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Landmarks in Poland 3

Landmarks in Poland

The Polish landscape is as diverse as it is beautiful. It’s hard to tell where the land ends and where the sky starts, so vast are its horizons. Poland has a rich history, many famous Poles who influence not only Poland but the whole world. This article will introduce you to some of...

Facts about Warsaw - Capital of Poland 12

Facts about Warsaw – Capital of Poland

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and the largest city in Poland. If you are considering a vacation to Poland, then this blog post will tell you many interesting facts about Warsaw that you might not know. Location of Warsaw Warsaw is located in the central-east part of Poland in the...

Famous People From Poland 14

Famous People From Poland

Polish culture is rich and has had a long history of producing amazing people. These famous Polish people have contributed to the world in so many ways. From music to science, these Poles are responsible for some of our favourite things! Read about Famous People from Poland. The Most...

Cities in Poland You Should Visit 21

Cities in Poland You Should Visit

Poland is a country that has many cities worth visiting. However, some cities stand out from the rest as they are not only popular tourist destinations but also important Polish cultural centers. Below you will find a list of the most interesting cities in Poland worth visiting, including...

Wroclaw Gnomes 60

Wroclaw Gnomes

If you are visiting the beautiful Western Polish town of Wrocław, you can’t miss all the little brass gnomes. They are everywhere. We didn’t know much about them, but during our last visit, we had great fun with the kids spotting Wrocław’s famous little residents while we were...


Day trips from Krakow

Krakow is the old capital of Poland and one of Europe’s most beautiful towns. you can see our article about Krakow with kids, but if you are staying in Krakow and have some time to spend in the area, there are lots of surrounding attractions and sights which make for great day trips from...

Things to do in Łódź 75

Things to do in Łódź

Łódź is my home town in Poland and I love it.  But first it would be helpful if I tell English readers how to pronounce this obscure word in which almost every letter has an accent which completely changes its sound.  Say “woodshed” but miss off only the final “ed” sound. Now...

Krakow with kids

Things to do in Krakow With Kids

Krakow with kids Formerly the national capital and seat of kings, Kraków (English Cracow or Krakow) is still considered to be Poland’s capital of culture. I was born and raised in Lodz – another great polish city to visit, but Krakow stole my heart. As the nation’s major...

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