the northern neighbourhood of Hillarys. The place offers a wide range of fun experiences to the visitors and locals, including an up and close encounter with marine life, and catching a wave of a tasty pint. The boat harbour was the first-ever marina for the region. Hillarys Boat Harbor houses the exclusive Hillarys Yacht Club, which features a relaxed and informal vibe encouraging visitors to participate or enjoy the activities as they unfold. This is an excellent place for you and your kids to explore life on the boats, fishing, and whale watching on the boats in marina or diving. 

Head over at the centre of Hillarys Boat Harbor to find Sorrento Quay Boardwalk, which boasts an array of food and shopping stalls for all everyone that visit. You can buy pretty much anything at Sorrento Quay Boardwalk, including shoes, pearls, clothes, and swimwear among many others. There is also a souvenir shop where you can buy some gifts and mementoes as well as some fine wine and dine joints. Your kids will enjoy the lollypops and chocolates alongside some traditional gelato, American ribs, pizza, and burgers. If you feel tired, there are numerous spas where you and your little ones can get massages along the boardwalk. Take your kids or even yourself if you still feel young at heart, at Leisure Zone to play some video games until your appetite is fed to the maximum. 

Flying Trapeze at Alfred Cove 

This is a fun activity to do with your kids, especially if you have a daredevil in the group. The tidemark at Alfred Cove features the city’s most experienced Flying Trapeze School that caters for adventure seekers of all ages and different levels of skills. The place is family friendly. Everything is conducted inside a safe and thrilling environment, and everyone can take part in the activities. If you feel you feel trapeze is a lot adrenaline-infusing, there is a bungee trampoline where you can do some flips. 

Elizabeth Quay 

Elizabeth Quay is located along the coastline of the city and an excellent place to visit with kids as it has water playground, regular community events, fun attractions, fine restaurants, ice-cream stalls, and much more. 

The most outstanding park, BHP Billiton Water Park is an interactive water park that boasts jets and lighting to combine to make a fun and thrilling water choreography. The park was reopened in 2016, and it operates daily from 10 am to 6 pm and only closes on Tuesday and Christmas Day. 

Another place to take your kids at Elizabeth Quay is the Island Playground. It is also a place where adults can take part in the fun, by climbing up the fort and splash in the water play below. There is the Isle of Voyage General Store where you can buy coffee or a picnic-style food. 

To cap off an excellent day filled with adventure, grab some delicious ice cream at the stall in the playground. Choose from a wide range of tasty flavours such as salted caramel, apple pie, cheesecake, chocolate, vanilla, lemon-lime, and bitters. 


Bell Tower

When you are strolling through Elizabeth Quey it’s hard not to notice a modern copper- glass tower. It’s The Swan Bell Tower which holds inside 18 bells weight all together over 9 tons.
During thirty minutes visit to The Bell Tower, you will learn the art of Bell Chiming and at the end, you will get a certificate – great joy for my girls.
Kids can do a specially prepared treasure hunt with reward stickers. While adults can admire stunning views of the Swan River from the observation deck

Beaches in Perth 

Perth is blessed with astounding natural wonders, including beaches. Seeing that the city is generally hot and lies along the Indian Ocean, it makes total sense to look for a beach the moment you land. Shorelines in Perth seem to stretch into the abyss along the transparent blue azure waters of the ocean. 

Did you know that Perth experiences many sunny days than any other capital city on earth? The city is also closer to Asia than it is to the other sides of Australia. The climate makes every day a perfect beach going day in Perth, which also means that some beaches are crowded. We visited Perth in October so, we didnt sunbath but still had a great time building sandcastle on the beach.

Cottesloe Beach 

This is the city’s pin-up beach. It is characterized with feathery soft golden sand, clear aquamarine water, grassed terraces, and sprawling Norfolk pines. The beach is wonderful and charms without even trying. Cottesloe beach is by far the most popular beach in Perth and is located just 20 minutes’ drive from the city centre. The beach is perfect for visiting with kids due to its walls of breaks and grassed terraces. There are also numerous bars and café along the shoreline for grabbing a quick bite. 

Leighton Beach 

Leighton Beach exudes some Caribbean vibe. It is 1.5 kilometres long of powdery stretch sand that can affect your eyes, so be sure to carry sunglasses. The beach is perfect for paddling as the waters are shallow for a few distances into the ocean and the waves are gentle. If your kids are kitesurfers or windsurfers, they will have lots of fun. 

Mettams Pool 

Mettams Pool is also one of the most popular beaches in Perth. It boasts some of the most impressive landscapes including a section of the West Coast Highway. The beach offers snorkelling, access to leafy ocean grasses and delicately patterned fish such as starfish and octopuses. This beach experiences rough winds, so you should schedule your visit properly. 

City Beach 

It is the closest beach to the city centre, about 15 minutes’ drive. The beach is famous for its eatery Odyssea, Hamptons, which draws fancier crowds, and Rise, a pizzeria joint. All these establishments allow for stunning coastal views. The most famous joint is Clancy’s Fish Pub. It has a simple side café that caters to parents who want to keep an eye on their children as they play in the playgrounds and the nearby shaded grass patch. 

Swanbourne Beach 

This beach is divided into two parts, the family-friendly section which likened to the Cottesloe Beach in the south and is suitable for beach walkers, swimmers, and sunbathers. The other section in the north is Nude Beach, and it is exactly what it sounds, so you may want to keep your kids off it. 

Art Galleries in Perth 

Art galleries bear cultural significance in Perth, explaining why it is highly revered in the city. There are several art galleries in the city where you can visit to explore the art culture of Western Australia. Below are some of them.

The Art Gallery of Western Australia 

The AGWA has been sharing the historical and modern art to visitors since 1895 and focuses on the artists from Australia as well as Indian Ocean Rim. Nevertheless, the gallery still displays works by international artists in a range of temporary and permanent exhibitions. AGW is the most visited art gallery in Western Australia, drawing roughly 400,000 visitors every year housing over 17,000 collections including more than 3,000 indigenous works. 

Gallows Gallery 

This gallery displays a wide range of art in a variety of mediums, some from the country’s most successful and popular artists. It is dedicated to creating a gallery that redefines how Australian art is sold and bought. Gallows Gallery focuses on creating a space where art lovers can exhibit or buy artworks. 

Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA)

PICA focuses on experimental and innovative as well as to be the focal point for people who wish to experience the best of international and Australian visual, performance, as well as interdisciplinary art.

Aboriginal Art gallery 

Located on Fraser Avenue, this petite gallery delivers a mix of exciting traditional and bright exploratory modern aboriginal arts. 

Kayaking along Western Australia’s waters 

There are numerous spots around Perth where you and your kids can enjoy kayaking or canoeing. 

Kayaking in Swan River, Perth 

This excursion starts on the water from the East Perth close to Heirisson Island. From here, you have two options; either to head towards South Perth for amazing views of the city or towards the Maylands shore when you and your family can explore the Claisebrook Cove. 

Perth family day outings

Caversham Wildlife Park

Visit in Caversham Wild Park was not only highlight of our trip to Perth but to Australia as well. My girls till now remember and talk how they hand-fed kangaroos.

Beside free-roaming kangaroos, which are so used to people that you can take selfies with them, you can see here and touch Wombat, koala and many more.

Do attend farm show (at 10 am) and tell your children to rise hand and participate as volunteers. Tania did and manage to feed baby sheep with the bottle and Zoe did try milking a cow. She still talking about it.

We spent in Caversham the whole day, and we loved every minute of it.
This is a must-see in Perth. Forget anything in the city and venture out.

Rottnest island

Rottnest Island is a beautiful home to Quokka – small smiley marsupial. You can see them everywhere and they are incredibly sweet. Best way to see the island is to book the trip with self – bicycle tour or stay there in one of the hotels.

Whale watching

Whale are majestic creatures, and they come to Perth shore every year is from late August through to December. Sometimes you can see them from the shore, but best book the whale watching cruises out of Hillarys Boat Harbour.


Pinnacles desert is located 2 hours away from Perth. You can drive there yourself and pay a $15 entry fee, or you can go on an organized trip, which has the advantage of not driving yourself and learning on the road from the guide.
Bizarre limestone pinnacles poking out of the desert sand create a very unique landscape. For the best photos arrive at sunrise or sunset to avoid people and to get the best light. Pinnacles Desert is one of the Natural Landmarks in Australia.


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