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Australia i Oceania

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Landmarks in Australia

Australia is a huge country that is both the smallest continent and the largest island on Earth. This huge country amazes with the diversity of nature, beautiful beaches, the world’s largest coral reef, rainforests inhabited by crocodiles and spiders. Australia is a country of...

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Facts About Uluru

Visiting and travelling through Australia, is for some trip of the lifetime. The Downunder country is vast with lots of natural wonders, but one of the famous Landmarks in Australia is Uluru – the sacred place for Aborigines People. Before you will visit you should read interesting...

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Things to do in Perth with Kids

Perth was the first city we visited in Australia, we flew here from Bali. After few weeks in Indonesia Australia was a big change. We loved everything about Perth, maybe not the prices, but on the other hand there was som many various thing to do in Perth with kids or without. About Perth...