The world is full of amazing structures and buildings. From the pyramids in Egypt to the Sydney Opera House, from Big Ben in London to the Empire State Building in New York City, there are so many incredible things for us to see and visit. One thing that you may not know about? Upside down houses! These unusual homes can be found all over the world- they’re located on six continents! This blog post will explore some of these upside-down houses around the world, where they are located, why they were built, and much more!

Topsy Turvy houses

Imagine living in a home that is upside down. The ceilings are on the ground and the floors hang from the sky. Although this may seem like an impossible feat, there are plenty of homes around the world where you can experience this feeling every day. 

The Most Interesting Upside Down Houses Around the World

Polish Upside Down Home – Szymbark, Poland

In Northern Poland 40 km from Gdansk in the small Polish village of Szymbark, you can find an upside-down log cabin. It was built in 2007, as construction on it proved so difficult that the project took more than five years to complete.

The idea behind building an upside-down house is to commemorate the end of communist Poland where everything was turned on its head.

Visitors enter the house through the gable window and walk on the ceiling. But that’s not the end of the surprises – you are taken to a bygone era when you enter the interior- there is furniture from communist time.

The funniest thing, though, is that the equipment is attached to the ceiling but the house is tilted so it’s hard to keep a balance here. Some visitors get dizzy and struggle to stay upright.

designed by   Daniel Czapiewski

The World Upside Down, Trassenheide, Germany

Designed by Polish architects Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk as part of the “The World Upside Down.” project (“Die Welt Steht Kopf)

The house is in the Cape Cod architectural style with a steep roof and dormer windows, but part of this house’s roof is buried into the ground. It is located on the Pomeranian island of Usedom on the baltic sea.

photo Source Wikipedia

The main reason to build this house was to attract more Instagram oriented tourist to Trassenheide

The Top-Secret Upside Down White House Wisconsin Dells

The first USA version of the upside-down house to be featured here is a replica of the US presidential White House. But this one has apparently been dropped from the sky in Minnesota, 800 miles from Washington DC. This upside-down house is a themed attraction based on American secrets with an imprisoned BigFoot, lots of other mysteries to be discovered in upside down tunnels and rooms, and puzzles to solve.

Top Secret Flipped White House photo Source

House Upside Down St. Petersburg, Russia

The House Upside Down in St. Petersburg is another museum to make you feel as though gravity has been reversed! Step inside and prepare to have your mind blown by the interior design which defies all logic, yet still somehow manages to look great in its simplicity.

It’s probably the only place where you will enjoy taking pictures with your head in a toilet and it’s all because the whole bathroom is upside down. visiting this house its great fun not only for children but the whole family.

The House of Katmandu Mallorca

The Upside Down House of Katmandu is located in an Amusement Park in Mallorca, Spain. It’s a great place to visit when taking the family holiday in Mallorca. The architect’s idea was to turn the roof into a garden as seen from below and literally bring the sky inside with mirrors on the ceiling. It is one of many attraction in the theme park. You can even stay in the resort hotel. to immerse yourself in this and other attractions.

Phuket Upside-Down House – Baan Teelanka

The Upside Down House in Phuket, Thailand is known by the local name Baan Teelanka.

This house is pink and quite big, in fact, it’s one of the biggest upside-down building worldwide. Besides typical rooms including the living room and kitchen you will find here that even the kids playground outside and a tuk-tuk are all upside-down outside

Just in Front of the house you can even spot an upside down beetle, although this isn’t a bug lying on its back, this is a red Volkswagen Beetle

A visit to Baan Teelanka is great entertainment. For an extra fee you can hire a personal photographer who will accompany you all around the house to take crazy photos and movies of your family.

upside down house in phuket
Photo source Klook

Tagurpidi Maja – Tartu, Estonia

Another Upside Down Building built to amuse kids and their parents alike is in Tartu, Estonia.

This Upside Down House is tilted by 7 degrees away from the expected 180 degrees, so you may feel experience dizziness. Inside you will find sofas, kitchen with all the appliances and refrigerator and on the ceiling.

Photo by Raul Vaine –Tagurpidi Maja

The Toppels Haus |  Affoldern, German

The Toppels House, with its gravity-defying look, is a local roadside attraction next to a small cafe. The house, which is also known as the “Crazy House” balances on its roof. You can enter the house via the attic window.

The Toppels House opened in 2014.

The Upside-Down Facade “Miner on the moon” Blackfriars Road, London

The UK has several turned upside down homes similar to those featured elsewhere here, but in central London, there was also an upside-down facade in Blackfriars road.

Th is was an artistic installation entitled “Miner on the Moon” created as part of the annual MERGE Festival in the Bankside area, back in 2013. The project took over a derelict building dating from the 1780s that was originally used as a storage facility for horses and carriages. Don’t go to see it though, this is prime city-centre real estate, and the work no longer exists.

Upside Down House, Niagara Falls, Ontario

This Upside Down House is a restaurant that had to be built on the side of this cliff, giving it an upside down look.

There are 6 different rooms you can visit, kids and master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, so if you want to have a photo walking on the ceiling while visiting Niagra Falls, then this is the place to go.

This building has been used as both a tourist attraction and filming location.

Upside, Down, House

Upside Down House in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Upside House in Kuala Lumpur is a one of the places to visit when you are in Kuala Lumpur with kids.

This house was built upside down to demonstrate how the Earth’s gravitational force is enough for us all. Beside the upside down house and flower beds at the entrance you will find the upside down car

Enjoy the visit and take a lot of fun photos around the specially designated rooms and share them on social media.

The Turned Upside House in Kuala Lumpur has a garden and an indoor gallery with more art installations such as “Behind Closed Doors”. Its located close to the KL Tower

Photo source ManaraKL

WonderWorks – Orlando, Florida

Wonderworks was built in Orlando in 1994. Perhaps one of the most striking-looking upside-down houses, this one is a complete edu-tainment facility with its own backstory of how it came to be dropped there from some experiment-gone-wrong in the nearby Bermuda Triangle.

You can walk on the ceiling because it’s possible to stand up straight from the ground floor and for people who want more of a challenge there are some balance beams to walk on.

This is the perfect place for kids and adults who want to have fun, I recommend going with a group so you can take turns trying out all these different experiments in this one building. its not only the place where you will find all the furnishings on the ceilings but much more.

WonderWorks has over 100 different exhibits and attractions such as Magic Shows, making gigantic bubbles in Bubble Lab, unleash the tornado in Hurricane simulator. and Earthquake Simulator, Escape Rooms and Glow in the Dark ropes course. not to mention Lazer Tag

Upside Down House in South Africa

The Upside Down House in South Africa was created as an attraction for tourists to visit and it is very popular among both locals and international visitors

This house was built upside down to help create an optical illusion for guests, who are able to walk around and explore inside of it as if they were walking up walls. The Upside Down House is located on the border of Witpoortjie Nature Reserve, in the suburbs of Pretoria.

Pretoria is one of the coolest cities in South Africa to visit.

The upside down White House, Batumi, Georgia

This Replica of the US White House is in Georgia – that’s the on the Black Sea bordering Europe and Asia, not the state of Georgia in the US. I don’t know why they decided to build in scale the American White House so far from home, nor why they flipped upside down.

Beside the possibilities to take funny photos in here you should go to restaurants which serves delicious Georgian Food. the food is a mouth-watering so even if you not into funky architecture you should just visit for the food.

`photo Source Wikicommon

The upside-down Church – Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The upside-down church is one of the most spectacular famous Upside down buildings. It was designed by American sculptor Dennis Oppenheim, and build in Vancouver and later moved to Calgary.

The artist designed the flipped church and put it on its steeple as a symbolic  “Device To Root Out Evil”

black street light near brown concrete building during daytime

House Attack – Vienna, Austria

Another upside down house you cannot enter is a conceptual art installation by Erwin Wurm at the art museum MuMok. The idea was the house was “attacking” the museum. and it looked like a building has fallen down from the sky , wedging itself into the Kunst museum.

Seems like a hut fallen from the sky and bombarded into the museum, this cottage-sized house in an insecure position on the side of Museum Moderner Kunst (MUMOK)

In conclusion, the upside-down houses around the world are a great example of how architecture can be used to create an optical illusion. They also highlight the creative minds that people have in order to make their homes stand out and look cool. It’s amazing what our brains will do when we try something new!

The Upside-down Homes the world – pin it for later

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