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KL with Kids – Introduction

Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s capital and its largest city. With a beautiful skyline, modern malls and so many family-friendly attractions, Kuala Lumpur is both a super destination and the natural hub for exploring Malaysia. We love exploring Kuala Lumpur with kids because it is easy to get around and see both the modern glamour and the character of its more traditional areas.

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We have described things to do and see in Kuala Lumpur, and we tell you what we particularly like about them.
We advise how to get there and how to get about in the city.

After describing attractions, we give indicative prices, and if there is an official website, then we provide a link. It is usually cheaper to book attractions in advance the official website rather than turning up at the door.

Better still, in case we found that booking through an agency can give significantly bigger discounts as well as an added value such as better flexibility. Then we also provide a link to such an agency so you can see what the benefits are for yourself.

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Kuala Lumpur – Overview

Few cities in the world can rival Kuala Lumpur when it comes to natural beauty, food, entertainment, and family-friendly attractions. 

The city boasts one of the most beautiful skylines in the world, including the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. It is divided into districts with the most notable being in the shopping and nightlife region known as the Golden Triangle, which includes KLCC, Bintang, Bukit, and Chinatown. 

KL at night

We have been there five or six times. Our trips have been from three days to a fortnight each, but with so much to see and do, KL never gets dull. Getting around the city is easy, thanks to comprehensive and affordable public transportation as well as private taxis.

The city is home to luxurious shopping malls such as Suria KLCC and Pavilion KL, which is among the main tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur.

The extravagance of the city shouldn’t intimidate you, though. There are numerous kids-friendly hotels in Kuala Lumpur to accommodate your crew at affordable prices.

Fun Things to do with Kids in KL

KLCC Playground and Water Park

Another fun site for the kids, KLCC Playground and Water Park is near the Petrosains Discovery Center. It is a perfect place for the kids to recharge after their activities at the Discovery Center. The park features lots of play areas for different age-groups, and the best thing is that the park is free of charge!
The park is in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur and is open throughout the year. 

Check Google Map here.

Tips During the day, the playground can get very hot. So schedule a late afternoon visit. It is sometimes crowded, but it is big enough, don’t worry.

KLCC Fountain 

The best place to chill at night with family, KLCC fountain provides a spectacular light show with a backdrop of the famous Petronas Twin Towers. Pass some time here as you watch the synchronized fountains change colours to soothing music.
The water fountain is located on the artificial Lake Symphony and is open at 8 PM, 9 PM, and 9.45 PM daily.

fountain show in KL, kuala
KLCC Fountain 

TIPS: Better arrive well before show times to have a chance to get a good viewing position when it’s busy. The fountains keep dancing even without music, so you don’t have to time your arrival accurately. If you hungry you can watch fountains from the foodcourt – though its not the same as watching them outside

Petronas Twin Towers 

No trip to Kuala Lumpur is complete without a trip to these legendary twin towers. Petronas is to Kuala Lumpur what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. We always love climbing up to observatory decks – the higher, the better, and at 170 m this is one of the highest in the world. 

KL city - Petronas Twin Towers


Parks and Zoos in Kuala Lumpur 

Kula Lumpur has some great parks and zoos. The city takes pride in its integration of urban landscape with the natural animal environment and ecology. My kids love animals and open space, so these places pretty much all hit the spot for us.

Here are some of the parks and zoos we found in Kula Lumpur

Bird Park 

The Bird Park is set on 60 acres in Lake Gardens. The showpiece is arguably the largest covered bird park in the world. Opened in1991, the park is home to over 3,000 birds from more than 200 species across the world. Kula Lumpur Bird Park is twice as big as the neighbouring Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. Birds here include the famous Indian blue peacock, as well as the world’s largest pigeon species, and the fabulously named rhinoceros hornbill.  

kids in Kuala Lumpur

The park is divided into various sections including World of Parrots, Brahminy Land, Hornbill Park, Flamingo Park, and others. Despite divisions for roosting and feeding, the birds can all fly freely into any enclosure. 

The place provides lots of great selfie locations – even the tiled walkways are attractively designed. the birds are super-friendly, and my girls loved feeding the parrots. 

Butterfly farm 

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park is one of the largest public butterfly zoos in the world. It is also among the top tourist spots in Malaysia.  It hosts 5,000 butterflies, ferns, butterfly-host plants, and exotic plants. The park specialises in Malaysia’s beautiful indigenous butterfly species.

KL Butterfly Farm – great experience for kids

My kids love to know facts about all kinds of insects, so the lavish educational information about the butterflies and other insects was a big hit. They also enjoyed the souvenir shop, which is almost a fantasy world of soft toys and bug-themed souvenirs.

Tip – It’s close to the KL Bird Park, so you can combine them in one day.

It is quite easy to access the park, as it is just a walking distance from the Pasar Seni station. 


Farm In The City

Rather than a farm, this place is more like a village-themed petting zoo. My gang are always up for cooing at cute and fluffy animals (almost as much as they love bugs and reptiles.) The enclosures mimic natural habitats and house over 100 species of exotic animals and rare species both local and international. 

The farm’s landscape gardens are a riot of shrubs and include more than 60 species of tropical fruits.

Farm in the City includes eleven habitats;

The farm includes interesting species such as the smallest horses and the largest rabbit species in the world. It also has the smallest kangaroo species and the rarest white crow in the world.

Negara and Aquarium 

The Malasian National Zoo and Aquarium is in a small town called Selangor, a few hours out from Kuala Lumpur. Opened in 1963, the zoo houses over 5,000 animals from 476 species. The animals are kept in spacious enclosures designed to mimic their native habitats. 
You travel about on foot or take a tram ride. The zoo consists of 16 zones including Reptiles, Monkeys and Apes, Giant Panda Conservation Center, Malaysian Elephants, Lake Birds, Bird Aviary and Children’s World amongst others.


Aquaria KLCC 

We love aquariums, and Aquaria KLCC is the biggest in south-east Asia. It is located in the courtyard of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. They have more than 150 species of marine animals including tiger sharks, blue rays, lethal sea snakes, seahorses, and bright coral. Aquaria KLCC is well-stocked we had a great time there. If a walk through the underwater tunnel isn’t enough for you, you can also book a cage dive in a big transparent box. For certified scuba divers, there is even the option to dive in the shark pools.

kuala, lum, kids, kid

MINI ZOO – KL Tower 

Mini Zoo was our favourite for snuggling up to cute, cuddly animals such as alpaca, meerkats, bat-eared foxes, and miniature horses.
KL Tower Mini Zoo is divided into six sections, Jelutong Tree, Mini Jungle, Bridge Broadway, Fallabella Stable, Pet Village, and Bird Aviary. 

It is an excellent place for animal-loving families, we spent over 4 hours there on our first visit and have revisited during almost every visit to Kuala Lumpur. I remember being dragged back in by my kids half an hour after one visit to cuddle yet another rabbit!


This aquarium is located at Menara KL Tower and is one of the top places to visit in Kula Lumpur with kids. It is right in the city centre of Kula Lumpur. Not as big as Aquaria KLCC, The Blue Coral Aquarium specialises in coral environments and to the colourful and unique marine animals which live around reefs. They certainly include some with strange names – fire clownfish, cardinalfish, skunk clownfish, percula clownfish, and carpet anemones, to name a few. Blue Coral Aquarium is one of the Best Aquariums in the World
The aquarium is packed with exotic water creatures from reefs worldwide, including the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, and Fiji. 

It is all well-labelled in English


Adventure and Theme Parks in Kuala Lumpur

Kula Lumpur features lots of adventure and theme parks. One thing we loved about some of these parks is that they offer accommodation, dining options, and shopping centres, all of which made our lives easier.
Apart from standard theme park activities, some of them also offer activities or spectacles such as animal feedings, parades, and musicals. 

Here are some of the best theme and fun parks in Kuala Lumpur.

District 21 in KL 

District 21 Theme Park is located in the IOI City Mall in Putrajaya. The park features 11 adventure courses with varying levels of ease for all ages. It covers over 6,500 square meters. Kids can check out the indoor theme park which has post-apocalyptic setting featuring steel walls, metal beams, and colourful graffiti, alongside suspended ropes, platforms, and chains. They issue safety gear, including non-slip socks and protective gloves and give a safety brief for all participants.

i-City Shah Alam 

This 72-acre theme park is a favourite for both locals and foreigners, especially in the evenings due to its LED-lit attractions alongside thrilling rides and museums. The park is easily accessible from downtown Kuala Lumpur and features a wide range of fun-packed activities including 3D and wax museums, large water park, and the largest snow park in the country. 
For younger kids, they have a colorful Ferris wheel, funfair-like booths where they can win various stuffed toys, two-tiered carousels etc.
After having fun, the park also features numerous cafés and food stalls where you can grab a bite as you enjoy the sunset. 

The major attractions at the park include;



KidZania Kuala Lumpur 

Kids enjoying Kidzania in Kuala Lumpur
Kids enjoying Kidzania in Kuala Lumpur

KidZania is a bit different. Here kids have the chance to learn a skill or profession – like how to become a dentist, pilot, or a lawyer. They earn toy money (Kidzos) and learn something about how jobs in the world interact with each other. As for you, head over at the karaoke and sing your stress off, or play escape games or life-size chess. 

Megakidz Funland & Edutainment 

This theme park offers edutainment for both kids and parents. It is located on the third floor of Midvalley Megamall and covers a whopping 27,000 square feet. The park includes facilities for kids from the age of one to sixteen. There is an aviation play system, an air bouncer, a toddlers’ corner, a cafeteria, and a small cinema. The modern aviation system at this park is the largest in the entire continent of Asia, with various slides, and play helicopters. 

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Sunway Lagoon Park is situated about 15 minutes from the City in Petaling Jaya. The park offers a wide range of water rides and lots of dry-land fun-filled activities. Expect to find a manmade river, slides that twirl and whirl, a wave pool, a surf beach, and a revolving pirate ship. Sunway Lagoon was one of the best family activity in KL , we spend here the whole day and if we could we would spend more. Since Sunway Lagoon is a bit far away you can book tickets include transport to and from KL city or book night or two in Sunway Resort hotel http://www.hotelscombined.com/Hotel/Sunway_Resort_Hotel_Spa.htm?a_aid=211206&label=Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park – KL best family activity – useful info

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park 

The location of this theme couldn’t be any better, sitting right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur and surrounded by shopping malls and restaurants. It is on the fifth floor of Berjaya Times Square Hotel and is the largest indoor theme park in the country.
Berjaya is divided into two major sections comprising Galaxy Station, for adults and Fantasy Garden designed for youngsters. There are 14 rides in the park. 

KL with kids
Berjaya Times Square Theme Park – KL indoor Theme Park

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park – useful info

Educational Activities for Kids in KL 

Kula Lumpur is packed to the brim with kids attractions. From toddlers to sixteen-year-olds, there is something for all youngsters in this city. Some of the best educational activities for kids in Kuala Lumpur include the following:

Petrosains Discovery Center 

Sometimes the kids don’t want to learn from textbooks or classrooms but want to experience things and learn by doing. That is what Petrosains Discovery Center is for. The center will allow you kids to discover more about the dinosaurs, how oil is drilled, and experience the outer space. 

Petrosains is an interactive science learning center for kids and grownups where you can see, touch, hear, interact, and play with a variety of installations and exhibits. 

KL Science Center – Petrosains Discovery Center – great fun for the whole family

The center also features several rides including the Dark Ride, Space, and Time Tunnel- which will take you back in time. Additionally, the center holds hourly science shows starting from 10.30, teaching about various science facts. 
There is also an innovation lab for kids under the age of eight, as well as a TotSpot, which is a safe location for toddlers to learn and play. 
As for adults, if you are a fan of Formula 1, then take up the Speed – a ride dedicated to everything fast. You can also ride on a helicopter ride. 


National Planetarium 

The National Planetarium or Planetarium Negara KL is also an educational centre, focusing on all things science and astronomy. My girls loved learning in details about the universe and the planet. The Planetarium is located just east of Lake Garden and has blue dome-roof that is hard to miss. The fun starts at the main entrance, with its teleport chamber that will take you into a sequence of halls with two planetariums featuring interactive exhibits. 

kids in Planetarium Negara KL, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur with Kids – Space Capsule in The National Planetarium

The Space Theater showcases short, big-screen IMAX global science and space documentaries and films throughout the day. Head over to the Observatory Park to view the stars through a telescope.  If you have a choice see “Earth, Moon and Sun” show in the Observatory – it is very interesting for kids and adults as well.


Explore the KL City 

Apart from all its commercial attractions, KL is a magnificent city just to explore. One thing we love about Kula Lumpur is that it is quite compact and many of the points of interests are located close to each other. Below is our guide for the city even if you have just 24 hours. 

Visit the Merdeka Square and Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

At Merdeka Square, stands what was once the highest flagpole in the world. The flag of the newly independent country was first hoisted here on 31 August 1957. 

Kuala Lumpur Merdeka Square

Close to the park is the Kuala Lumpur Citi Gallery. The museum houses thousands of artifacts from the past and you can learn a bit about the history of Malaysia at the museum. 

Check out Bukit Bintang 

Bukit Bintang is the major shopping and entertainment hub in Kuala Lumpur. Come here to unwind and enjoy some cold beer at a bar or shop in numerous shopping malls and Hawker Centers. 

Explore Chinatown – Petaling Street 

If you want to beat the crowd, visit Petaling Street during the day, but to experience the bustling of Chinatown, then schedule your visit for the evening. Here you can buy virtually anything, from shorts, t-shirts, souvenirs, handbags, to watches, shoes, football jerseys and Chinese dishes. 

kids in chinatown in KL

Go KL Tower 

The tallest viewpoint in Kuala Lumpur is the Menara KL Tower Viewing Deck located at 267 meters. View from the Tower Deck is magnificent. On clear days you can see how wast is KL city. KL Tower has something for everyone – revolving restaurant Atmosphere 360 with yummy food for parents, Mini Zoo and Blue Coral Aquarium for kids and a great view for everyone.

KL tower

Once a year at the end of September for four days KL Tower become home for KL Tower Base Jump competition. We happen to be there, and we saw all crazy base jumper falling from the tower. First we saw it from our hotel room and i thought I’m imagine people falling from the towes. The next day we went to the sky deck and saw it from a different perspective. Even the fought what we saw still makes me weak in my knees and stomach.



Go down Kasturi Walk 

Kasturi Walk is near Chinatown and also offers several options to shop for souvenirs. The Hawker Centers nearby features numerous restaurants where you can sample some of the best Malaysian food. 

Visit Brickfields 

Also known as Little India, Brickfields consist of many food stores that sell Indian foods and other products. It is located a few minutes from the KL Sentral railway station. 

Explore Batu Caves 

These famous caves are just half an hour from Kuala Lumpur. Visit the caves for striking views of Hindu temples and shrines. The stairs leading up the caves are home to mischievous monkeys that can snatch your belongings if you are not careful. Climb 272 steep steps and visit hindu temple inside the cave – book half-day Batu Caves trip in here.

Batu Caves located half an hour away from KL

Visit Menara KH 

During the evening, visit the Menara KH rooftop for the helipad lounge. The rooftop bar provides great views of the city, especially during the evening hours. But you should expect large crowds on top there.

Check out the Masjid Jamek Mosque 

This mosque was built in 1909 and is one of the oldest in the city as well as among the biggest in Malaysia. The mosque is free to visit any time except praying times. Remember to cover your shoulders and knees while visiting the mosque. 

Visit Jalan Alor 

This is an insider tip; Jalan Alor is usually missed by many travellers because they have never heard of it. This place is night street food heaven. It is located in the middle of the busy streets of Kuala Lumpur, and when you visit, you will find the majority of people are local. You will also find some of the best Malaysian dishes in Jalan Alor. The giveaway for this place is the Chinese lanterns and fluorescent signboards. 

Marvel at the ancient Sultan Abdul Samad Building 

This historic building was built in 1897, all in Moorish-style design and materials. The building was named after the then ruling Sultan but recently, it has served as the offices of the Ministry of Information, Communication, and Culture of Malaysia. Sultan Abdul Samad Building is one of the top tourist spots in Malaysia. 

Go the West Market 

One of the oldest markets in the city, the Central Market was built in 1918 as a wet market but today it has been revamped into a local handicraft center. It is a perfect place to buy souvenirs to take home with you. 

Free Entertainment for Kids in Kuala Lumpur 

Perdana Botanical Gardens 

This is a must for any family that visits Kula Lumpur. This botanical garden is widely known for its beautiful Orchid Gardens which cover 10,000 square metres. They feature 800 orchid varieties, rock gardens, man-made fountains, as well as rustic walking paths. 

visit Perdana Botanical Gardens in Kuala Lumpur with kids
Perdana Botanical Gardens in Kuala Lumpur

Don’t forget to pass by the Hibiscus Garden, which features Malaysia’s national flower. Unlike many tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, if you want to have a great time in this garden, you should come when it is crowded, preferably during the weekends. Park has lots of great children playgrounds, and a pond with enormous Cat Fishes which you can feed.

KL Forest Eco Park

Located just next to KL Tower in Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve KL Forest Eco Part is a best place to experience Malaysian Rain Forest in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. Eco Park has several short hiking routes and few canopy walks. There is even a camping area where you can stay for a night. Its a great place to escape KL heat.


Museums in KL

You can easily discover much of Malaysian history by walking around Kuala Lumpur. But if you want to immerse yourself deep into the culture and the real history of the country, then a carefully curated museum is where you should be. 

The City of Kula Lumpur has several buildings dedicated to record and document the development of Malaysia in all its aspects, including culture, architecture, and technology. 

Here are some of the most outstanding museums in Kuala Lumpur you should visit when you are in the city.

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia 

Here, you will get to learn more about the beautiful craftsmanship of the Islam religion. The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is the biggest museum dedicated to Islamic artefacts and arts in Southeast Asia. 

Selfie Museum KL

The first-ever selfies museum in Malaysia, this building is dedicated entirely to art selfies. Each room has a different theme to photograph – like oversized sweets, room full of yellow balls. All great lit for a perfect selfie. Just don’t forget to take a battery pack to not run out of phone battery

Museum of Illusions

Another museum which main things is for you to take out your camera and take another photo of yourself between interactive installations – in upside down room or bottomless pit. Perfect fun for family and friends. We spend here a few hours and enjoyed.

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery 

This museum is located inside Merdeka Square in the city. The gallery provides information about the history of the city since its mining times to its current global status. City Gallery has a great display of Malaysian history, where we learn a lot about Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. Gallery has a special show showing a model of KL City with future building visualization. Model is 40×50 ft and show KL in1:1500 scale. Seeing it helps you realize what a grand metropolis KL is

kids having fun in kuala, kids
Kuala Lumpur with Kids – Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Best hotels in Kuala Lumpur 

Kuala Lumpur is a family-friendly city. It is easy to get a good hotel here for a reasonable price.

KLCC View Suite + Rooftop Infinity Pool

Book an affordable spot of luxury in these apartments that offer stunning views of Kuala Lumpur skyline including the Petronas Towers. The amenities include a fast internet connection and an infinity pool.

KL City, Bukit Bintang Spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms

I del large family accommodation. It has shared swimming pool for your kids to cool off during the day. The hotel is located close to many points of interest in Kuala Lumpur including the food street in Jalan Alor and Bukit Batang.

Where to eat with kids in Kuala Lumpur 

  1. Goodness Greens Café by La Juiceria 

Goodness Greens Café by La Juiceria is perfect for meals with your family, especially if you are health-conscious. The restaurant has a large indoor playground and children-friendly bathroom. 

Check the map here

  1. Antipodean Café 

Located in posh Bangsar, Antipodean Café is a popular brunch spot for both locals and visitors. You and your kids can enjoy wide-ranging menu including Asian dishes, all-day breakfast, and some delicious baked goods.

Getting around Kuala Lumpur 

Option 1# Walk 

Kula Lumpur is not an expansive city, and even with kids many of the attractions are easily navigable on foot. This is made even more feasible owing to a network of elevated walkways.

Option 2# Monorail 

This is one of the cheapest ways of getting around Kuala Lumpur. Adult fares are RM 9.

Option 3# Go KL City Bus

The KL Hop-on Hop-off Bus can get you at any point of interesting spots in the city. It mostly navigates downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Option #4 Taxi, Grab or Uber

You can always use Taxi or Uber/Grab. Malaysian Taxi drivers use the taxi meter, speak English and are very friendly. Though they must be not used to seeing female travelling on her own with children as every time their first question was: Where is my husband?


Kuala Lumpur with kids – Pin it for later

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KL City with kids – Pin it for later

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