Morocco is a land like no other. For colour, warmth and allure, it is safe to say that the country is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. The country practically overflows with beauty, including the contrasting azure sea with the yellows and golds of sand deserts, and the Atlas Mountains running across the land. To top off all of these, there are numerous historic towns and cities with their fascinating ancient architecture and souqs brimming with beautiful local craftsmanship for the visitor to admire and buy.
We spent two months touring through the cities of Morocco. Below are our favourite Moroccan cities in alphabetic order.

Morocco has  there are numerous historic towns and cities with their fascinating ancient architecture and souqs brimming with beautiful local craftsmanship for the visitor to admire and buy.


Cool things to do in Agadir

Hit the beach

Lying along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Agadir boasts one of the loveliest stretches of sand beaches in Morocco. The beach is peaceful and inviting, it is clean and highly-maintained, with lifeguards manning its coastline.

agadir cities in morocco

Dine at Les Blancs

A great place to eat or have a refreshing drink, Les Blanc features some Spanish-influenced seafood menu that is simply a must-try for anyone. The spot also has an extensive wine list, and the workers are super-friendly.

Scour the Souk El Had d’Agadir

Souks are what makes Morocco an exciting destination to visit. Agadir’s Souk El Had is the primary market in the city and where residents flock to do their shopping. The atmosphere of the market itself is an excellent reason to visit.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Agadir 

Paradis Nomade 

Paradis Nomade is a family-friendly hotel located in the city of Agadir. The hotel features an outdoor pool, terrace, complimentary Wi-Fi, a 24-hour front desk, and a sun deck. The hotel offers a comfortable and unforgettable accommodation that your family will enjoy. Moreover, the hotel is located just a 35-minute drive from the Agadir Al Massira Airport. The staffs at Paradis Nomade are multilingual, so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier when you need something. 

Hotel Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa 

Sofitel Agadir is located in the popular spot at the heart of Agadir, Hotel Soften offers accommodation in cozy rooms with facilities including an indoor pool, outdoor tennis courts, and a Jacuzzi. The hotel also has a mineral bath and its own private beach. 

The rooms are air-conditioned and guests can enjoy wellness facilities such as a Turkish steam bath and a sauna as well as a massage session that can be requested. 

The hotel is located less than 40 minutes from Agadir Al Massira Airport. The front desk is available throughout the day and you can book any tour of the city right from the tour desk.  


Asilah is a fortified seaside city lying in the northwest region of Morocco. It is one of the easiest places to visit as a detour from Spain. It is for this reason that Asilah has a Spanish influence blended with Moroccan. The town is adorned with exciting street artwork dedicated to the Moroccan traditions. Asilah can be explored by foot in just a day.

Asilah coastal city in morocco

Cool things to do in Asilah:

Check out the artworks

Asilah is filled with inspiring murals in the town’s old section. This street art is one of the Asilah’s main attractions, and so if you are an art lover, the town will not disappoint you. The theme of the art changes, meaning you can visit the town as many times as you wish, but you will not see the same artwork as before. The artwork also provides an excellent backdrop for photographs if you are an Instagram person.

Asilah street art

Attend Asilah festival

To be enjoyed by any fun-loving traveller, the town of Asilah hosts an annual arts festival, bringing artists from all over the world. This event usually turns the often slow-paced and peaceful city into a vibrant, activity-filled place. The event lasts between two weeks and one month. There are plenty of opportunities to witness the murals being created as well as concerts and exhibitions.


Despite its size, Asilah has several souks that sell traditional items. The best day to shop is Thursday, and you can find a wide variety of products. Asilah souqs are a contrast to the overcrowded markets in other large cities. There is most of everything in Asilah, despite its size, ranging from textiles, souvenirs to musical instruments and more.

Best hotel in Asilah

Maison d’Hotes Berbari 

If you are looking for a comfortable setting to serve as a base for your tour of the city, Maison d’Hotes Berbari provides that and much more. The hotel offers a wireless internet connection for you and your family to enjoy Netflix or your favorite YouTube channels, or just surfing the internet. 

The property offers a terrace, room service as well as a sun deck and an on-site library. 


Casablanca is the most well-known city name in owing to the 1942 Hollywood film of the same name. It is now one of the most modern cities in Morocco, as well as the economic capital and fast-changing metropolis. Architecturally, Casablanca features a unique fusion of Parisian art deco and indigenous craftsmanship, which sharply contrasts with the contemporary neighbourhoods and districts. Despite it being a mega-polis, Casablanca tends to rank lower on tourism than the likes of Rabat and Marrakech.

Cool things to do in Casablanca

Check out the old Medina

Casablanca has some hidden charm behind the walls of the old city, making it a must-visit for anyone who finds themselves in the area. The best part about exploring this old section of the town is that you can get lost – after all getting lost is the best way to discover new places you have never been to.

Admire Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, and besides its unique location, it is also the second-largest mosque in the world and one of the few that allows non-Muslims. This gigantic mosque can accommodate a whopping 25,000 worshipers. Everyone is entitled to come and admire the stunning architecture at any time of the day from the spacious courtyard.

Cassablanca the biggest city in Morocco

Enjoy drinks at Sky 28

Sky 28 offers guests a chance to enjoy a refreshing and tasty beverage while viewing the city. This is better when you visit at night for the magnificent views of the illuminated city.

Best Family-Friendly Hotel in Casablanca 

Hyatt Regency Casablanca 

Hyatt Regency is a 5-star hotel is located right at the center of Casablanca and features well-appointed guest rooms with an outdoor pool, a sauna, and express check-in and check-out feature. Your kids will swim at their own pools and babysitting services if you ever need one. There is currency exchange so you don’t have a walk for long distances looking for banks. 

If you are looking to sample Moroccan dishes, there are several local restaurants juts at the doorstep. 

My Loft Anfa 

My Loft Anfa is also located in the middle of Casablanca and offers relatively budget accommodation compared to Hyatt Regency. The hotel’s rooms are equipped with free internet services, as well as room service, luggage storage, and 24-hour front desk. 

The hotel is also located close to the Morocco Mall and the airport. 

Movenpick Hotel Casablanca 

Movenpick is a family-friendly hotel that offers accommodation in comfortable rooms equipped with free Wi-Fi and onsite sauna as well as a rooftop terrace and a steam bath. 

The property offers a valet parking, express check-in, and check-out feature and a sun deck. The front desk operates 24-hours a day and offers tour booking and tickets.

Guests can also enjoy a meal at Sushi-bar, which as the name hints, offers Japanese menus. There is a lounge bar and a wide range of dining options nearby. 

The hotel is located close to several points of interest in the city including the Casablanca Twin Center and Casablanca Cathedral.  The Hassan II Mosque, Ain Diab, and Port of Casablanca are also nearby.


This town is located amongst the peaks of the Rif Mountains. It is also an art city, which can be seen immediately upon entry, with the blue-washed walls filled with a variety of artworks. Many of the inhabitants of the town speak Spanish as well as French and Arabic.

There are conflicting stories as to how the walls of the city are blue. Some believe that the trend was started by the Jewish immigrants who were escaping the Spanish inquisition, as blue represents divinity in Judaism because it is the colour of the sky and the sea.

Another theory holds that the colour blue helps keep off mosquitos and flies. Whatever reason, the city, is a beautiful place to visit for a relaxing vacation. Chefchaouen is one of the most beautiful blue cities around the world.

Chefchaouen - the blue City of Morocco

Cool things to in Chefchaouen

Visit the old city and Medina

Shopping is one of the top things to do in Chefchaouen, as it features an enthralling traditional souk. The relaxed ambience of Chefchaouen cannot be found in bigger cities in Morocco. The city is known for its quality leather products, which you can obtain cheaply.

Hike in the Rif Mountains

The Rif Mountains give Chefchaouen a stunning background and hiking to the top; you will get a chance to view the city from a different angle. Visitors have several options as far as hiking in the Rif Mountains is concerned. The most popular route is the two-day walk through the Talasemtane National Park, which is also a fantastic tourist attraction.

Family-Friendly Hotels in Chefchaouen 

Hotel Casa Miguel 

Hotel Casa Miguel offers a shuttle to Sania Ramel Airport on top of free internet connection and serene setting. The hotel provides an excellent base from where to explore the city. 

There are numerous amenities at the hotel, most notable ones including a coffee bar, meeting room, and 24-hours front desk service. The hotel also offers guests with babysitting services as well as currency exchange and 24-hour room service. 

Guests can also sample dishes at an onsite restaurant. 

The bike available for renting means guests can tour the nearby attractions including Plaza Uta el-Hammam and Chefchaouen easily. 

Casa Annasr 

Casa Annasr is located close to many of the city’s points of interest. The 10 rooms have been refurbished recently and are equipped with coffee and tea maker, a refrigerator, and TV with cable and satellite channels. There are also family rooms at the hotel. 


Essaouira is a beautiful seaside fishing town. While it is small, the city of Essaouira draws thousands of visitors annually, including Game of Thrones production team who used the city as a background in several episodes. Essaouira is rich in culture and history, and lots of fun things to do.

Essaouira our favourite moroccan city

Cool things to do in Essaouira

Check out an argan oil cooperative

Argan is one of the top export products from Morocco. Essaouira is known for its quality argan products, and you can visit couples of its argan cooperatives and watch as the products are made from scratch.

Enjoy water sports

The beaches in Essaouira are well-preserved and perfect for kitesurfing as well as windsurfing and other water activities. The beaches here experiences strong winds throughout the years, but mostly in the summer.

Horse ride along the beach

Riding a horse along the beach is another one of the fun things you can do in Essaouira. This offers a great alternative to exploring the beach by foot, and if you have never ridden a horse before, you will be offered helpful tutorials and support.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Essaouira 

Riad Chbanate 

This beautiful Raid Chbanate is located in the city’s popular district surrounded by shopping malls and tourist attractions. The hotel serves breakfast every morning and has a bar where guests can chill and enjoy cool drinks. 

There are also numerous dining options around the hotel and you don’t have to walk longer to find a fine restaurant. 

The hotel features 10 rooms fitted with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. There are a 24-hour front desk and bicycle rental. 

Riad O Gre du Vent 

Riad offers shuttle services to the Essaouira Airport. Moreover, the rooms have access to free internet, and numerous restaurants and nightlife options nearby. 

There are a swimming pool and an outdoor terrace for a nice relaxing spot. 


Fez is among the oldest settlements in North Africa and one of the four imperial cities. The city is believed to be home to the oldest university in the world, established in AD 859 as well as one of the largest mosques in the world. Fez is a melting pot of history and cultures, and a blend of Berber, European and Arab due to immigrants from Tunisia and Spain.

entry to King palace - Fez

Cool things to do in Fez

Visit the Al Quaraouiyine Mosque

This mosque was built in 856 AD by Fatima al-Fihri as a university. It is now a mosque and cannot be accessed by non-Muslims.

Dar Batha

Dar Batha is a former palace-cum museum housing exciting collection of traditional artefacts. The entrance to the museum features Andalusian-style gardens with a wide range of plants, sounds, and aromas as well as water fountains and mosaics. Inside the museum are embroidery, Moroccan tiles, carpets, and a collection of 14th-century ceramic.

Chouara Tannery – Tannery in Fez

Arguably the most iconic place in Fez, Chouara is the oldest tannery in the world and still functions as it was during the medieval eras. At the site, men make leather in an expansive tannery surrounded by shops and houses. Since they deal with animal skin, the smell can get intense and so, carrying something to cover your nose can be a great idea.

Chouara Tannery - Tannery in Fez

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Fez 

Riad Numero 9

Riad Numero is a 5-star hotel in the city of Fez that offers accommodation in comfortable rooms equipped with free internet services. Available facilities include laundry and a library. 

The on-site restaurant serves dinner including international menus.

Palais Sherazade & Spa 

Palais Sherazade is located near Fes Jdid. It is a 5-star hotel that offers accommodation in air-conditioned rooms. Some of the amenities available include an indoor pool and a spa. The staffs are multilingual and can help you with reservations or dining recommendations in the city. 

The rooms are also fitted with flat-screen TVs and in-room safe, while the on-site restaurant serves local dishes. 


Marrakech is a fusion of African, Western, and Arab. It can be chaotic sometimes, yet electric. Marrakech is an excellent place in Morocco to experience different worlds. It is located on the foot of the Atlas Mountains and is famous for its old city, which is a UNESCO heritage. Marrakech is broadly divided into the old town (Medina) and the new town (Gueliz). The old town is characterized by its maze of alleys and souks alongside the 12th-century Koutoubia Mosque with a minaret that can be seen from any point in the city.

Marrakech - the most tourist city in Morocco

Cool things to do in Marrakech

Visit Marrakech Hammam

Hammam, when translated to English, means a local bathhouse. In Marrakesh, visiting a hammam is one of the fun things to do. You will be required to strip naked just as when you visit a sauna. There are numerous bathhouses in Marrakech, which can grant you access with a little as 50 dirhams.

hammam morocco - funny drawing

Check out Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia is the largest mosque in Marrakech and serves as the centre of reference for international architecture in the town. The building was built in the 12th century is one of the must-see things in the city.

Visit Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs are the final resting place for many of the previous Moroccan rulers and members of the Saadi dynasty. The tombs were discovered in 1917 after it went under the radar for centuries. They are decorated with beautiful tile work, intricate carvings, and Arabic calligraphy.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Marrakech 

Royal Mansour Marrakech 

Royal Mansour is a 5-star hotel located in an ideal setting that is close to most of the city’s popular attractions. 

The hotel offers some of the best facilities you would wish for in a modern hotel, including a kid’s pool and club, a beauty center, a golf course, and supervised childcare. 

Some of the rooms have terraces, private bathrooms, and minibar. 

Ryad Dyor 

Ryad Dyor is located in the middle of Marrakech. The rooms have free wireless internet access, an outdoor pool, and a swimming pool. 

Other amenities include a steam bath, sauna, rooftop terrace, beauty center, and plunge pool. 

All rooms also have a minibar, refrigerator, coffee and tea making machine, and a CD player. 

Riad Miski 

Riad Miski is located in the central Marrakech, which means you will have an easy time navigating the city and taking in all that it has to offer. 

There is breakfast every morning but if you want to try something new, there are several restaurants nearby. 


Meknes is among the four of Morocco’s imperial cities and the smallest. The town offers a closer look into the power-hungry rule of profligate Sultan Moulay Ismail. With its hilltop location, Meknes provides an excellent base for a day trip to the Roman ruins of Volubilis as well as the holy town of Moulay Idriss. Meknes is also located at the centre of Morocco’s leading wine-producing region. Sultan Moulay Ismail ruled Morocco between 1672 and 1727. During his regime, Meknes was surrounded by excellent agricultural soil as well as great trade routes.

Volubilis old roman town in morocco

Cool things to do in Meknes

Tour the city

Meknes is quite small and can be explored easily on foot. The town features a lot of architectural and historic sites to tour such as Borji Belkari Tower and Heri es-Sorani. The later served as a royal granary and stables during the old days, while the former used to be a lookout tower for invading enemies. Visitors enjoy the tour of the numerous religious buildings in the city.

Check the monumental gates

Meknes can be entered via numerous gates, some of which are quite beautiful. The most outstanding gate, however, does not lead into the city but from the city to the site of the Sultan’s palace. Bab Mansour, is said to be the most beautiful gate in Morocco and among the world’s finest entrances.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Meknes 

Riad d’Or Meknes Medina 

Riad d’Or is within w walking distance to Palais Dar Jamai. It offers an outdoor pool as well as wireless internet access in all public areas. The amenities include room service, a terrace, and a library. 

There is also a spa for a relaxing massage.

Riad Lahboul 

Riad Laboul offers commanding views of the Atlas Mountains. The property offers free internet services in all rooms, a safe, room service, a sun deck, and babysitting services. 


Located on the banks of the Bouregreg River, Rabat is the capital of Morocco and famous for its Islamic architecture. Lying on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the city exudes a distinctly European vibe, perhaps due to its past ties with the French.

Rabat - capital of Morocco

Cool things to do in Rabat

Explore Chellah

Chellah us a fortified city buried in the middle of Rabat having been abandoned in 1154. It is an exciting place full of charm and history. Abandoned buildings and overgrown plants blend with colourful, intricately maintained flowers as well as narrow pathways. Visitors can explore the Islamic and Roman ruins easily, from madrasa to a bathing pool.

Chellah - old roman town

Dine at Le Dhow

This one of the most exciting lounge bars you will ever experience in your life. It is located on the tributary of a river below the Kasbah of the Udayas. Le Dhow is designed to replicate the ancient Moroccan merchant vessel, but more characterful.

Play Golf

If you are into golf, Rabat has one of the best golf courses in Morocco – Royal Golf Dar Es Salam, which is over 1000 acres and was built especially for Moroccan King Hassan II who was a golf lover.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Rabat 

Riad El Maati 

Riad El Maati is located conveniently in the middle of the city and offers one of the best budget-friendly accommodations in Rabat. The rooms have free internet services and the guests can enjoy a Turkish steam bath and a rooftop terrace. 

There is an onsite restaurant for trying Moroccan dishes. 

Riad Kalaa 2

Riad Kalaa is a 3-Star bed and breakfast that offers cheap alternative accommodation in Rabat. The rooms also have free internet access, while guests can relax in an outdoor pool or rooftop terrace. The front desk is available 24-hour every day and guests can book tours and tickets to any sightseeing in the city. 


Tangier is among the most vibrant cities in Morocco. It attracts electric crowds including international artists, writers as well as spies! The city is located in the northernmost point of Africa and lies just 14 kilometres from Spain. Tangier has been an important trade route centre for many years, and the effects can be seen today with the city among the most diverse in Morocco. Recently, notable personalities such as Jack Kerouac, Henri Matisse, and the Rolling Stones have relocated to the town. Tangier is also home to some of the stunning beaches in Morocco.

Cool things to do in Tangier

Walk on the beach promenade

The beaches in Tangier have significantly benefitted by the Moroccan government investment in sustaining the cleanliness of sites and cities around the country. The shorelines are an oasis lying outside the city, with sparkling blue waters and golden sand. However, expect to find crowds in these beaches courtesy of the region being the gateway to Africa from Europe.

Check St. Andrew’s Church

Built-in 1905, St. Andrew’s Church is the focal point for the city’s Christian community. It is one of the most popular sites in Tangier and exhibits different styles and architectures, which shows the multicultural population of Morocco.

Sip a mint tea in Petit Socco

Initially Petit Socco used to be a drug dealers and prostitutes den. Now the region has transformed to be a harmless square where visitors can come and enjoy a mint tea or a freshly squeezed juice. Moroccan mint tea is nothing like you have ever tasted before. It is made straight out of fresh mint leaves with a small amount of sugar, resulting in a deliciously refreshing drink.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Tangier 

Hilton Tanger City Center Hotel & Residences 

Hilton is located just a walking distance from Tanger Ville Station. The 5-star hotel provides accommodation in comfortable rooms accompanied by a concierge and a business center. 

Dar Chams Tanja 

Dar Chams Tanja offers accommodation which is accompanied by a steam bath, massage services, and free internet access. The guest house offers great views of the city. 


Tetouan is in northern Morocco. The name means loosely “the eyes” and figuratively “the water springs” when translated from Berber. The city lies a few miles south the Strait of Gibraltar and 60 kilometres from Tangier.

Medinas of Morocco

Cool things to do in Tetouan

Visit the Medina

The Medina of Tetouan is divided into three areas; the Berber segment, the Andalusian, and the Jewish. This Medina offers in-depth knowledge of the multicultural history of the northern parts of Morocco. Also, the Medina is a UNESCO world heritage site.

tannery in Tetouan Medina

Explore the Old Town

Tetouan also has an Old Town located toward the southwest area of the city. The Old Town is very close to the Strait of Gibraltar, and you can expect a cultural blend here, just like in most parts of northern Morocco.

Visit the Center of Modern Art

Tetouan Center of Modern Art hosts shows regularly, and if you time yourself, you can catch one.

Best Family-Friendly Hotels in Tetuan 

Hotel Blanco Riad 

The Hotel Blanco provides amenities such as free internet, a rooftop terrace, and air-conditioned rooms. There are flat-screen TVs in the rooms, and guests can also enjoy services such as laundry services, dry cleaning service, and babysitting. 

El Reducto Tetouan 

The accommodation at El Reducto also includes a Turkish steam bath, a terrace, and an onsite bar. There is also currency exchange and 24-7 front desk. 

Top Cites in Morocco – Pin it for later

Morocco has  there are numerous historic towns and cities with their fascinating ancient architecture and souqs brimming with beautiful local craftsmanship for the visitor to admire and buy.