Books about Iceland

The culture of Iceland is unlike any other country. They have the reputation for being not only one of the world’s most-read countries but also having more writers as a percentage than anywhere else in proportion to their population (Facts about Iceland). We spent winter in Iceland when it was cold and the nights started […]

Reykjavik with kids

Reykjavik with kids

Most of ours’ ultimate dream are to travel across the globe, probably after we retire. But a few of us have been lucky enough to pursue their passion with their regular life. Juggling work, looking after the family, and still soaking in the unexplored parts of the world is what we consciously made our destiny. […]

European Capitals

By the conventional definition, there are 44 countries in the European Union but if you add countries that share a border with Asia, the number rises to 51. Some of these countries have famous capitals with rich history and culture. Enjoy learning about all the European capitals. European capital cities starting with A Amsterdam | […]

Traditional Icelandic food

Traditional Icelandic cuisine is based mainly on lamb, fish and seafood. Remember that until the late 20th century access to the island was limited to ships. Due to the difficulties in obtaining ingredients from overseas, Icelanders have achieved perfection in using the smallest scrap of locally available food. Thanks to this approach, some traditional Icelandic […]

Largest Islands in the World

The thing about the islands on our planet is that only the small ones get so much attention. Almost everyone knows about Seychelles, the Maldives, Bora Bora, Bali, and so on, in terms of vacation and travels, but very few are interested in large islands such as Java, New Guinea, and Greenland. Plus most of us […]

Iceland with kids

iceland with kids

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to do Iceland with the family in tow? Some travellers have asked us whether Iceland would be suitable for a family holiday.  Well, from our experience, that’s a resounding YES. Visiting Iceland with kids is exciting and rewarding at the same time and if your family […]

Iceland’s Landscapes

The globetrotter’s journey remains incomplete without a visit to the Land of Fire and Ice – Iceland. From Disney-blue-pink skyscapes to shining black lava fields, from steaming hot springs to glittering ice caves, Iceland could have been built as a catalogue of locations for the next Hollywood epic.  Almost a year after we visited Iceland, […]

Best Jackets for Iceland

Best Jackets for Iceland Are you planning your big trip to Iceland and wondering what clothes to take?  We have just returned from Iceland, the jackets we wore every day  were all from the Regatta 3 in 1 range and they were perfect for the Icelandic climate. We enjoyed exploring Iceland with kids. Iceland in […]

Perlan is it worth a visit ?

Perlan is it worth the visit? We visited Iceland in December and Perlan was one top attraction we have seen in  Reykjavik’s. It’s a new museum with lots to see and learn. Like everything here it comes at a steep price, however we decided to visit it. Here you can read about our experience and learn […]

Strange and Interesting Facts About Iceland

We spent the whole winter in Iceland, and we love it, despite the fact that Reykjavik in the winter has only 4 hours of light. Besides sightseeing Iceland’s landscapes and museums, we spent lots of time in the local geothermal outdoor swimming pool, and we learn lots of interesting facts about Iceland. If you ever […]