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Archive - January 2018

Camel Beauty

This post was most recently updated on 4 months ago Camel Beauty Competition Oman Muscat in Oman has been hosting a “Camel Beauty Competition”. I had never heard about anything like that before. Most probably because I don’t consider the camel to be a thing of beauty, though the girls think they are cute.   Camel Beauty Pageant Competition Muscat...

the travelling twins

Running connects people

This post was most recently updated on February 7th, 2018Running connects people When the girls and I were traveling I stopped running. I missed it. Every time we were leaving Oman, I packed my running clothes, but each time Nick came to visit us on our travels, I gave them to him to take home because I hadn’t used them. I wanted to run so many times but the...

Back home

This post was most recently updated on 5 months agoBack Home We are back home after travelling for almost eighteen months and a few days ago, I met my friend. We hadn’t seen each other for a year or longer. We had been travelling, of course. and she is an oil and gas engineer working on fortnightly or monthly shifts in the desert. As we were catching up on our...