Quotes About Rain

Sometimes rain spells the cancellation of a picnic, game of tennis or a hike. Despite my love of fresh air, sometimes I find myself acting as if I am scared of the rain. But if not for the rain we wouldn’t have rainbows, forests or crops. In fact, we wouldn’t even be alive. So here […]

Best Quotes about France

France is a beautiful country with so many different things to experience It’s not just the people, the food or even the language that make it so beautiful; France has some of the most breathtaking landscapes in all of Europe. Not surprisingly France is the most visited country in the world But what about quotes? […]

Quotes about Thailand

visit the White Temple in chiang Rai - things to do in chaing Rai with kids

Thailand is the easiest country in Southeast Asia to visit. It has great street markets full of exotic fruits, friendly locals and amazing historical and Natural Thai Landmarks. Read our selections of Quotes about Thailand to learn what other travelers have to say about this beautiful country. We spent Thailand over half a year travelling […]

Quotes about Forests

Our kids are forest people; if they could, they would live in the tent build by themselves in the middle of the forest (of course, the tent should have wifi). But joking apart our family love hiking through mountains and forest, I decided to do a small research and found the most inspiring quotes about […]

Yoga Quotes

I love yoga and I have been practising yoga on and off for the last 20 years. I wish I would be motivated enough to do yoga practice every morning. So as I did the research for good morning quotes to make my mornings better I decided to search Yoga Quotes to inspire myself and […]

Quotes about Italy

Italy is a dream destination no matter what age you are. It has amazing Italian Landmarks, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, warm sea and snowy slopes, each of the Italian regions have something interesting. Not surprising that Italy attracts lots of travelers – its one of the most visited country in the world, artists, poets, writers […]

Quotes About Mountains

We love nature, mountains and hiking. We usually spend summers in mountains in Poland, explored mountains in France, ski in Italy Alps. We love exploring beautiful European cities but nature and mountains are our favourites, so waiting for our new adventure I decided to prepare selections of Inspirational quotes about mountains While on a quotation […]

Quotes about Japan

famous landmarks in asia

Visiting Japan is on our bucket list almost always, and we hope that one day we will manage to see the land of the rising sun. Meantime our daughter Zoe is studying Japanese, I am researching various facts about Japan and reading books about Japan in order to search the best quotes about Japan. And […]

A Good Morning Quotes

Who likes the morning? not everyone. I used to be a person who likes to stay in bed till 10 am, but now I do appreciate early morning coffee at the sunrise with yoga and meditation. Check our Good Morning Quotes perfect to send to your significant other or to bust your morning mood. And […]

Greece Quotes

We did a long road trip around Greece, exploring iconic Greece landmarks, eating delicious Greek food and learning facts about Greece Culture. Now we added to it selections of Greece Quotes. And while on a quotation roll, here are links to my collection of beautiful quotations about adventure, Good morning quotes, hiking, rainbows and rain […]