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Facts about the Sahara Desert 5

Facts about the Sahara Desert

For at least several thousand years, the Sahara was lush green, bustling with life. The ancient Egyptians could farm, raise livestock and live in prosperity. For some unknown reason the situation changed, the monsoon clouds moved south, the rains stopped, and green, fruitful soil turned...


Landmarks in Morocco

Morocco is a North African country that has many interesting Landmarks. Landmarks in general are places of historical, natural, or aesthetic importance. Moroccan Landmarks range from ancient Roman ruins to the modern-day buildings in Casablanca. In this article, you will find information...

Marrakech landmark

Facts about Marrakech

Marrakech, Morocco, is one of the fascinating cities in all of Africa. The city has a rich history and culture that any traveler cannot miss. If you are planning on visiting Morocco, you will probably visit Marrakech, and these facts about Marrakech will help prepare you for your trip! or...

Moroccan Food -Traditional Food from Morocco 19

Moroccan Food -Traditional Food from Morocco

Morocco is famous all over the world for argan oil, carpets, Marrakech souq, sunny weather … and delicious food! So, we knew that we would not go hungry when we went to Morocco. Moroccan food is packed with so many flavours coming mostly from 8 Moroccan Spices sometimes seemingly...

Morocco Facts 35

Morocco Facts

We spent two months exploring Morocco and its beautiful sites. We try to learn as much as we could about this fascinating country which resulted in this article Morocco Facts. MOROCCO QUICK FACTSofficial nameKingdom of Moroccosize710,850 km2population37 million peopleofficial...

Things to do in Essaouira 48

Things to do in Essaouira

Are you planning a trip to Morocco, you should have Essaouira on your list – its one of the best city in Morocco to visit a charming old city with beautiful medina. If it will be your first trip to Morocco read our Morocco travel tips . Read and learn about things to do in Essaouira...

Best Cities in Morocco and Best Family Friendly Hotels in Morocco 50

Best Cities in Morocco and Best Family Friendly Hotels in Morocco

Morocco is a land like no other. For colour, warmth and allure, it is safe to say that the country is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. The country practically overflows with beauty, including the contrasting azure sea with the yellows and golds of sand deserts...

Moroccan Souvenirs - What to Buy in Morocco 52

Moroccan Souvenirs – What to Buy in Morocco

Morocco Souvenirs – Pin it !!! One of the things we love about the travelling life are the opportunities to buy exotic goods from the countries we visit.  Morocco is immensely rich in decorative craftsmanship, and easy to reach from Europe, especially from Spain and Portugal...

Best Spices from Morocco 61

Best Spices from Morocco

A trip to Morocco is usually topped off with the region’s delicious treats. Moroccan dishes are typically characterized by a large variety of rare spices and flavouring. This wide range of spices gives the Moroccan food rich, tangy sauces and zesty.  Spices of Morocco Before taking a...