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Thinking about travelling the world? Check out this list of World landmarks. It includes everything from famous buildings, natural wonders and famous monuments to countries with specific landmarks that are worth a visit.

European Landmarks 20

European Landmarks

Best European Landmarks Europe is one of the most popular continents for travelling. The continent has varied landscapes, cultures, and climates that attract tourists from all corners of the planet. Europe also has the most UNESCO World Heritage sites. But the main reason why Europe is a...

Landmarks in Poland 29

Landmarks in Poland

The Polish landscape is as diverse as it is beautiful. It’s hard to tell where the land ends and where the sky starts, so vast are its horizons. Poland has a rich history, many famous Poles who influence not only Poland but the whole world. This article will introduce you to some of...


Landmarks in Morocco

Morocco is a North African country that has many interesting Landmarks. Landmarks in general are places of historical, natural, or aesthetic importance. Moroccan Landmarks range from ancient Roman ruins to the modern-day buildings in Casablanca. In this article, you will find information...

Landmarks in the Philippines 52

Landmarks in the Philippines

The Philippines is a diverse destination with many unique landmarks unlike any you will find elsewhere. With over 7,000 islands and 80 provinces, there is plenty of treasure to explore and places to learn about Filipino culture! If you are planning your next holiday in South East Asia...

great wall of china

Famous Landmarks in China

China is the most populous country in the world and has been an economic power for years. The huge area covered by the People’s Republic of China and long rich pre-communistic history made China a home to many natural and manmade landmarks. There are as many as 50 sites inscribed on...

Famous Landmarks in Italy 90

Famous Landmarks in Italy

With the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, Italy is home to one of the most recognizable and historically significant landmarks. From the magnificent Colosseum to the time-defying Roman Forum and numerous natural sites, here is a list of Italian landmarks you...

Famous Landmarks in Thailand 103

Famous Landmarks in Thailand

Thailand, located in mainland Southeast Asia, is a country with numerous sights that range from historical and modern architecture to natural landmarks. It is one of the most welcoming and fascinating countries in the world that usually attracts millions of annual visitors. From busy...