Romance touches everyone visiting Paris. Probably the most famous European Capital, more than 30 million people visit Paris every year, making it the third most visited city in the world.

Many people come here to celebrate romance. And many movies set here have increased its reputation, Paris has also been romanticized in songs and stories, and many have come to visit and love Paris – City of Love, including myself!

Paris city of love
Paris the city of Love

Reasons why Paris is the city of love

The French capital is considered to be the city of romance most probably because lots of romantic movies were set in Paris. The most known recent ones are Midnight in Paris, Before Sunset, Amélie,  and Moulin Rouge,

Paris is also known for its famous Parisian boulevards and avenues.

Love symbols in Paris City of Love

Paris is a city with many love symbols. Paris has the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the world’s most romantic bridge, Pont Alexandre III. Montmartre on which artists sell their works to passers-by.

Le mur des je t’aime – the I love you Wall

“I love you” The most beautiful sentence in the world was immortalized in 311 languages in Paris on the Paris in 311 languages, on the “le Mur des je t’aime”. The Wall of Love was designed by the artists Frédéric Baron / Claire. Montmartre Hill is the highest mountain with the Cathedral of Sacré-Coeur situated in the mountain’s peak providing it with splendid views of the city.


The Tower Eiffel

The Eiffel Tower is not only the most famous French Landmarks and  European Landmark.  It’s also the symbol of love. Many have proposed under the Eiffel tower, even more dream about it and one person even got married to the Eiffel tower – yes really!. It is one of Paris’s most iconic symbols. was built in 1889 for the Paris Universal Exposition, where it served as both an icon of modern architecture and engineering.

eiffel tower

It took more than two years to complete and was the tallest building in Paris at the time. It was originally planned to stand for 20 years but it proved to be so popular that it still stands today – after 130 years! Find more facts about the Eiffel Tower here.

Proposals in Paris

The magazine Hitch analyzed Instagram hashtag #shesaidyes and found Paris Disneyland to be the most popular place to propose worldwide.  The Eiffel Tower takes fourth place.

The love locks on Pont des Arts

The Pont des Arts connect the Quai du Louvre from the right side of the Seine to the left bank. Until the recent past, thousands of lovers have sworn love here with love locks. However, the city council ordered their removal because the bridge was straining under the extra weight. Nonetheless, there are still many lovers here to swear of love and the bridge is still open for public use. The City council decided to eliminate the locks but many still swear their love.

The Banks of the Seine River

Have you seen the movie “Before Sunset” where Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke as Jesse and Celine meet after 9 years in Paris. They take a river trip on the Seine and discuss love. My favourite quotation by Celine is: “I guess when you’re young, you just believe there’ll be many people with whom you’ll connect with. Later in life, you realize it only happens a few times”

Young or old, there is nothing more romantic than a summer walk along the River Seine.

French Language

Even English speakers often break into French for phrases expressing affection and love. Music, culture and romantic traditions of the French language influence almost every other tongue. Paris has always been a paradise for poets – renowned for her elegant, flowery poems – and music that sounds like a song of the tongue.

French could be considered a romantic language because it has soft vowels and consonants, which make the sound sweet. It’s also interesting to note that French speakers tend to speak slower than people who are speaking English or Spanish so their speech is more melodic in nature.

I tried to learn French using Duolingo and watching French movies on Netflix, but still, I failed.

Romantic Movies set in Paris

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a romantic comedy about an American screenwriter who visits Paris with his Fiancee and every midnight he moves back in time to Paris in 1920. He falls in love with Paris, its art and the social life of the twenties.

Before Sunset

Before Sunset is a romantic love story. The movie takes place nine years after the events of Before Sunrise which was released in 1994. Celine and Jesse, who starred in the first film, have met again nine years later in the romantic setting of Paris.


Amelie is a French romantic love story, about a young girl who brings joy to those around her when she decides to help them solve their problems. Sadly, she doesn’t get what she wants in love although this changes towards the end.  Her journey to the realization of love, is a strong base for this wonderful story.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge! is a musical love story set at the turn of the century. A young man falls in love with a cabaret dancer, but his father wants him to marry a rich girl. Moulin Rouge is set in Montmartre  and it was nominated for Oscars

What else besides romance brings people to Paris?

What brings people to Paris? Paris is the capital of France and Parisians are very proud of their city. Parisians are also very friendly and amicable so it’s hard not to fall in love with Paris too! Paris is a vibrant city with many Landmarks and attractions that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime. There are museums – including the Louvre – the biggest museum in the world, parks, theatres, restaurants, cafés and lots of shopping opportunities; Paris offers a little bit of everything for everyone!

Have you heard about the Paris Syndrome?

So much is written about the wonders of Paris that some are led to believe that a trip here will inevitably result in love.  Love for the city at every step – and perhaps here one may find their ideal partner.

A small percentage of Japanese tourists have become ill because Paris did not meet their expectations. Paris – though beautiful and romantic still is a regular city which has sometimes overflowing dustbins, homeless people living on the streets, and armed Police – the biggest shock for me.

Why do we call Paris the City of Lights?

Paris was known as the “City of Light” “La Ville-Lumière” (exact translation “the Illuminated City”) because it was one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting on a wide scale around 1820. 

There is another theory that “La Ville-Lumière” refers to as the “city of enlightenment” Paris was the home of the Enlightenment Movement in the 18th century.  Great Philosophers like  Denis Diderot, and Voltaire were meeting in french cafeterias.

Other Reasons to visit Paris

Why Paris is called the city of Love

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