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Things to do in Singapore – With Kids or Without

Planning to visit Singapore with kids. There is lots of things to do in Singapore with kids. Choice can be a bit overwhelming. Read our reviews and info about all the activities in Singapore to do with kids or without.

(Last Updated On: 20/02/2020)

Singapore is a young country. It’s spotlessly clean – almost antiseptic – and a perfect and safe place for a family holiday. When planning your visit, read our guide about things to do in Singapore with kids or without.

Singapore with kids - so much thing to do, and most are cost a lot, but they are some which are free. Read our Singapore guide to know what to do. UNIVERSAL STUDIO, ZOO, Night Safari or maybe River Safari  #singaporewithkids #singapore #exploresingapore

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About this article

We have described things to do and see in Singapore and tell you what we particularly liked about them. We also give any tips and wrinkles we have picked up to make your time there better.

Most attractions for families in Singapore are on Sentosa Island. However, the whole town is small enough to get from one place to another, so the structure of this article is sorted by the type of activity, not by the location.

After each section we give some indicative prices in Singapore dollars (SGD) $1 SGD at the time of writing is about $0-73 US, so $4 SGD is about $3 USD or $10 SGD is about £6 GBP

If there is an official website for the attraction, then we give a link to the English version. It is usually cheaper to book attractions not directly on the official websites rather than turning up at the door. Better still, in Singapore especially, we found that booking through Klook website which give significantly bigger discounts as well as added value with things like better flexibility. Where this is applicable we have given a link so you can see what the benefits are for yourself.

Please see our general disclaimer at the end of the article.

Table of Contents

Animal-related Activities in Singapore

For my kids, anything with animals is always at the top of the list .

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of our favourites. Both one of the best zoos worldwide and one of our favourite haunts in Singapore. Plan your trip based on feeding and show times. Then you can even feed an elephant yourself, or see a white tiger jumping for the meat which is thrown to him – it’s an amazing sight.

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The zoo is arranged with different themed areas based on habitat and type of animals. For example, in the “Fragile Forest” exhibit you can meet lemurs and might be surprised by a close encounter with a hanging sloth. As well as all the variety of live animals, there are dinosaurs too. We found the Rainforest Kidzworld the perfect place to cool down after sightseeing

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We spent the whole day in Singapore Zoo starting from breakfast in the zoo with Orangutans. It was an awesome way to start the day.

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Singapore Zoo useful information

Night Safari

Night Safari is billed as the world’s first nocturnal Zoo. Here, you can see (and certainly hear) nocturnal animals in seven biomes representing various types of habitat. Our tip is to start your visit with the “Creatures of the Night” show. It’s a very good introduction to the safari, and less crowded early since most visitors seem to go to find their places on one of the trams first.

After the show, you can join the tram for your tour around the zoo, with stops for exploring. The tram circuit takes about 40 minutes. Book your tram slot in advance, the later you go, the less crowded they are, or you can explore on foot if you prefer. We took the tram, and although the whole experience was interesting, we didn’t see many animals and we felt we might have done better on foot.

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Entry timings to the Night Safari are 7:15pm, 8.15pm, 9.15pm, 10.15pm, 11.15pm.

Extra tip – mobile phone may not be suitable for decent photos. If you have a better camera, take it with you for this trip.

Night Safari useful information

River Safari

Singapore River Safari is near the Zoo. Again this one is laid out in various types of habitat – this time related to rivers – both the water life on the banks. This was the first time we had seen a giant panda, and a kiss from a seal after the seal show made my girls’ day. The “Amazon River Quest” exhibit was fascinating and fun too.

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Although the river theme was interesting, the place is not as exciting for us as the Singapore Zoo main campus.

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River Safari useful information

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Jurong Bird Park

The best thing in Jurong Bird Park for my kids were running around on the suspended walkways and bridges in the Walk-in Lory Loft Aviary. The Waterfall Aviary is so big that you can get lost in there with over 1,000 birds flying over your head. It’s the biggest aviary in the world.

The Park is not as big as the zoo but still big enough to have a tram with commentary tour to get about from place to place. Tram fare is Adult $5, Child (3-12 years old) S3 or you can just run about as we did.

There are lots of free activities in Jurong Bird Park. Shows, talks about the birds and watching the feeding. The girls’ favourite was Lory feeding, mine watching and hearing about the gracious flamingos – did you know they are pink because of all the shrimps they eat?

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Jurgon Bird Park useful information

Singapore with kids - so much thing to do, and most are cost a lot, but they are some which are free. Read our Singapore guide to know what to do. UNIVERSAL STUDIO, ZOO, Night Safari or maybe River Safari #singaporewithkids #singapore #exploresingapore,  top 10 singapore,  thing to do in singapore,  singapore sights,  what to do in singapore at night

If you are or your children are interested in animals you can buy ParkHopper Plus which includes: Visits to Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari including Amazon River Quest. Tickets cost $ 90 per adult and $70 for children.

S.E.A Aquarium Sentosa

When we arrived at Santosa on Monday and saw the queues to get into Universal Studio we decided to visit S.E.A Aquarium first instead – and it was the best idea ever – not only because it started raining but because we had such fun learning about the water animals.

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Sentosa Aquarium has lots of hands-on activities for children. There are three talks about marine life and four feeding sessions where you can watch sharks, manta rays or other fish being fed.

There are even overnight Ocean Suites where you can open your curtains at night, and see directly into the aquarium.

one of the place to visit in Singapore with kids is S.E.A Aquarium on Sentosa Island,  best things in singapore,  things to do in singapore today,  singapore points of interest,  things to do in singapore for free
I could spend ages in front of this big 36m wide by 8.3m tall aquarium display. While I was mesmerized by the fish, my girls were drawing sea life pictures in an adjacent activity bay for kids.

S.E.A Aquarium Sentosa useful information

things to do in Siem reap - get the blessing

The Obvious – Visit the Temples. Things to do in Siem Reap with Kids or Without – Read More.

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

For any butterfly lover, Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom is a paradise. We never tire of them. With thousands of butterflies and insects, this is a great place to visit in Singapore with children. Every day at 2 pm there is a guided tour, and on Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm you can release butterflies. Just remember to have a wish ready, for when you release a butterfly your wish will come true.

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Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom useful information

Family Fun Activities in Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore

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Universal Studios Singapore was one place which we couldn’t get enough of. The kids and I totally loved every ride. Starting from “Shrek” rides and finishing up on “Transformers” which we probably rode 5 times. This place is perfect to spend the whole day. There are plenty of very decent food outlets too. We arrived here as one of the first and were some of the last to leave.

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Universal Studio has lots of rides, and shows for all ages – little ones can enjoy Sesame Street rides, Madagascar or Shrek. Bigger explorers can enjoy Jurassic Park ride or watch a show. Although I’m not the biggest fan of amusement parks, this place is something else. Not only was it fun to be there, but usually the whole of the next day we would be talking about it..

Buy the Express Lane Pass to Universal Studio Singapore, or not ?

Over several day visits, we never queued longer than 20-25 minutes (and then only for Jurassic Park) so we never felt we needed an Express Lane Pass, but that’s because we avoided visiting Universal Studio at peak times.

So our tips: Avoid weekends, Fridays and Mondays. It seems that lots of people take long weekends to visit, so Friday and Monday are also heavy days. We always went from Tuesday to Thursday. Arrive before 10 am – and you will get some rides with almost no queue at all.

More Special Tips for Visiting Universal Studio Singapore

Book the tickets in advance

Take water bottles, there are water fountains everywhere – and you will save the planet and your money.

If you are in Universal Studios on a hot day plan your visits to take advantage of those which offer some shade, Shrek for example.

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Universal Studio Singapore useful info

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Adventure Cove Waterpark

We thought Adventure Cove was a great waterpark. We enjoyed thrilling water slides interspersed with Zen moments snorkelling with little fishes. This place is good for the whole day if you are looking for family fun in Singapore. The Park has varied food outlets with halal, vegetarian and regular fast food.

The Adventure Cove Park is not enormous, but it’s a great place for families.

Adventure Cove Waterpark useful info

Know more about Laos. Bugs, rain and floods

Wild Wild Wet @ Downtown East

Wild Wild Wet is another type of waterpark at the other end of town in case you are Sentosa’d out. This is more of a swimming pool on steroids type of water park with flumes, wave pool (with the questionable name of “tsunami”, and a lazy river.

Although we love lazy rivers, we found that the immersive themed landscape of Adventure Cove was more fun for us.

Wild Wild Wet useful information

  • Website
  • Google Map Location and How to Get There
  • Opening hours
    • weekdays 1:00 pm – 07:00 pm
    • weekends 10:00 am – 07:00 pm
  • Typical Entry and Other Prices
    • Adult: $32 – weekends, $28 weekdays (off peak)
    • Child (3-12 years old): $24 weekends, $18 weekdays (off peak)
    • Family ticket (2+2): $102 weekends, $78 weekdays (off peak)

Singapore Cable Car

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There are two Cable Car lines in Singapore – the Mount Faber Line and the Sentosa Line.

Mount Faber is 45 years old (don’t worry it’s modern and safe) This line connects Singapore’s Faber Peak with Sentosa Island. If you have a good eye you can spot dolphins in Adventure Cove from the gondola.

The Sentosa line takes you over the jungle on the island itself with a station close to Universal Studios and the S.E.A Aquarium.

Singapore Cable Car useful info

MegaZip Adventure Park

Mega Zip is no ordinary zip line park, here the lines are 450 metres long and up to 75 m high. They are arranged parallel so you can race your friends at speeds of up to 60kph. There are height and weight limits so check the website first.

If you need more of an adrenaline fix, then on the same website you will find Mega Adventure’s other attractions: Climbing, Freefall Bungee and Trampoline Bungee.

MegaZip Adventure Park useful info

Far East Organization Children’s Garden

This is a great place for a sunny day, and the Children’s Garden has a small waterpark which is free, so whenever you are visiting Gardens by the Bay with kids, take swimming costumes for them, so they can splash about in the heat.

Far East Organization Children’s Garden useful info

Garden Rhapsody music- light show

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Even if Gardens By The Bay is not your idea of fun in the day, come back in the evening when Supertree Grove is the scene for a music and light show. We saw one to Star Wars music and it was beautiful.

If you are a real light-show fan then Spectra (lights music and fountains) outside the Marina Bay Sands is on at 8pm, 9pm daily, and also 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. These timings allow you to visit the show at the Sands at 8, then walk over to catch Garden Rhapsody at 8:45.

Garden Rhapsody useful information

Botanical Activities in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

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Gardens by the Bay is the most amazing garden we have visited worldwide. Supertree Grove is the highpoint. These instantly recognisable structures compete with the Marina Bay Sands hotel as the icon of modern Singapore.

You can spend days in the Gardens by the Bay. There are things for everyone. Children’s Water playground, two conservatories, sculptures, and Supertree Grove with its canopy walk.

Map of Gardens by the Bay

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Gardens by the Bay useful information

  • Website
  • Google Map Location and How to Get There
    • https://goo.gl/maps/tWsv45QULLugM4jTA
  • Opening hours
    • Daily 5.00am – 2.00am
  • Typical Entry and Other Prices
    • FREE

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

These are two conservatories in the Gardens by the Bay.

In the Flower Dome, seven different zones replicate climatic habitats including Mediterranean, South American and Australian biomes.

The Cloud Forest is the higher structure with a 42 metre high “Cloud Mountain”. Take a lift to the top and then walk down on the hanging circular path.

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Inside the Cloud Forest, you will find ferns, mosses, carnivorous plants, orchids and much more. If you want to learn more about the Cloud Forest there are free tours. Check day and timing here.

singapore top 10 attractions,  couple activities singapore,  free things to do in sentosa,  where to go with toddlers in singapore
Pathway down around Cloud Mountains

Flower Dome and Cloud Forest useful information

Singapore Botanic Garden

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This is a lovely place as recognised by UNESCO who have listed it as a World Heritage site, making it Singapore’s first UNESCO site and the only Botanical Gardens worldwide listed by them. And it’s free!

I think the richness of this garden for us was because of layers of interest. It is at once perfectly presented and also a serious scientific research site. Several trails and specific maps are available for different interest groups.

This all makes for effortless learning in an immaculate environment of vistas, sculptures, and of course vibrant plant life. Our favourite special area was the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

You can get food and drink inside at a number of eateries, or take a picnic. Unlike some of the other gardens we have visited worldwide, you can sit on the lawns here to make your picnic and soak up the natural environment.

Singapore Botanic Garden useful information

  • Website
  • Google Map Location and How to Get There
    • https://goo.gl/maps/aw5QuBR1edBczF8d6
    • Botanic Gardens MRT Station – Circle and Downtown lines
  • Opening hours –
    • 05:00 am to 24:00 midnight daily
  • Typical Entry and Other Prices
    • Free


Sentosa Nature Discovery

This was a wonderful thing for my kids who always fancy themselves as explorers and detectives. It’s also one of the few things which you can do on Sentosa Island for free.

You visit the introductory exhibition, download an app and go exploring the natural habitats on the island using waymarked trails.

My girls don’t have their own phones but this worked fine because we all worked together and they each could take turns being the pathfinder for whatever quest we were focussing on at the time.

Sentosa Nature Discovery useful information

Family Educational Activities in Singapore

ArtScience Museum

This Museum is part of Marina Bay Sands in a funky building looking like a lotus flower.

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The ArtScience Museum Building

There are three galleries in the museum – Curiosity, Inspiration, Expression You can either buy a ticket for each one or get a or for all of them.

As you would expect, its fascinating, lively and fabulous. High tech and beautifully presented.

Our top tips: Avoid weekends and go early to miss the crowds. If you just want to get a feel for the place you can get into the lobby for free. There are several exhibits before the reception desk for you to see before you choose whether to take the whole package.

Useful Info about the ArtScience Museum

  • Website
  • Google Map Location and How to Get There
    • Walk – it is part of Marina Bay Sands, on the headland by the bridges
  • Opening hours
    • Daily 10:00am to 19:00pm
  • Typical Entry for all exhibitions
    • Adult: $40
    • Child (3-12 years old): $30

Singapore Discovery Centre

This place is more like a museum gallery dedicated to telling the unique story of Singapore and we found it a fascinating change from the frantic showmanship of Sentosa.

The SDC explores some original and unusual angles, drawing on Singapore’s tiny dense footprint and its incredibly rapid transformation. Activities include Crisis Simulation, Battlefield Command (!) and the opportunity to roleplay as a reporter. You can also visit the military academy and go boating on the lake.

If the rest of Singapore weren’t so Singapore-esqe, then this place would still be a fascinating gallery with original displays. More than that it is a great place to take a fresh perspective on the modern state.

Singapore Discovery Centre useful information

Viewing points in Singapore

Singapore Flyer

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It seems that all modern cities need a vast Ferris wheel to pass the threshold of cosmopolitan street-cred since London got its “eye” to celebrate the millennium. Singapore’s is of course even bigger – it’s the biggest in the world at the time of writing, and it gives magnificent views over the city with different skyscapes depending on the time of day.

There is also a commentary in the form of the “FLYER 360+ in-capsule interactive experience” which gives you more information about what you are seeing.

My girls think Ferris wheels are boring. “Can we go back to Universal Studios tomorrow please, Mummy?”

Singapore Flyer useful information

The Sands SkyPark 

Like an enormous elongated plate sitting on three towers, the Marina Bay Sands hotel forms a unique silhouette which has become the icon of Singapore as much as Sydney Opera House is the icon of Australia.

This vast plate is the Skypark and it’s open to the public. The view from it is awesome and the opportunity to visit this unique structure impossible to resist. Of course, the inevitable downside is that it is very crowded. We all want to experience this opportunity in a personal way, but that was never to be. Even the elevators have long queues.

Anyway, you must do it. Go at sunset, and witness the sparkling lights of the town blink on in response to the darkening sky. If you stay on and can battle yourself a place at the edge you can even see the Garden Rhapsody music and light show at 7:45 followed by the Sands’ own fountain music and light show below you every evening at 8pm


toddler activities singapore,  things to visit in singapore,  singapore with toddler,  places to go in singapore for couples

The Sands SkyPark useful information

OCBC Skywalk


singapore places to see,  places to visit in singapore at night,  museum for kids singapore,  what to do in singapore in 2 days

OCBC Skyway useful information

Fort Siloso and the Skywalk

Fort Siloso at the western point of Sentosa is a historic relic of WWII when the British forces turned their big guns away from the sea and towards the mainland in an attempt to repel the Japanese.

Even this reminder of harsh recent history has become part of Singapore’s reinvention of itself as an immersive theme park. The fort can now be approached from a Skywalk trail above the forest at an equivalent height to an eleven storey building. The views of Siloso Beach and Telok Blangah areas are of course breathtaking.

Both the Skywalk and Fort Siloso are free for all, and there are also guided tours at Fort Siloso for a more detailed historical account of the area.

Fort Siloso and the Skywalk useful information


Other Places to See in Singapore

Chinatown and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Chinatown is a great place to try some yummy Chinese food while jumping back into the comfort zone of cheap souvenir shopping, just as you find yourself doing everywhere else in the Far East.

singapore things to see,  top tourist attractions in singapore,  where to go in singapore today,  free stuff singapore

As its name suggests, this Temple was built to hold a Buddha Tooth. The relic was found in 1980 in a collapsed stupa in Myanmar and the temple built in 2008. The tooth is on the display inside.

singapore top things to do,  cool places in singapore,  places to visit in singapore for family,  top ten things to do in singapore
  • Website
  • Google Map Location and How to Get There
  • Opening hours
    • Daily 09:00 –
  • Typical Entry and Other Prices
    • Its Free!!!

How to Get About in Singapore

Singapore is very easy to get around. You can walk, you can use the metro, taxi or Uber. We did it all.


Singapore Metro is very easy to navigate. The only sight confusion is that there is both an MRT and an LRT in Singapore. The MRT is the main network of metro trains. and is constantly expanding with new lines and ststions. The LRT are smaller slower fully automated rubber-tyred trains running on overhead lines which interconnect with the MRT. The LRT acts as a feeder and distribution system for the MRT, mostly for suburban commuters.

Children under 7 can travel for free. Go to the ticket office with your passports to get a special child’s metro entry card.

For children over seven, buy regular tickets from the vending machine.


Very straight forward, very nice, they always use the meter. Taxis are relatively affordable too. The only problem for us was that not all of them either spoke English or understood my English. .


Probably the easiest way when you are not sure how to explain to the driver where you want to go. you just locate your destination on the map and request the Uber pick up.

Unfortunately, this map idea doesn’t seem to work in taxis, we found that any driver who didn’t understand us, probably didn’t understand the map either.

Travelling as a family (3 or 4 people) I found that Taxi or Uber cost was similar to the Metro. So we mostly either walked or travelled by Uber.

How to get to Singapore

There are two easy ways to get to Singapore, either by plane to the extremely swish Singapore airport or via land from Malaysia. We did both.

Singapore Airport

Changi Airport has received over 590 different “Best Airport” awards. Once you visit the airport, you will realize why. On Changi AirPort you can find nine various theme gardens, including a butterfly garden, waterfall and theatre. If you didn’t manage to try food in typical hawker center airport have its own Singapore Food Street.

singapore airport

If you can arrive earlier so you can see it all, plus at times immigration at Singapore airport is slow, so extra time will let you be more relaxed.

Changi is linked to Singapore’s MRT rail network. It takes a one-hour train ride from the centre of the city. We always used a Taxi or Uber as the drive takes about 25 minutes and cost around SGD20.



Conclusion and Read more

We loved Singapore and remember it because it does “Rich vibrant and immaculate” better than just about anywhere else on the planet. When we were Singapored-out we found refuge in the Gardens, the Zoo or in less theme-parked places like Chinatown or the Discovery Centre.

The big lesson for Singapore, is that it is an expensive place, so it is worth planning your trip in advance with a budget in mind.

Singapore with Kids – Pin it for later

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