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Albania is one of the few countries in Europe that has remained untouched by tourism. You can still find traditional Albanian culture and customs preserved, as well as a plethora of natural landmarks and landscapes for you to explore.


Holidays in the Balkans

The Balkans is a geographic region in southeast Europe, home to many historically significant countries. These countries are often overlooked by tourists because they are not as popular or well-known as some of the other European nations and regions. However, if you are looking for an...

Albania camping

Camping Albania – Exploring Albania in a motorhome

Camping in Albania – Pin it We spent almost a month slowly travelling through Albania during our camper trip through South Eastern Europe in winter. Albania was isolated not only from the West but also from the Communist bloc until 1991.  It emerged at an economic and socially...


Kruja Albania – Day trip from Tirana

Well worth a visit, the strikingly sited hilltown of Kruja played a key role in Albania’s Ottoman history.  It’s easy to get about on foot so long as you are fairly agile for steep slopes and steps. We particularly enjoyed browsing the street market, visiting the ethnographic...

albania flag on a rozafa castle

Albania Facts

Albania facts We travel in a campervan through Albania en route from Greece to Montenegro and Croatia on our winter camper trip, and it was a great way to see the country of scenic roads, beautiful beaches and quite widely spaced historic sites. During our road trip, we learnt a lot about...

BUNKArt 2 24


Bunkart 2 is a museum showing the cruelty of the Albanian police state from 1945 to 1991. The museum is located in a nuclear bunker in the centre of Albania’s capital, Tirana.  The 1,000 sq metre Bunker, with walls 2.4 m thick, was built between 1981-86 as a hideout for elite police...