Problem with doing morning routine.

Our biggest problem with kids is to have them up and ready in the morning. When they were going to school everything seemed to be easier. They had to do the morning routine fast in order to get to school on time, but since we started worldschooling/homeschooling it’s a bit more of a challenge.

Have or not to have a pet

Zoe and her Cookie

I never had a pet. My mother didn’t let me have one. And I really always wanted one. For us having a pet is not such an easy option when we travel so I have had a kind of excuse, but still, I feel that not letting kids have pets is like robbing them of the best part of childhood as well taking away a great teaching opportunity.


How I become the best mummy ever.

So, a few days ago when we went grocery shopping, the girls went to the petshop as they always do. When we met a few minutes later they needed to urgently to show me something. It was a couple of little mice. They calculated that they had enough money in their pockets to buy one each (1 mouse cost $2). To their surprise, I agreed “Yes let’s buy the mice.”
They were shocked that had I agreed without any problem.

morning routine, reading
Apparently mice like when you read them aloud so both the girls are reading to them

On the way back home, the girls were chatting with joy and they gave a prepared speech about how they will do everything – clean the cage, feed them, do whatever I want and so on.

I told them: I have only one rule: In the mornings you cannot touch the mice until you are fully dressed, have made the bed, combed your hair and brushed your teeth.
Both of the girls said, “Of course!”
And I thought “I’ll believe that when I see it.”


mouse, kid, selfie
Tania coming to me at 6 am fully dress with her mouse – Banana

Today morning at six, both girls stood in front of me fully dressed with clean teeth and brushed hair and with mice in their hands. It was the first day ever that hadn’t had to nag.


And now I’m the best mummy ever! lol

Mice are going with us everywhere even to the forest

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  1. I need to make this our morning rule before touching books! Congrats to the girls and you, the best mummy ever! 😉

    1. I very often feel I need this type of motivation, need to find my mouse 😉