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playta de muro - in front of Zafiro hotel

Mallorca with kids – what to do, where to stay?

  When you are looking for family-friendly holidays – Mallorca is a perfect choice. A small Spanish Island in the Mediterranean.  Beautiful beaches and easy to explore. If you are planning to go there, read our guide on Mallorca with Kids.   Mallorca or Majorca with...


Mallorca or Majorca – Facts About Mallorca You May Not Know

Mallorca is, rightly, popular for its beautiful sandy beaches and incredible climate — with a year-round averaging temperature of about 21°C and more than 300 days of sunshine every year. Mallorca’s glorious Mediterranean climate is definitely a major reason why tourists flock here...

facts about spain

Interesting Facts about Spain

Spain is a country with so much diversity. It has mountains, beaches, and deserts. The food varies from region to region. The people are warm and welcoming and Spain has some incredible Landmarks, some of the best landmarks in Europe. This article will talk about interesting facts about...

Sagrada familia

Landmarks in Spain

After our South-East European winter tour of Slovenia, Italy, Greece, Albania and Montenegro, we proposed this year’s winter treat to be a tour of South Western Europe, namely France and the Iberian Peninsula, however, we have found so much to do and enjoy in France that we haven’t made...