Best Jackets for Iceland

Are you planning your big trip to Iceland and wondering what clothes to take?  We have just returned from Iceland, the jackets we wore every day  were all from the Regatta 3 in 1 range and they were perfect for the Icelandic climate. We enjoyed exploring Iceland with kids.

Iceland in winter

Iceland in winter, frozen lake, best coats for iceland
Reykjavik in December
We were there almost six weeks, so we exerienced the full range of winter weather – sun, snow, cold, wind and rain  – and mostly: loads of wind and rain. Despite the largely uninviting weather we managed to see all the sights, and we loved it. I was reminded of the saying “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” Fortunately, ours wasn’t!
Iceland with kids

Temperature in Iceland

The weather in Iceland is moody and it changes all the time. It’s not really cold because of the gulf stream, however it is very windy and never really warm. The average temperature in winter in Reykjavík is around 1-2°C (33-35°F) and about 12°C (54°F) in summer.

coats suitable for iceland - glacier in Iceland
Glacier in Iceland

Iceland weather January

So what is the weather in Iceland in midwinter? While we were there it varied from -9 to +9 Celcius. There is almost always strongish wind which makes the temperature feel lower than it is. Generally, neither temperature nor snow were the biggest issue:  wind-driven rain was our pretty consistent companion and what we were dressing for.  The snow in mid-winter tends to appear and melt unless you are further inland or farther north than Reykjavik.

What to wear in Iceland in December

Us at Black Beach – Reynisfjara

We wore our 3 in1 Regatta jackets every day. Underneath them during the days when the temperature was around or below 0 degrees, we had another fleece or sweatshirt.  If it was above 5 degrees we had just wore shirts under the Jackets.

On rainy or snowy days the girls and I all wore Regatta soft shell trousers on top of thermal tights. Nick only ever wore one layer of trousers – perhaps men have thicker skin.

Hats and gloves are must because even if it is not cold, the wind chill seems to catch your head and hands.

Wouldn’t be down jacket a better warmer choice?

The answer is clear – nope. In our six weeks in Iceland we had maybe only six days without rain, all other days there was always a bit of rain or strong wind. Weather in Iceland changes all the time.

What clothes to pack for Iceland

Enough clothes to wear them in layers. Good waterproof boots, extra socks, good gloves – for us cold hands were a constant issues. A good warm hat – especially needed after a visit to the swimming pool. And of course 3 in1 jackets.

What to wear in Iceland in December 

Ania’s jacket  is Louisiana IV .

I’m famous in our family for getting cold quite quickly, and I must say I was never cold in this jacket.

Nick’s jacket is Wentwood III.

Nick is equally famous for his dislike of warm wrapping, but he quickly became addicted to his jacket which he put on habitually every time before he opened the door.

Zoe’s jacket is Kids Hydrate.
Zoe is generally always warm and prefers to wear less rather than more.. For her, wearing jackets is like a punishment, but when it got cold enough, she happily wore her’s, and never complained of the cold. Zoe’s jacket got very dirty the first time she wore it (it’s that tree cuddling habit designed to make mothers crazy). However, I can report here that it was effortless to wash just the dirty part of the jacket and it came up like new and left no stain.

Tania’s jacket is Kids Hydrate.
Tania loves her jacket, and in her opinion, the biggest advantage was big pockets for all her treasures. Tania feels the cold faster than of any of us and generally wore an extra fleece underneath.

All the jackets are totally wind and waterproof. They proved this to us several times over. Even when the wind in Iceland was so strong that you couldn’t walk against it, I did not feel it on my body.

Best Jacket for Iceland –  Conclusion

We were in Iceland in winter but no matter the season it can be cold, rainy and windy. So best pack something windproof and waterproof and our Regatta  3 in 1  jackets were ideal. Don’t forget to pack swimming suits. Believe it or not, Iceland is the perfect location for swimming in warm outdoor pools.


We were given our jackets by Regatta for the purpose of an unbiased review — all other Regatta clothes and bags we purchased ourselves as we liked the quality of the jackets so much.

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