Poland is a country that has many cities worth visiting. However, some cities stand out from the rest as they are not only popular tourist destinations but also important Polish cultural centers. Below you will find a list of the most interesting cities in Poland worth visiting, including their respective descriptions and pictures and Landmarks to help you decide where to go for your next vacation!

cities in Poland


Warsaw: Warsaw is the capital of Poland and has a population of more than one million people. It’s also the largest city in Eastern Europe! There are plenty of museums to visit, including the National Museum, Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego (which documents World War II), and The Royal Castle.

Warsaw is also a great place for shopping, and you’ll find plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Warsaw’s Old Town is also worth visiting as it has been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site! You can walk about the city center on your own if you want some time alone with your thoughts or just looking around. If you want to rest, there are plenty of benches and cafes to stop for a chat or coffee.

Be sure not to miss the Palace on Water! It’s one of Warsaw’s most impressive buildings, and it is located in the middle of what was once called Royal Baths Park. The building was designed by Henryk Marconi who worked with Polish National Museum founding director Stanislaw Witkiewicz, who conceived the idea for a building with an amphitheater and domed roof.


Visitors to Poland should also add Kraków on their list of cities to visit and this city is the country’s second-largest after Warsaw, making it worth exploring for its rich history and culture as well as its stunning architecture.

Krakow Being the capital of Poland for over 500 years have many interesting things to see and do. Must see in Krakow ow is the Wawel Castle which was founded in 1320 and it’s one of the most important symbols of Poland.

Sightseeing tours are available, but to really get a feel for this historic city you should explore on foot too. Krakow has many interesting neighborhoods including Kazimierz with its Jewish Quarter as well as Old Town with its narrow streets, historic buildings and leafy squares.

Krakow’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has many attractions worth visiting such as the Cloth Hall – one of the most impressive examples of Gothic architecture in Europe that dates back to 13th century. Another interesting place to see in Krakow is St . Mary’s Church which was founded in 1320 and is also one of Poland’s major symbols.

Krakow one of the best cities in Poland to visit

While in Krakow you should see

the Wawel Royal Castle that dates back to the 14th century and houses tombs of Polish kings. It was once one of Europe’s largest castles but it is now a museum open for public visits.



The next city in Poland worth visiting is Łódź. This industrial center was once known for its textile industry and it has many factories from this era still standing today. Łódź being build in XIX century as an industrial city full of textile factories was never gorgeous but now when the factories are adopted for shopping centres and art and science museums. łodź become an attractive place to visit.


The next city in Poland worth visiting is Wrocław, which has been named one of Europe’s most livable cities by several rankings. The town itself was built around Ostrów Tumski, a large island in the Odra River that is now surrounded by bridges.

Wrocław have been named one of Europe’s most livable cities by several rankings and it attracts many tourists who want to enjoy its beautiful architecture, amazing ambience and cool sculptures of gnomes spread around the old town.

Wrocław, a great place for those that want to explore the medieval atmosphere with its well-preserved old town including a variety of Gothic churches as well as Renaissance palaces. Wrocław have been named one of Europe’s most livable cities by several rankings and it attracts many tourists who want to enjoy its beautiful buildings from different periods, such as Renaissance palaces. The city was also selected 2012 European Capital of Culture along with Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia). It is home to almost 450 thousand people but despite being Poland’s fourth largest city maintains an intimate feel through grandiose buildings and a variety of green spaces.


Gdańsk is a city in northern Poland on the Baltic Sea. It is a leading seaport and one of the best-known Polish cities, with centuries worth of architectural history and cultural heritage from its heyday as an important member in Europe’s economic union during its time under Swedish rule.

While in Gdańsk you should see :

– Gdańsk Shipyards, the birthplace of Solidarity and “the cradle of Polish independence”

– The Royal Road (Trakt Królewski) – a boulevard that once linked Warsaw with Gdynia. This monumental thoroughfare was built in 1730–43 by King Augustus III as part of his comprehensive program to modernize the Polish capital.

– The Old Town Gdańsk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can admire the historic buildings of different styles: from Dutch Renaissance and Italian Baroque through neoclassical architecture, all blended together in an elaborate medieval layout that’s still relatively intact today.


Poznań is one of the oldest city in Poland and it has been inhabited for at least 1,500 years. There are many different things to do here such as visiting museums or going on a walking tour through town with your friends!

There are many things to see – the Poznan Cathedral for example or Wielkopolska National Park which has some of the best hiking trails around.

Poznań, Poland is an amazing place with lots of diverse attractions like places to eat- from hot dogs at Stary Młyn (Old Mill) by Ostrów Tumski canal on one side all the way over to more upper-class restaurants such as La Maison de la Viandes just across Gwarna Street Bridge near Old Town Square where you can have your steak cooked while still watching them cook

While in Poznań you should see

the Old Town Square and visit the amazing cathedral there- Poznan Cathedral. It is one of Poland’s most famous buildings architecture. The palace itself was built on the site of a former trading post which was burned down in the town’s first great fire.


Katowice is city in Poland associated with coal mining. It is the largest city in Upper Silesia and it has a population of about 300 000 people. The industry of coal mining used to be one of the most important industries in Poland, but today tourism is more profitable than any other industry for Katowice. And Katowice changed from a smoky dirty city to a fun hub.

Kazimierz Dolny

Poland has so many hidden gems like the picturesque little town called Kazimierz Dolny in Poland that it’s impossible to catalog them all here; but if I had to recommend one place from my own personal experience then without hesitation or consideration for others’ opinions about what other people liked better than where they were – because everyone likes different things -I would say go out of your way just once during your stay in Poland (if only briefly)


Szczecin is a city located in Poland’s northwest region, on the Oder River. It is well known for its impressive Cathedral of St James and Gothic town hall tower with a height of 136 meters. This city was first mentioned in 1257 AD when it became part of Prussia after Polish king Bolesław II Rogatka had to abandon his land because he was unable to defeat German knights.

The city is also very famous for its shipyard and the largest port in Poland which are used mainly by fishing vessels, yachts as well as cruise ships from around the world.


Zakopane is located in Southern Polish. It has been dubbed “winter capital” because this area receives more snow than any other place in Poland and provides some amazing skiing opportunities! Not only that but there are many beautiful hiking trails as well as museums worth visiting too. So if winter weather doesn’t scare you off from traveling or have already planned your next destination perhaps give Zakopane a try.


Zamość is a renaissance town build in the late 16th century by order of Hetman Jan Zamoyski. till now its retains its original fortifications and street layout. Its a must-see for any history lover.

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