Thailand is the easiest country in Southeast Asia to visit. It has great street markets full of exotic fruits, friendly locals and amazing historical and Natural Thai Landmarks.

Read our selections of Quotes about Thailand to learn what other travelers have to say about this beautiful country. We spent Thailand over half a year travelling to different parts – North Thailand – Chiang Mai, Chaing Rai and Pai where we were lucky to meet Karen women.

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Quotes about Thailand

Quotes about Bangkok

‘Shopping in Thailand is super cheap and generally high quality. Bangkok is also safe. If you see anybody wearing camouflage holding a machete, don’t be scared. They sell coconuts.’ – Bobby Lee

We love everything about Bangkok – the food, the vibe, shopping and crazy Tuk-Tuk rides, so whenever we can we go back to visit Bangkok with kids or without. Of course, depending on if you have a family with you or not you will choose different Bangkok hotels and different activities. Though doesn’t matter how old you are Bangkok will mesmerise you.

Wat Arun, buddha

‘Travel is very subjective. What one person loves, another loathes. I would say a private paradise in the Caribbean. If you want culture and class, I would say Tuscany. If you want exotic, I would say Bangkok, Thailand.’- Robin Leach

‘Today, Bangkok cuisine can be described as an indigenous Central cuisine with heavy influences from a heady blend of foreign cultures – Chinese, Mon, Persian, Portuguese, modern European, North American, and more – resulting in a beautiful, quirky mix that locals and visitors alike can’t get enough of.’ – Leela Punyaratabandhu

‘Bangkok, though, is a rejuvenating tonic; the people seem to have found the magic elixir. Life, a visitor feels, has not been wasted on the Thais.’ – Bernard Kalb 

‘Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions.’ – Todd Phillips

‘How I love Bangkok! It’s so teeming with everything that should be forbidden. I’m not just talking about the sex trade. I also mean the ways of driving, the ways of putting up buildings, environmental management arrangements, the continual attention of con artists and snatch-thieves, and the quaint local custom of peeing in side-streets.’ ― John Dolan – American Poet

Famous landmarks in Thailand Wat Pho - enormous Buddha - must see temples in Bangkok
Reclining Buddha

‘When I was in Thailand, I went into the up-country because Marco Polo didn’t get down into the fleshpots of Bangkok because they didn’t exist in those days.’ – Gary Jennings

‘Bangkok is the queen of 3 a.m., the spiritual home of those hours that are dead in most places of the world but lit up here with a carnival intensity.’ – Pico Iyer

‘Thailand was never a European colony, so even though the city is very Western on the surface, deep down it’s very Asian. It’s quite enigmatic, and I like that. I can’t get to the bottom of Bangkok, and I never will.’ – Lawrence Osborne

“When I was 18, I took a trip to Thailand with a friend. We stayed for a month. Bangkok was very raw for a teenager: there were no cellphones, no Internet, and the only music I had with me was this cassette by Liz Phair. I was writing a lot of poetry, and she embodied a talky style of songwriting that I found very accessible.” – Jenny Lewis

Visiting Thailand Quotes

“One of Thailand’s strongest selling points is your ability to visit on virtually any budget. Pay 200USD a night to sleep and dine like a king or queen, or get by on 10 – 15USD a night at a small hostel. Eat lavish steak dinners or buffets in five-star hotels or some humble noodles from a street stall.’ – Chris Backe

‘I like Thailand, and I love coming to Asia with the whole vibe, food, temperature, and climate.’ – Alistair Overeem

‘I discovered that Thailand was one of those countries, like Sri Lanka and India, where the memory of past lives used to be commonplace. Go back a few generations, and you find people talking about earlier lives with total certainty.’ – John Burdett

‘Thailand was the transforming experience of my life. Thailand is where I grew up.’ – Charles Murray

‘If a studio is going to offer me the opportunity to invite my mother and grandmother and all my friends to visit me free of charge in Thailand, I’m going to take that opportunity.’ – Leonardo DiCaprio

‘One of the dreams on my wish list is to spend more time in Thailand.’ – Kevin Kwan

Quotes about Thai Islands

‘I’ve been visiting Thailand for more than 20 years but didn’t fall in love with it until I visited Phuket Town in Phuket. The northern part of Phuket is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been, and largely unspoilt and unknown.’ – Tony Parsons

“The crystal-clear water in Thailand offers the best swimming and snorkelling experience” -Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

” This year, I had some downtime before my Australia tour and spent a week or so in Phuket, Thailand. As a confessed workaholic, sometimes it’s good to unplug and detach and honestly, the scenery, the weather and the people truly made this an incredible place for me to recharge.” – Erick Morillo

“On that trip I learnt something very important. Escape through travel works. Almost from the moment I boarded my flight, life in England became meaningless. Seat-belt signs lit up, problems switched off. Broken armrests took precedence over broken hearts. By the time the plane was airborne I’d forgotten England even existed.” (The Beach)”

‘I love Samui in the wee small hours. I especially love it on nights like this when the white moon stares down from the blackness like the pockmarked eye of a blind god. At such times, when the island’s bright signs have paled to grey and the broom of sleep has swept the revellers to their beds, my mind’s cynical crust cracks open a little, and some fanciful poetry leaks in. Then the dark hills appear to me as slumbering prehistoric leviathans, the clouds assume the air of restless ghosts, and the moon-dusted sea murmurs in some long-forgotten tongue of the divine.’ ― John Dolan

Quotes about Thai food

Thailand is a paradise for food lovers – starting from cheap foods stalls where you can find everywhere, or expensive restaurant, every meal in Thailand is full texture and taste. Of course you can find weird dishes like snake or fried larwa but it all adds attraction.

‘I ate some really amazing food in Thailand. I had a river turtle, and dried rat, which was quite chewy and interesting and a bit like biltong.’ – John Torode

“I have eaten grasshoppers in Thailand, snails in France, ostrich in Australia, crocodile in South Africa and Polar Bear meat in Moscow.” – Chunky Pandey

Tania trying to stuck her finger in pig’s nostril

‘OH MY GOD! In Thailand, they’ve got the spiciest food I’ve ever had in my life!’ – Nick Carter

‘Fresh from the river or preserved in concrete forms, fish is a profoundly important part of the traditional diet, along with prodigious amounts of the quintessential Thai dish, plain rice. Next in importance are abundant vegetables, raw and cooked, followed by noodles, fruit and the universe of sweets and snacks known as kinome. Then comes meat, often appearing in small amounts as a seasoning in a soup, curry, or stir-fry, rather than as a separate dish. Often the quantity of meat and the frequency with which it appears are a function of expense rather than principle.’ Nancie McDermott

“From Japan to Thailand, I keep discovering amazing talent, cuisine and food markets.” – Daniel Boulud

‘I landed in 1980 in Bangkok, and I stopped to eat ten times between the airport and the hotel. It was all lemongrass and ginger and chillies.’ -Jean-Georges Vongerichten

‘Thailand was a revelation to me; the landscapes, the culture, the food and the people.’ – Fiona Bruce

‘The first thing I do whenever I go to Thailand is to seek out the closest restaurant or stall selling mango-and-sticky rice: it’s a little hillock of glutinous rice drenched in lashings of coconut milk and served with fresh mango.’ – Hanya Yanagihara

‘I love the food in Thailand because of the exotic spices they use. Their style of cooking is unique to their culture and always amazing.’ – Venus Williams

‘In my travels, I also noticed that kids in Thailand like spicy food and kids in India love curry. I’m hoping to introduce my son, Hudson, to lots of veggikinome spices when he’s young. I say that before he’s started on solid foods, so it could long-forgotten theory than practice! – Curtis Stone

Anthony Bourdain about Thailand

Anthony Bourdain  – Famous American top Chef, great writer and explorer. whi with his books and travel programs introduced exotic cuisines to average person. I love his book Kitchen Confidential

‘The notion that before you even set out to go to Thailand, you say, ‘I’m not interested,’ or you’re unwilling to try things that people take so personally and are so proud of and so generous with, I don’t understand that, and I think it’s rude. You’re at Grandma’s house, you eat what Grandma serves you.’ – A. Bourdain

‘If Thailand is one of the best countries to eat in, in Chiang Mai, it’s a particularly good city to find yourself hungry.’ – Anthony Bourdain

“To be fortunate enough to be able to visit Thailand, to eat in Thailand, is a deep dive into a rich, many textured, very old culture containing flavors and colors that go far beyond the familiar spectrum. Given our limited time on this earth, and the sheer magnificence, the near limitless variety of sensory experiences readily available, you don’t want to miss ANY of it.” – Anthony Bourdain

‘I know I’m back in Thailand. Not just Thailand, but Northern Thailand. Once known as the kingdom of a million rice fields, it’s a fertile, green and gorgeous area, home of the ancient Latta people. Welcome to Chiang Mai Province, tucked up near the borders of Burma, China, Laos, India not too far away. All of them have left their mark on the food.’ – A. Bourdain

Quotes about Thai People

‘In essence, the Thai people are not materialistic at all. They’re not in the least driven by the kind of ambition that drives us. The more I got to know them, and the more time I spent with them, the more I understood that this was a totally legitimate attitude to life, and why not? – John Burdett

I believe the Thai people are patient, and the people at least give me a chance to prove my ability to help them. – Yingluck Shinawatra

‘Having never taken a decent holiday before, I decided on a trip to Thailand, booked a flight and flew out the following week. Mate, I loved it. The friendly people, the food, the females!’ ― Simon Palmer

‘Everyone’s so nice in Thailand, and it’s a beautiful place – the temples, the culture. But everyone’s so nice that it’s almost inefficient.’ – Scot Armstrong

‘Hua Hin is Thailand’s royal beach resort and home to the king’s summer palace. The local food is fantastic, the weather is beautiful, everything’s cheap and the Thai people are so friendly and warm.’ – Prue Leith

‘Just studying Buddhism, then meditating and going to Buddhist monasteries, talking to Buddhist monks, combined with the Thai people themselves, changed the way I look at the world.’ – John Burdett

‘Overall, I think Thailand is quite accepting of transgender and homosexual people. I think this acceptance is largely due to a combination of surgically enhanced or hormonally induced beauty, higher levels of education and the ladyboy reputation as being emblematic of Thailand. Many ladyboys represent Thailand in international contests for transgender beauty pageants and we’re usually amongst the top finalists.’ – Pornchai Sereemongkonpol

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